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  1. Igor the non-story herbs, who can I speak to with a list I am working on that may help?
  2. Yes please! I like to go! Um...if it is okay...
  3. Hoping to make it to the new year without going to the hospital. 

    1. rukio
    2. SophiaTsu


      I'm praying for you, I'm so sorry, dear

  4. It is a cool way to get an insight sort of to what people enjoy on the server and such!
  5. Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! 💝

  6. Your Shop Name: Lune's Herbs It’s Location (Be specific!): Elvenesse in the Apothecary and in Haense at Merchant Stall VII Items for sale: Menu Person to contact: DizPanda#7383 or DizPanda IG [WIP but this will do for now. Please check out the menu for more details!]
  7. Registry Form Name: Chryssa Edvardsson Year of Birth: 1784 Clan: Edvardsson Line of Descent: Daughter of current King Halvar Edvardsson and Queen Ancelie Edvardsson - de Astrea
  8. “I’ll take arms. May tha Crimson Horde become nothin’ bu’ a crimson tide by tha end of all this.” Kathy looks away from the declaration and heads to the Palace.
  9. Thank you Nick. You brought out the best of us to create something so stupidly beautiful that all can enjoy.
  10. “Ima wear my grand ol’ drinkin’ boots!” Chirps a very cheerful one armed lass.
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