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  1. NAME AND FORMALITIES Full Name: Yoshimi Otsugowara Nicknames: Chibi-Chan, Imoto GENERAL INFORMATION Age: 18 Gender: Female Race: Farfolk - Easterner Status: Alive PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Weight & Height: 97 lbs, 5’2ft. Body Type: Petite Eyes: Dark Brown Hair: Black Skin: Sunkissed with rosy cheeks. PERSONALITY & MISC. Personality: Quite, protective, silly, charming, kind, optimistic, and a helpful hand. Alignment: Chaotic Good Religion: ??? Home: ??? Titles: Seamstress and Chef Voice Claim: 2B Japanese Voice Actress Theme Songs: At Peace Cutesy Song Finding Beauty Going to War Art & Face Claim:
  2. Cracking eggs onto your head promotes strange powers. Highly recommend it. 10/10 and NSA approved!

  3. I love his voice...

  4. Have fun!

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      I'm loving forward to a minecraft slideshow.


      #Asian Internet 


    A great way to start your day or end your day...some Young The Giant...<3 

  6. Thank you!

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      Lol, no problem!

  7. Happy New Years! Happy 2017! 

  8. Please and thank you lovelies!

  9. Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have a blessed day! ^^

  10. Name Katherine de Savoie ((User Name)) DizPanda Can You Sew? ((Make Skins)) Yes Silk or Cotton? Both including light armor! Which location do you wish to work at? Johannesburg, or Turov? Johannesburg Provide sketches of your past work. ((Show off your skins.)) **-Casual Male Winter Wear **- http://prntscr.com/dnrty7 Front http://prntscr.com/dnrwvw Back **-Noble Male Court Wear**- http://prntscr.com/dns1dc Front http://prntscr.com/dns0t7 Back **-Noble Woman Winter Wear-** http://prntscr.com/dns1z2 Front http://prntscr.com/dns2ag Back **- Elfen Cute Wear-** http://prntscr.com/dns2t4 Front http://prntscr.com/dns37b Back **-Woodie-** http://prntscr.com/dns4i1 Front http://prntscr.com/dns4p5 Back

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