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  1. Amid the dark nights of Arcas, a quartet of masked compadres roamed the lands of Sutica, searching for a man, one wanted by the Lord of Chains, and a lover of one of the four compadres. It was cold, cloudy, and seemingly lifeless, all that was around the Trade Federation was an eerie feeling, left by a soul whose recently departed. It took hours to find him, to find Terr’hi Mystery Uialben, The Trade Father. After searching the sewers of Sutica, the city of Marsumar, and the depths of the forests, he was found. Lifeless, throat ripped out in front of his own home. It shocked the quartet, one started crying, the second coddled, the third watched, and the fourth laughed, muttering, “Heh… Terr’hi” at the sight of the mailbox nameplate. Minutes passed, silence occured, and the body was brought back to the homeland, a quiet journey back, though one of remembrance. A pyre was constructed, and the body burnt with a culture dated back centuries. The death that creates a star, and a memory. The fourth of the masked figures stared, and then shouted. “THE LORD HAS STRUCKETH AND TAKETH, THE LORD OF CHAINS.” “AL' BLOVAK SNA NUMENRO!” He cries, and then the forest was silent, no birds, only the embers from the birth of a new life.
  2. Lockezi looks at Dael “What the ****.”
  3. who wants to play a kid

  4. I like minecraft too
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