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  1. A horned fella’ seemed to be in bed staring at a ceiling, all of a sudden he’d jolt up to his bottom, his heart racing. “I feel a disturbance in the chaos...” He uttered to himself, and quickly moved off of the bed and hurried downstairs, eventually reaching the double doors to the tavern, which he kicks open to look at the scene outside. The blindfolded man stared at who seemed to be Vas, though Vas was pulling a dead body. His own. “W-What the ****, this is all wrong! All of it!” His vision fades, and then he falls onto the ground, unconscious.
  2. “Say sike right now.” A horned fellow mumbled with an amused expression, crossing his arms over one another as he leaned back into his seat, staring at the fire ahead.
  3. Hey! Thanks for accepting me on the story team. I’ll really try my best.

  4. I really never expected you to get admin! Congrats.

    1. Kaelan


      Dude it was sure a shock. @Telanir thank you for believing in me mister telanir 

    2. Telanir


      @Kaelan congrats dude, all the best!

  5. when are you goign to play risk of rai nwith me again
  6. “Agreed.” He says, looking at Vas.
  7. An empty room, complete darkness inside where an eerie silence lingered. Outside was a full moon high up in the sky, the light of the moon tried to pierce the rooms dullness, though such was prevented by a black curtain. In the room was a bed, table, closet, and so on. Peculiar stones and oddities scattered about on the desk against the wall, the closet closed neatly, with no clothes or strand visible. In the bed laid a tall man, horned and dark purple in skin which only blended him further into the rooms gloomy appearance. The fiend-like creature appeared to be in horrible shape, his hair in a messy clump whilst his chest rose up and down quickly, sweat rising from the pores of his skin as quiet groans of agony slip past his lips. This occurred for what seemed to be hours due to possible night-terrors, eventually, he snapped awake and sat up almost instantly, a gasp of terror coming from him, starting to breathe rather heavily. He slowly pushed himself towards the edge of the bed, and rose to his feet shakily, reaching out towards the lantern that hung up against the wall, pulling the lid up, a bright flash of light filling the room, the unusual darkness. He looked around the room as he held the lantern around, seeming rather eased at the sight of normalcy. The Foretaker closed his eyes for a brief moment, taking in a deep breath, only to let it out quickly after, although as soon as his vision returned, a black ooze leaked from the floorboards, and slowly started to fill the room as a steady pace. Panic only returned to the man, moving to quickly step forward, although, at the second step, it seemed his foot was glued to the ground, unable to move whatsoever, only looking around the room as the stygian substance continued to fill the room, appearing to fill up twice as faster. Due to the fear, and constant barrage of voices, insults, and so on within his head, the lantern accidentally slipped from his hand, and dropped into the pool of ichor. The flame was swallowed by such, and a few air bubbles rose to the top, only to disappear just as quickly. By this time it rose up to his neck, and he’d seem in an ultimate fear for his life, confusion within his mind. He tried to move his arms and move past such, though it made no difference once it was sucked up… The horned fellow seemed to run out of will, and hope to get through such, and the fiend's lungs were slowly filling up with who knows what it was. His vision went black, and he went limp entirely. But after what seemed to be minutes, his eyes snapped back open, the man was in bed this entire time and was on the brink of hyperventilating, his blindfolded gaze looked around the room in confusion, still seeming shaken up by these events. Nonetheless, he stayed up for hours that night, until it all went black again.
  8. Hey lackless uwu 

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