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  1. i hope you’re having a good day claire 🙏
  2. A horned man stood inside of an empty tavern, appearing to be wiping the top of one of the tables, he eventually finishes up with a sigh, although at one of the tables sat three children, smiling wildly, and the fiend returned a smile of his own, eventually tossing the rag behind the counter to then walk over to the table where the children sat. They’d reach their arms out to the horned man and he picks them up one by one, hardly holding the trio in his arms but manages. Muttering something or another to himself as the trio babbled out words they hardly could understand. ”This clearly isn’t the image I want, and I most certainly don’t want the drama that comes along with it...” He says with a sigh, eventually sitting himself down, although his blindfolded gaze ends up on the children again, smiling once more.
  3. lockezi is my main and hes an edgy demon shade who i like a lot, he was made when i was starting to get into rp more, hes lockezi 2.0 since my first character was his dad, locke, i know its unique, but his development and way he acts is a bit funky since i started getting better at rp and making new personality instead of it being a carbon copy of me, whenever lockezi 3.0 comes around.. i think it’ll be pretty solid to rp and fun to do edit: if i feel more alive ill put more detail and energy into this later
  4. Looking for a Druid teacher, will pay BIG bucks...

    1. Toodles78


      I’ve got some slots open 😉

    2. Lackless_


      @Toodles78 okay sounds like a deal

  5. yeah I don’t like me either
  6. A blindfolded, horned fellow blinks in Ilzakarn.
  7. Im sick of it

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    2. Elennanore


      I'm going to pugsy you

    3. TheAlphaMoist


      I’m sick of all of you

    4. IZipZapManI


      i too am sick of lockezi!!!!

  8. hows the wife? how’re you? do you love me?
  9. A horned man with black markings that ran down across his face frowns, sweeping away at glass shards on the floor with a broom.
  10. OF ONYX & SHADOWS 15th of The First Seed, 1714 As of the 15th of The First Seed, 1714, the Coven of Gehenna, and the Principality of Vira’ker, do indefinitely declare to arrive and stand stalwart in one another’s defense against attempted invasion from foreign invaders. With this our two great societies do agree to stand hand-in-hand against threatening magi, and any other disruptive force to come. The treaty shall endure for the length of one (1) Elven month, at which point the signatories shall renew the pact. We do adhere to the following terms: In the event that the beaches of the Principality of Vira’ker and the Coven of Gehenna are threatened by foreign invasion, the forces of these organizations will band together in stalwart defense of the respective location. Too with this do the aforementioned agree to march alongside the forces of the oppressed to enact revenge upon those beaten-back forces who prior sought unjust ousting. Henceforth, the people under both organization’s leadership should strive to improve relations with one another. Individuals of these groups found disrespecting, harming, and otherwise negatively interacting with—beyond the intellectual exchange of ideas—the members of the opposite organization will be put forth before a tribunal consisting of the High Prince of Vira’ker and the Foretaker of the Coven of Gehenna and appropriate other leadership. In the event that tensions arise between the Coven of Gehenna and the Principality of Vira’ker each agree to seek genuinely to sort their differences diplomatically before considering less-than-peaceful options. Should this treaty be otherwise broken off, members of both parties share a mutual understanding that war or conflict shall not erupt between the Principality of Vira’ker and the Coven of Gehenna within a period of two Elven months. Signed, His Highness, Valen of Clan Syllar, High Prince of the Sable Principality of Vira’ker, Protector of Mali’ker and the Onyx Path, High Laurir of Harlond, Verna’ker and Nyfe’andria, Son of the Ancestors. Foretaker of the Coven of Gehenna, Lockezi Vallel-Ruunkav, *Take note that the information included in this treaty is known solely on an in-character basis, and cannot be assumed to be known, as that would be meta-gaming.
  11. “Wait.” A horned man mutters as he walks into the manor, he’d appear to be holding onto several bags, all filled with different things, fruits, bread, and things alike. After a few moments of staring at the room, a frown appears on the fiends face as a light sigh would leave his person, he’d head towards the bars counter and sets the groceries on top, then looking at the mess again before groaning out “What the fuuuuuck, my TABLES.”
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