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  1. [!] Around the lands of The Gehenna Estate, and across the lands of Arcas would be the following pamphlets nailed onto trees and notice boards, containing the Taverns whereabouts and laws of the Estate, TDD would be at the top of the posters with a few intricate designs of the settlement at the bottom!* The Dancing Duffle --- Hidden deep within the rolling hills of Arcas lay a welcoming sight for any wanderous adventurer: a beautiful four story estate suited to sate the needs of travelers both green and hardened. With a spacious tavern serving fresh food and drinks, upon reaching our gates you can kiss goodbye the stress of hauling your precious gear and weaponry for miles on end, and say hello to a warm and fulfilling home-cooked meal with some hearty alcohol to wash it all down. If all that wasn’t enough, you can even take an extended break from your rigourous journey to rest up within one of our numerous and lavish rooms. On behalf of all the staff waiting to treat you to the relaxation of an exquisite country inn experience, I, Lockezi Vallel, invite you to eat, drink, and stay within The Dancing Duufle Rest Stop. Be wary, however, As once you visit there’s a chance you’ll never want to leave! With Greatest Care, Lockezi Vallel Rooms 100m upfront in addition to 250m per Saint’s Week. Guest Services Daily sheet replacement. Food & Drink delivered to your room. Complimentary house-made chocolates. Hunting & Birdwatching in the adjacent forest. Sitting areas around the estate’s garden and grounds. Free smithing repairs for weapons and armour. Discounted smithing orders for weapons and armour (10% off). Pet care for horses and duffles alike. Rules and Regulations of The Dancing Duufle --- Definitions Visitor: A temporary guest who is neither renting a room nor permanently staying. Guest: A temporary guest who is renting a room at the estate. Resident: A permanent guest of the estate living in a private room. Employee: A recognized employee of the estate. Seedy Individual: An Undead, Otherworldly, or Dark mage or person. Lord: The sole owner of the estate and final arbiter on all decisions. Estate: The land around and including The Dancing Duufle tavern and inn. General Regulations Assault or battery of visitors, guests, and residents is prohibited. Theft or robbery of visitors, guests, and residents is prohibited. Neglecting to report important information to the estate leaders is prohibited. Unjustified slander of visitors, guests, and residents is prohibited. Estate employees reserve the right to give final verdicts on all raised issues. The estate Lord reserves the right to overturn or modify all given verdicts. Magical Regulations Use of magic of any kind must be non-combative lest done in self defence. Use of magic resulting in the physical or mental harm of a visitor, guest, or resident is prohibited. Use of Mental Magic of any kind is prohibited. Individuals of a seedy nature are permitted onto the grounds of the estate under the expectation of their adherence to the rules and regulations. Deific Mages are permitted onto the grounds of the estate under the expectation that they do not harm individuals of a seedy nature. Resident Expectations and Rights Visitors, Guests, and Residents are afforded the right of privacy on estate grounds. Visitors, Guests, and Residents are afforded the right to trade, gamble, and conduct business freely on estate grounds. Slavery of any kind, including bringing a personal slave onto estate grounds, is prohibited. Guild or organizational recruitment on estate grounds is prohibited unless spoken to the estate Lord. Visitors, Guests, and Residents are afforded the right of religious freedom on estate grounds. Housing Regulations Construction beyond the confines of one’s room as a Resident of the estate is prohibited without approval. Residents of the estate are expected to defend the estate and its Visitors and Guests in the event that the estate is attacked. Squatting of any kind is prohibited. ( -2090 106 -1001 )
  2. Why do you currently play LoTC? What do you enjoy doing on the Craft? Are you an avid roleplayer? Did you have a good day today?
  3. i hope you’re having a good day claire 🙏
  4. A horned man stood inside of an empty tavern, appearing to be wiping the top of one of the tables, he eventually finishes up with a sigh, although at one of the tables sat three children, smiling wildly, and the fiend returned a smile of his own, eventually tossing the rag behind the counter to then walk over to the table where the children sat. They’d reach their arms out to the horned man and he picks them up one by one, hardly holding the trio in his arms but manages. Muttering something or another to himself as the trio babbled out words they hardly could understand. ”This clearly isn’t the image I want, and I most certainly don’t want the drama that comes along with it...” He says with a sigh, eventually sitting himself down, although his blindfolded gaze ends up on the children again, smiling once more.
  5. lockezi is my main and hes an edgy demon shade who i like a lot, he was made when i was starting to get into rp more, hes lockezi 2.0 since my first character was his dad, locke, i know its unique, but his development and way he acts is a bit funky since i started getting better at rp and making new personality instead of it being a carbon copy of me, whenever lockezi 3.0 comes around.. i think it’ll be pretty solid to rp and fun to do edit: if i feel more alive ill put more detail and energy into this later
  6. Looking for a Druid teacher, will pay BIG bucks...

    1. Toodles78


      I’ve got some slots open 😉

    2. Lackless_


      @Toodles78 okay sounds like a deal

  7. yeah I don’t like me either
  8. A blindfolded, horned fellow blinks in Ilzakarn.
  9. Im sick of it

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      I'm going to pugsy you

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      I’m sick of all of you

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      i too am sick of lockezi!!!!

  10. hows the wife? how’re you? do you love me?
  11. A horned man with black markings that ran down across his face frowns, sweeping away at glass shards on the floor with a broom.
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