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  1. An Olive Branch, 1655

    A pallid youth shakes her head, white hair falling in her face, covering her one good eye. "Why can't nations just....get along instead of condemning each other. I love the people of Haense, and...Renatus doesn't seem so bad, just fight hungry." She pets her dove, then Alice lays her head against the wall of her room,
  2. [Interviewed][Pending][ET Actor] Im here to help

    I was going to +1 but then I read: Do you plan on applying for other staff positions?: There's no other staff team worth applying for to be honest.
  3. [Raid Feedback] PRO & RP Shenanigans

    One time Norland went to Arbor(I think?) to discuss diplomacy, not being violent. They called a GM and threatened to ban us for being over the raid limit (and/or can't remember) them being on a raid cooldown. I was even TP'd out despite entering without glitching et cetera (someone opened the citizen doors), but "we all glitched in" (which wasn't true.) I feel your pain.
  4. I would never die for you, live a lie for you
    I will never cry for you, it's a little too late to
    What am I to do? I hate you too
    I got a bad attitude

  5. This title isn't a bait

    Everything else is in a spoiler to reduce the size of my post.
  6. This title isn't a bait

    Ask me anything within reason. to cover the basics: Yes, I have a lot of pets. 6 hissing roaches, 5 woodlice 4 rats, 3 cats, 2 hermit crabs, 2 tarantulas, 1 leopard gecko, 1 lovebird, 1 centipede, and 1 dog. No I do not have pictures of my hermit crabs, I don't handle them or disturb them beyond water changes and food time. Yes, I do handle some of my roaches. No, they don't bite. No, I don't handle my tarantulas. It's dangerous for them and could stress them. Yes, all of their enclosures are decently sized for the number/size of each. I am upgrading the hissing roaches enclosure at some point and possibly adding millipedes to it. I chose "Hyena" on the forums and "Hyenae" in game because hyenas are intelligent, strong animals and I personally find them adorable.
  7. In Nomine Dei, 1655

    "You tarnish your own creator's name.." An early teens girl of unknown origin states, shaking her head and sighing as her black, almost dark blue hair falls in front of her face. Her eyes are covered by a cloth thin enough for her to see out of. If one were to look close enough, her red eyes would be squinting against the sun, her sensitivity to it painfully obvious. She brushes the hair out of her face with her left hand, then, with a mild grin states "Hey, we can all like god, maybe he's just in a different form." Her tone is optimistic yet somehow not hopeful at the same time. She grabs a stick, her pale hand grasping it firmly as she walks away, using it almost as though it were a crutch. A limp could be seen on her right side, if the person looking was trained.
  8. They're talking about you
    As if all hell broke loose
    They don't even know you

  9. Awaken, My Champions

    "Aureas. . ." Wither whispers to herself, her eyes widening and her heart beats faster. She then turns her head away, eyes drooping until closed. "No, it's not the same spelling." Lifting her arms, her red eyes, sensitive to the sun, study her palms within the dark house. "Years've gone by, but I'll never stop searching." Her right hand goes to her chest, remaining there a moment as she feels her heart beat. A sigh escapes Wither's throat. "If only Doone hadn't told them..." She then rises, lost in thought, the words on the paper forgotten except for one. "Aureus."
  10. I'll always feel
    No more than halfway real
    Till I hear you sing once more

  11. Poll: Bring nexus back

    I'll miss you
  12. The loss of rescue raids

    Well, if it's getting reworked I can only assume there'll be reworks for both raiders and defenders. I'm not a GM, I don't PvP on this server anymore (and I'm not allowed to xd), but maybe putting a time limit on how long they can rally (but I can see multiple issues with this). It's one of those situations where there's obvious issues but the solutions aren't so obvious and both sides have to be taken into consideration, just as most conflict on lotc is.
  13. The loss of rescue raids

    I, for one, love when someone is executed but people, who had seen them executed, still come rescue raid. Or when people "rescue raid" for say, a dead body hanging up outside, but then leave (without said body) when they realize they can't use the body as an excuse to pvp because the nation says "hey it's on that stick outside, go take it, you're more than welcome to it." and thus they can't raid someone on cooldown. Realistically I think raids in general should be more roleplay orientated, there are plenty of servers where you can go PvP other factions without a cooldown/a short one, I've no doubt about this. Rescue raids definitely need a rework and personally I'd like to see raids in general become more roleplay orientated. Some raids do involve good roleplay, but plenty more are just an excuse to PvP. Besides, even if you capture a king irp they can still do stuff from an ooc standpoint as most nations use discord, and they can ss after 30 minutes of not being roleplayed with. I doubt if they removed rescue raids that it would be permanent though, regardless of my thoughts on it. It'd probably be reworked, because as you said, it is a good aspect of roleplay, I just think it needs to be reworked so as not to be abused if re-implemented some day.