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  1. Oh, I'm different now
    Pill poppin' got me feelin' visceral
    Why should I smile?
    Leave it behind, it's all gone
    If you really wanna let it go
    You ain't worth the tears that I cry
    New friends think they knew me
    Old friends act a new way
    Do this till I'm gone
    I've been numb, I've been numb, I've been


  2. Hyena

    How to make Criminal Chars last?

    This. I also find fleshing a character out from childhood helps with shaping a villain. Wither and Lily are two of my favorites to play, for good reason. As was Elle. Villainy shouldn't be the sole defining feature to a character. There has to be causation for how they are.
  3. Hyena

    Narthok's Game Moderator Application

    Dudes overqualified, autodeny him +1
  4. What do you mean my cannibalistic gone off the deep end character shouldn't be based on me??,
  5. Hyena

    Why I might leave LoTC

    Well if you can't deal with sexism, homophobia, and racism in roleplay on A roleplay server then bye, won't miss you much.
  6. I've gotten way too carried away
    And I will never make the mistake
    How many times do I have to fight
    It's always different when it's face to face
    Don't question what you've never seen or had to chase
    With no words to say, dismembered every frame
    What's left in me?
    Didn't see this coming

  7. Hyena

    Defender Default Proposition

  8.  I can play the fool you need
    You can have the only part I need
    the lie you can't repay
    You can't take enough of me
    Hollow me, hollow me, hollow me
    I am not letting go
    No matter what you do
    I can play your fool

  9. You actually need a tin foil hat for this server's OOC.

    1. Total_Xanarchy


      Yeah you're right. Can you go ahead and make one for me?

  10. Hyena

    The Merry Red Brothers of Nordengrad

    Wyatt Lincoln would look around, unable to read. "Guess I'll jus' use my trusty hoe."
  11. Hyena


    Trusting people at all on the server. Joining forum team. I loved the team, they were good people and I really wanted to help the community when I came back. Ended up learning a lot I wish I never did. Left a bad taste for staff and the community as a whole in my mouth. Edit: also the actions that lead to my first ban xd. The other two were b.s. in-game bans, not my forum one. That one was fair. Posting gore is very regrettable.
  12. Hyena

    [I] Sky's GM App

    I've never seen Sky do this, but you? I've seen you do this plenty. You have no counterargument either, just memes. I think you're okay on the server, a good roleplayer, but a god awful angry toxic staff member. Sky isn't. +3 for sky.
  13. Hyena

    [I] Sky's GM App

    That's me, please don't flame my girlfriend like this.
  14. So I heard you found somebody else
    And at first I thought it was a lie
    I hate to think about you with somebody else
    Our love has gone cold
    You're intertwining your soul with somebody else
    This ain't the last time that I'll see your face
    I just don't believe that you have got it in you 'cause
    We are just gonna keep 'doin' it' and everytime
    I'm reminded that I should be getting over it

    1. Blago


      Ew  ❤️

  15. Hyena

    Just some Feedback

    Everything except RP default. I don't want to sit for 4 hours while some kid dodges every attack and expects every hit to land because he was trained by an anime. . .