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  1. Not even gonna show the number of accepted halflings? I know there’s at least one, since I’ve seen them in Brandybrook myself and spent a while roleplaying with them.
  2. Forgive me lord, for I have sinned. LOTC Beach Episode. It was a bright and sunny day as Telanir-kun walked up to the beaches of Sutica. “Kawaii desu (●´ω`●)~~” he says as he dives into the water. The sun reflects beautifully off of the water, making the whole world glimmer as Telanir-kun backstrokes through the sea. His sunglasses are relaxed off of his muscled face as the waves pass over them. His hair spreads out like a fan, forming rays of majestic brown color that twinkle in the light. His harem of big, bouncily chested women gape in awe at the sight. One of them faints dramatically into the arms of Tythus-chan who was standing nearby. Tythus-chan winks at Telanir-kun, pushes up his glasses and says “テラニルくんを手に入れよう” which means “Go get them Telanir-kun” I think. Suddenly, the sky darkens. Storm clouds gather. A stroke of lightning hits a nearby palm tree, making it split asunder and fall into the sea. Telanir-kun frowns slightly as he realizes what has happened. “Tieethyusu-chahn, preparu theu secreto weaponu” he’d say in flawless english, a quirk of his upbringing as an ascetic monk in the himalayas. “Haiiii~~~!” responds Tythus-chan as he flexes his pecs. A mighly “CLANG!” is heard as he whips out a massive, throbbing, pulsating sword of solid iron. Not so much a sword as a heap of metal. The harem of women whip out their own weapons, ranging from throwing stars to nunchucks. The sky darkens even more as a malicious laughter echoes across the sea. It is him, the great arch-enemy of Telanir-kun. The enemy of the Chosen Hero. The Great Demon King himself! Ghazriel, lord of the alternative accounts, has come to Sutica to reap his revenge! ~To Be Continued~ Google Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hxjN36-WbI7GFFM1KsG_Osdy9kKL7g20NLbcRtcdRpY/edit?usp=sharing
  3. Filibert Applefoot squints as he tries to read the small font. ((Please make it a little bit larger!))
  4. gonna have to +1 this one fellas Edit: Maybe remove the reference to the “big wall” outside of Aegrothond? The wall has been removed.

  5. Halfling KOTH will be a real sport.

  6. Brandybrook Gaming Night! ~Shogging logs in the ol’ halfling village of Reedsborough!~ I, Filibert Applefoot, wish to start another tradition much like the Drinking Nights! I wish to call this new tradition, the Gaming Night! Mere drinking alone is not enough to keep our village lively! We require much more than that, and thus we ought to have a separate night just for the variety of halfling sports and games to be played! From shogging and darts to push-off pumpkin, these nights will be dedicated to all sorts of fun activities that us wee-folks ought to enjoy more! Every year, on The First Seed ((Friday)), us halflings will gather together in our village and be merry ‘till the sun sets and has risen anew! It will be a joyous occasion! Push-off Pumpkin! A game where you try to shove others off of a large pumpkin! Last one on the pumpkin wins! Darts! A fantastic game of skill and luck, where darts are thrown at a dartboard to score points! Whoever has the most points wins! Shogging! The traditional halfling classic! Try to push your opponent off their log before you are pushed off yourself! A Surprise Activity! Who knows what else will occur on the Gaming Night! Come on down to Brandybrook on The First Seed for a blast of a time! ~Filibert Applefoot ((3 PM EST, this Friday on 6/26/2020. Located in Brandybrook, the main halfling village in Arcas. You can get to Brandybrook by heading to Aegrothond and then taking a right after you’ve gone off of the main road.))
  7. NotEvilAtAll


    Pretty nice music. I love it! It doesn’t sound like tutorial music, but instead like the sort of music that plays in a documentary/infomercial when they pan through beautiful scenery (except a bit more electronic).
  8. [!] A piece of halfling propaganda is spread across the village and across Sutica The Beetroot News! Better than the rest! Contents: ~WE WIN! YOU LOSE!~ ~Determining the average body odor of Suticans~ ~You won’t believe how big this burrow is!~ WE WIN! YOU LOSE! ~The halflings of Brandybrook face off against dumb Sutican bigguns in a Shogging Tournament!~ Sutica has proven itself to be just as bad at shogging as we thought! The proud champions and shoggers of Brandybrook have dealt them a sound defeat! The foolish Suticans, having challenged us, the creators of shogging, to play against them within our homeland, have nobody but themselves to blame! And blame them we will! Whenever you see a Sutican on the street, remind them of our victory on this day! We will not let them forget it! Determining the average body odor of the Suticans Anyone who has smelt dozens of unwashed bodies congregating in one area will know what it is like to smell the typical Sutican. Bathing is a foreign concept to these primitive peoples. However, more research needs to be done in order to determine exactly what sort of smell permeates Sutican residents. Option A: Suticans smell like rotting pumpkins. Option B: Suticans smell like moldy cheese. Please let me know your thoughts! You won’t believe how big this burrow is! My gosh! Look at how large this burrow is! You can fit an entire family in here and then some! This here is the Greenholm family burrow, one of the newest and largest burrows in all of Brandybrook for one of the newest and largest halfling families. Superior halfling architecture keeps it from crumbling under the weight of the earth above it! Superb halfling furniture decorates its insides! This burrow truly is the pinnacle of halfling greatness! That’s all for now folks! ~Filibert Applefoot, local halfling know-it-all.
  9. [!] A note has been put on the Brandybrook Noticeboard by an outsider OI! ~Cakes that demand to be harvested!~ That’s right! You there! You little wee-folk o’ Brandybrook! It’s me! Everyone’s favorite Applefoot that you’ve totally heard of before! I’m back, and ready to show my amazing powers by single handedly farming the ENTIRE FIELDS O’ BRANDYBROOK! You may join me (if ye can keep up with me, that is), of course. Watch and be amazed! Come on down to Brandybrook, the home o’ us halflings, at the beginning of the next Elven Week ((4 PM EST, Sunday the 29th of March)) -Filibert Applefoot, the best Applefoot.
  10. I spent too much time making this crud

  11. Very nice! This is some high quality stuff! I’d give you rep but I’m already out for the day, sadly!
  12. thank you for the bitcoins, I have now released your profile picture from captivity.

    1. Telanir


      Pleasure doing business.

  13. send 0.0076 BTC to my bitcoin adress 5XqJtU5FGRzqrf1Ssx4MiKa7y95RdpJel
  14. Hello everyone, I just wanted to post an update on the 8.0 map situation. Our world team has been working long and hard on this new map, and I’d like to share a single screenshot of it with you: As you can clearly see, the world team has worked hard on this map. The full extent of the map won’t be revealed just yet, but I promise that it will be great. We have divided the map up into 4 quadrants, each of which will be inhabited by different nations with a 12-chunk shared region between each (to smooth out the transition). This will hopefully reduce lag and provide a better server experience. Furthermore, the lore and event teams have been hard at work creating unique flora and fauna to inhabit the new map as well as a 7.0 ending eventline that is sure to impress (yes, this is part of the reason that lore games have been taking so long), so hopefully the transition will be satisfactory. 8.0 will be ready in time for the summer, and the exact nation roster is set to be determined 1-2 months beforehand. Activity in all settlements across the server will be recorded, and the results will be posted publicly to ensure fairness. The current threshold for 8.0 nation status is 6.0% server activity. Any settlement that fails to meet nation standards won’t be given land at the start of 8.0. However, charters will still be able to be created as per the new charter rules. All of the 4 major races, halflings, kharajyr, etc. are guaranteed a charter as determined by Lore Location, so there’s no need to worry about key parts of the server’s lore and history being wiped out. If one of these protected communities fails to meet nation activity for 8.0, they will be given a free charter a week after the map begins that won’t be subject to any further activity requirements. I would like to thank some members in particular for their hard work on this map: @Vermy for their amazing ideas on the design, theme, and general framework of 8.0. Vermy has gone far above and beyond what was expected of them, and thus deserves my respect. @Starfelt for putting in countless hours of work during the recent Covic-19 quarantine. @Hiebe for helping organize and direct the world team on a personal level. Without Hiebe’s help, half of the world team wouldn’t have put in a quarter of the effort that they did. @VonAulus for overseeing this great project and helping shape it into what it is. With this, we are proud to announce the isle of Album, the next realm that the descendents shall walk on! If you are a nation leader sign up for one of the 4 quadrants of the map below: We have created several codenames for the 4 seperate servers the map will be divided into. BOFA: Bluff Of Frozen Andesite -An andesite mountain range covered in ice and snow. Inhabited by wild yaks who’ll provide ample fodder for hunting events. Bordered by some lovely forests to provide ample wood. LIGMA: Light Intensely Grassy Mountain Area -A lightly colored mountain range with grass growing all over it. Man-eating flowers grow here that will be used for PvE events. SUGON: Surreal Under-Gully On Ness -A strange gully with an even stranger lake in the middle. The lake will be inhabited by some monsters similar to the loch-ness monster. UPDOG: Upper Plateau, Danger Of Gravity -A plateau with strong winds. Travelers should be careful to not be blown off! In order to sign up to inhabit a quadrant as a nation leader (or soon to be nation leader, if you reach 6.0% server activity), use the following format: Name: Weird fact about you: Nation/Charter you lead: What quadrant you want to inhabit in 8.0: Why are so many server administrators creepy weirdos?: Age (can’t be larger than 12): Thanks, World Team
  15. Yeah, that’d be pretty reasonable. Most non-human races want a small-medium sized map so they can get places faster, yet humans would prefer a bit of living space to spread out and give all of their vassals land. If humans were just given their own island, both needs could be met. The island inhabited by the humans could be the largest (giving them enough space to form a proper feudalist system), and any other islands could be smaller so as to reduce travel times. Decentralization for those whose RP is based around it and whose playerbase can reasonably support it, Centralization (via proximity) for those who don’t need vast swathes of land and would rather have shorter walking times.
  16. @argonian the different isles of Axios weren’t on seperate servers. Also, Axios had Nexus, which was a very large plugin that caused a fair bit of server strain. As for what I personally think, I feel that option C would be best, with a few caveats. 1: Make camping the border between the server zones as difficult as possible. It would be terrible if people were to abuse the server zones to kite around enemies in PvP situations and whatnot. Thus, I think that going across a server zone border you’ve already passed should take ~200 blocks of backtracking across the shared non-building area between server zones (This won’t be a problem if the different servers can only be accessed by boats). 2: Don’t use the separate servers as an excuse to make the map too bloody big. Nobody wants a repeat of the massively oversized Axios. 3: If separate islands are to be used, make sure that all of the islands remain relevant. Nobody wants a repeat of Arcas where 90% of everyone lives on one island while the others are basically barren except for 1-2 relevant settlements.
  17. If u don’t imote brayathing every 10 seconsds, your character suffersss from blindness 10 and nawseah 100 and dies slowly of pioson and is forced to peekay.
  18. The Suspicious Stew made with dandelions provides saturation for 7 ticks, which completely fills up your saturation and almost completely fills up the hunger bar as well. It’s a completely overpowered food. The Suspicious Stew made with oxeye daisies provides regeneration for 8 seconds, thus healing 3 health. It provides an amount of healing that would likely be used in PvP to gain an advantage. If Suspicious Stew was allowed on the server, these two stews would be the only foods people would use (unless they wanted to stack their food, that is).
  19. But if we know anything about the next map, we might hurt the feelings of those who are building it by providing constructive criticism and feedback! Lmao, nice to know that the staff intend to be blatantly pro-nation and anti-charter. I guess that’s not too surprising, seeing as the new rules of charter activity are even harsher on charters than on nations relative to the land given to each. Might as well keep propping up these nations with OOC benefits and protections that aren’t given to charters. Reward the massive nations and starve the small charters so nations don’t have to deal with competition from below, creating an uncompetitive roleplay environment where said nations don’t have to be innovative, unique, or hard-working to maintain their power. Nations are a concept that needs to die. Every single privilege handed to a nation is unnecessary; if a group truly were worthy of nation status, it wouldn’t need those privileges to maintain itself. Nations are arbitrary, for the only difference between them and a large charter is a slightly larger amount of people sitting around in the activity square (which crosses some arbitrary quota decided by the staff) + some OOC benefits given to the nation that the charter cannot get (green pillar, speed roads, tile ownership and vassals, etc). How about instead of providing OOC benefits to groups that are already doing well, the staff provide no OOC benefits to anyone at all (or provide OOC benefits to everyone equally)? Instead of focusing on nations, focus on the community as a whole.
  20. Oh boy I can’t wait to see everyone AFKing on their charters again to meet arbitrary activity requirements!

    1. Mojo


      A new market has been created for afk alters

    2. Hiebe


      If you have an alternative way to track and verify charters please let me know ill send it up the chain the best i can.


      Atm its plugin based, every 15 mins it checks how many players in the region.

  21. [!] A note is pinned to the Brandybrook Noticeboard! Drinkin’ ‘n Drinkin’ ‘n Brandybrook! ~The vineyards of Dunshire, the land o’ the wee way back ‘n the good ol’ days.~ Greetin’s all! We’ve gone for just a wee li’l bit without a good ol’ Drinking Night to cheer us up! Our leaders may all beh off doin’ Knox knows wha’ ‘n some other land, bu’ tha’ doesn’t mean the rest of us cannae have fun! Let us raise our mugs in celebration of Brandybrook’s glory! What: A Drinkin’ Celebration! Where: ’n Brandybrook, the home o’ the wee! (Next ter Aegrothond) When: Close ter the end o’ this Elven Week! ((4 PM EST, Sunday the 8th of March)) Glory ter t’a wee! Long Live Brandybrook! [!] The note ends with the official seal of Brandybrook!
  22. Sketchy halfling event in Brandybrook oh boy oh boy

    1. Whiplash


      i’ll show you sketchy when i teach the halflings about how to be “fiscally conservative but socially liberal”

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