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  1. Should fix vortex crashing MC, while you make the first things with vanilla crafting table

  2. "And this is the profound proof that you, Taurus are unfit to stand at the head of our clan, your anger clouds your reason. I put my wife and child first instead of my clan, my duty as a father by far exceeds the duty toward my clan. It brings me more honour to hold my son in my arms and watch him grow up to be a respectful man, than any sum you can make in this life. You not alone refuse to sit down with an open mind toward the clan I married into, and it breaks my heart, dear kinsman." He shook his head, unwavered by the outburst from his relative.
  3. "And tell me then, what would change by catering to a sense of unity? Renelia was united and fell all the same. How do you propose that this will not crumble aswell? There is a lot of bitter resentment amongst the remaining Renelian clans, how will you appeal to the clans to find a balance between them, lliran? If it brings more of the same from the last attempt, by the former head of Clan Velulaei’onn, we've all seen how Ailmar descended into madness. How can we be reassured that The Pale will endure where Renelia could not?" Ruathar Indoren would ask, stroking his chin with a thoughtful expr
  4. Ruathar Indoren read over the the study with interest. "I would like to point out that you seem to know a great deal about my wife's mental state from hearsay, llir. I will disregard that insult to her name, as I think it is merely one borne out of ignorance. Ti, it is a shame we have become so dislodged from eachother, as I too have the same dream of a more understanding Mali'ker, that will one day look beyond our past ideology that we can simply unite out of a necessity. As things stand right now I can see that we have a long ways to go to find a balance."
  5. "And this, llir is why we will never become a united Mali, aslong as there are those of us who think themselves above others. You have to give up something to get something." Ruathar Indoren discarded the thought that the Mali would be ready for such a bold endeavour.
  6. For anyone that might still care. I am leaving LoTC indefinitely. Right now it is not a place I wish to take part in, due to some petty and outright pathetic people that cannot seem to keep things in the past, so they have to drag others down due to their own miserable life. So good job to the parties involved, you have successfully bullied a player off the server, give yourselves a good hard pat on the back. As a direct result I am not welcome anywhere, not even in RP. So what’s the point anyway?

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    2. NotEvilAtAll


      good to see that the Ministry of the Interior is there for us

    3. Dulanic


      Ah well, I am not out to exact a revenge, or justice. Perhaps one day I’ll return in some form or another, if there happen some radical changes to the community, doubt it to be fair.

    4. Dulanic


      Thanks anyway.

  7. “Hrm.” A ker continued on with his daily life. “Looks like he needed some bread instead.” He chuckled, going back to his prayers to the ancestors.
  8. Ruathar smiled as they stood at the balcony og their new home, which overlooked the Onyx Sanctum. "We will do right by our people by bringing us closer to the spiritual." He looked off into the distance, hoping that their journey has been worth it, and wishing for a day where all ker will once again stand united.
  9. "Should just fall back to a position of strength, then the Imperials will possibly see the error of their ways, as the demon scourge encroach on their capital. If they will remain blind to the ultimate evil, I say it is just to leave them to their fate." A ker would shake his head. "If they will not fight with the living, then they're not better than the Inferi."
  10. “Even amidst the Inferi assaulting our realms, you insist on waging this war on the Alliance? I knew you were beyond reasoning, but this is insanity. An entity with no other purpose than to kill every man, woman and child, and you so callously continue this petty war.” A frustrated ‘ker would comment, sharpening his blade for the next demon encounter.
  11. Should fix this @Wiki Team


  12. Other elven races fall in under settlements since our activity isn't high enough I would think. More on that later.
  13. “How levelheaded of you to wish the death of women, even children without any probable cause, being of a certain descent is no excuse for the slaughtering of their future generations. If this is the Imperial mentality I stand corrected in my assumption Imperials are morally grey when it is clearly more defined between us and them. A divide you gladly welcome. Getting cumbersome to see this ultranationalistic agenda: “of course-by the great, prosperous-all knowing-Empire, of OREN-due to its utterly superior, and most professional Military-however, it can certainly be done better-to win this war
  14. Just gonna throw in a couple of danish bands, they don’t get enough recognition anyway.
  15. Oren is just morally gray, to call it evil is being silly, you should deal with it in RP instead of flaming on their playerbase.
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