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  1. "And what did we do to get such unfounded hatred? All that Renelia has done is for the good of all ‘ker, a pity you are bitter over it. Well, as a friend told me, ‘Success is the greatest revenge.’ Velulaei y nae ilumeh, llir.” He shrugged and carried on with his day.
  2. “There goes the Haenseti claim as Highland Realm.” An observant viewer chuckles as he looks over the well detailed map of Arcas.
  3. “One more reason to stay clear of the Imperial city during these troublesome times.” Ruathar Indoren took note not to travel to Helena in the near future.
  4. Lyam Verheyen, formerly Merentel shrugged as he heard the news of his relatives. ”It seems the betrayals of my former house knows no end. Pity that they continue this needless backstabbing.” He mused as he sat in the Morsgrad tavern, enjoying a cool ale.
  5. “Hmm.” Lyam shrugged as he moved on with his day.
  6. “No.” Lyam Merentel Verheyen said flatly.
  7. Time to make good use of those ss, no way I’d trust the roads.
  8. “Trying to provoke a response I see. You murdered the wounded without probable cause, a man with no weapon is not a threat to you, and you killed them. You really want this war I see.” Lyam shook his head. “Are you so far out all diplomatic solutions are just thrown out of the window?”
  9. “You said that, my thought was more of debate. Seeing as your mind is already set, maybe you should just sit down and stop talking, since you clearly do not care for your own people, and would gladly stand for the derogatory comments against those you should call kinsmen. So here’s a little something from me taken from your own mouth. You are an imbecile and a fool. Let’s end this here, since all you’re looking for is a fight. I am done talking to you, kathir. The ‘ker shook his head and walked to his home. “hae'leh kalem'Valah yallre” He’d mutter as he enters his home.
  10. “If one must drop so low as to question others intellect with infantile slurs, it shows who really is the adult. Come to Renelia, we’ll see if you’re as brave with your words then, valah.” He’d cackle at the frail response of this foreigner.
  11. “You already lost this argument when you made it about race, valah.” Ruathar chuckles at the dumbfounded response, continuing on with his day.
  12. “Interesting, how our fellow ker is viewed as no more than disorganized savages. I think they have been encountering too many of the Mori’quessir.” Ruathar Indoren chuckles, before going back to working on one of his many projects.
  13. “Next time stick to the facts, it makes a better portrayal of you as the benevolent Empire you aspire to be. As an unbiased party it is clear who the aggressor was, and it was not those coming to collect the remains of their kin.” Ruathar Indoren shook is head at the whole ordeal, saddened by the loss of a life so young.
  14. That's not why, you have slinged mud at eachother in SIXTEEN pages before this, sit down.
  15. Lock this thread, we've all aired our shitty opinions, it's very clear there will not be a census on this topic, so drop it. 16 pages of back and forth is no good for anyone.
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