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  1. Vorgraven

    The Young Lion Rises

    “And what will this great new Sultan do to assimilate the people left over from Ghanyah? Something your predecessor should’ve made sure to do. As if those left from the ‘wrong’ side of the war was irrelevant.” A former subject of Ghanyah would comment.
  2. Vorgraven

    From Beyond the Wall

    Earanorn examined the paper he found nailed into a noticeboard, preparing for the journey to find this man. ”And where can I find this Dwyn?” The wandering elven hunter asked.
  3. That makes absolutely no sense, why should I have to remake family swords and personal items when I can just bring them over?
  4. It would hardly make sense to wipe all important RP items, as some RP items has sentimental value to some, myself included.
  5. Vorgraven

    this is a new level of dumb

    Internal Screeching
  6. Vorgraven

    Declaration of Spooktober!

  7. Vorgraven

    The Blackden Settlement, 9th of the first seed 1683

    Signed by Erec Hartraft, Castellan of Blackden.
  8. Vorgraven

    An Open Letter to the People of Rivia

    A lone rider travels toward the town of Curon at the break of dawn. Thinking to himself as he rides. "Hopefully this is a good thing." He'd shrug as he'd make a stop at one of the signposts on the road toward the town.
  9. Vorgraven

    The Declaration of The Kadarsi Caliphate

    “In every age it has been the tyrant, the oppressor and the exploiter who has wrapped himself in the cloak of patriotism, or religion, or both to deceive and overawe the People. You have become the tyrants that you so dreaded." A former Ghanyan would say.
  10. Vorgraven

    [✓]Skirmish of Rivia

  11. Vorgraven

    [✓]Skirmish of Rivia

    Then the least this 'Elven' can do is announce she will not have peace personally, instead of using you as a medium. How are we to know if all we have is your word in OOC that she wants this war, with no proof of her character saying so to you in RP?
  12. Vorgraven

    ✍️ Important Census 〈Google Form〉 📖

    Interesting, good I am not part of the Dominion.
  13. Vorgraven

    ✍️ Important Census 〈Google Form〉 📖

    Why would you even need this information? What relevance does it have to you? You just slap a link up with no explanation other than some fancy title.
  14. Vorgraven

    Besieging The Capitol

    Khoridai would shake his head upon recieving the news of the sacking of their capitol. "No loss there, it was a poor position." He'd go back to overseeing the relocation and rebuilding of his settlement. The sound of all kinds of workers echo through the valley.
  15. Vorgraven

    TJB_Minecraft's Wiki Team Application

    And you have, no need for us to carry this further.