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  1. Vorgraven

    [✗]The Aspects Hold No Sway Over Mortalkind

    ((Calm down Caligula, what are you gonna do? Stab the trees?))
  2. Vorgraven

    The Crown Council

    I, Khoridai of House Yereltai, founder of Kharmandal, Ras of the Chieftaincy of Ghanyah, Warlord of the Yereltai Tribe demote my loyalty to the Yereltai Tribe to guarantee it to the Crown.
  3. Vorgraven

    The Battle of Shifting Sands

    "Your leaders are those refusing to acknowledge the recent outreaches we've made to sue for peace and end this petty war. A wise leader would seek to treat with his enemies instead of mercilessly slaughtering them. As for harrassment I cannot vouch for. And why should we believe in some false idol you conjured up to subdue the masses? And you do not think we have sought to make peace with your sultan for months now? We were turned down every time and discarded like cattle for the slaughter. We are not Jumaane, he's a child, overeager to rule a nation and set his mark on the world." He'd shake his head briefly.
  4. Vorgraven

    The Battle of Shifting Sands

    "You call us tyrants, and yet you're the ones oppressing us now. If I recall we're also the Farfolk people. You're a foolish people who can see no reason to the end this petty conflict when the Elven kin are on our doorsteps. And to you Negûs, your stubborn nature have left us weak to foreign invaders, fighting our own people in a war that no one want to fight other than you. We should've ceased to fight amongst ourselves the day that Krugmar was defeated." He'd shake his head. "And to you 'Sultan', you are a disgrace to your own people, and that of the Farfolk. If your great 'Allah' protected all Farfolk he would not command you to slaughter them in throngs, Auda the Kinslayer." He'd spit at the name.
  5. Looking for someone that wants to play a child of my character. She's 18. Comment below or send me a PM.

  6. +1 Really good builds
  7. ((Stop it @Licorish, this is petty enough as it is.))
  8. ((See about not stalling next time so EU people will not be able to attend, then you will see a different outcome entirely.))
  9. ((I have made no attempts to claim your land whatsoever, do you see Kharmandal men scouting around your settlement? My lands were drawn and inconveniently yours were drawn in over all of the land I own. And now we're in this sour predicament.))
  10. ((You only just settled on the land while Ghanyah had already cemented itself in the North, and you are only here to be a contender, a thorn in the side. Instead of trying to reach an agreement, which was exactly what should've happened last night if you hadn't fired an arrow at them. So it is on yourself. @adamc2000))
  11. "Harians betrayed their great culture when they bedded with the Santegians. None of Harian descent has any claim to the vast expanses of the Deserts, you'd do well to heed the word of our great Neguš. You claim you fight for all of the Farfolk. And here you are. As for our diplomacy, neither of you reached to me, the ruler of Kharmandal. And instead you transgress on my lands without seeking any form of communication firsthand. That is poor diplomacy on your end." The Ras shakes his head at the foolishness of the Harians.
  12. Looking for someone to play the sister of my character Ras Khoridai Yereltai.


    Send me a PM here on the forum or on my Discord Vorgraven#7704

  13. Vorgraven

    The Pact of Gold and Emerald

    The Ras of Kharmandal would frown heavily upon hearing of the news of this. "Gold and Emerald... nice to see I get a say in this." He'd shake his head and leave the document on his desk, going about his everyday life.
  14. Kharmandal Ruled by the Tribe the of Yereltai Home of the Subudai The settlement is situated on the savannah, overlooking the plains below. The village mainly trades in horses, leather, wheat, and olives, it borders upon the vast desert of the north, and the open plains to the west. They are a hardy people, usually donning furs to fight the harsh environment of the plains, usually they are living a nomadic lifestyle, currently a more permanent settlement has been constructed, with housing to atleast a couple of settlers and visitors can take up refuge in the local inn. Ras Khoridai Yereltai 32 years old, Played by Vorgraven Jaliqa Yereltai Behi, sister to Khoridai 28 years old, Playable Current Available Positions: Advisor Steward Military Positions: Kharan - Force Commander Khari - Personal Guard Khargan - Second Force Commander Kharban - Force Leader Kharaud - Strike Units OOC: Currently looking for people to settle and work in the village If you want to join, send me a private message on the server, or on Discord. Username: MC: Vorgraven Discord: Vorgraven#7704 Or you can apply directly below by filling out the form below: IC name: MC username: Discord username: Wanted position: ((The old forum post I made for this settlement can be deleted now, thank you.)) https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/172857-village-of-kharmandal/?do=edit
  15. Vorgraven

    The Trade Outpost of Yeondar

    The Ras of Kharmandal smiles broadly upon hearing the news. "This will be good for Ghanyah indeed." He'd raise a cup of airag for the continued welfare of the Great Chieftaincy of Ghanyah.