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  1. IN-CHARACTER NAME: Armand de Sevigny USERNAME: Vorgraven AGE: 23 RACE: Heartlander
  2. And now let’s see the unedited video, meanwhile I wonder why anyone get a hard on watching this dull thing.
  3. And now, turn on the video with subtitles, a jolly good laugh.
  4. Lyam wonders why people just doesn’t move on from the pathetic toe-licking joke like reasonable individuals. “Some people need maturing.” He shakes his head
  5. “And what great accomplishments have you achieved that warrant such ignorant and disrespectful behaviour? None I reckon. Sergius did more than whatever backwater house you come from has ever achieved in his short life.” The Lord Justiciar of Vintas harshly comments. “You have been born into a life of riches, and have no comprehension of the amount of effort it takes to build a legacy up from nothing.”
  6. Lyam mourns the loss of his Duke, and relative. “May you rest well in the Seven Skies, Sergius. Taken way too soon from this world. Whatever the World may say of you now is irrelevant. You kept you head up high, despite those of lesser stature who so mockingly belittled you. All in our family should strive to follow in your example, aswell as the honourable men and women of Vintas.” he proudly signs the Lorraine.
  7. “Nice day for fishin’ ain’t it? Hu-Hah!” A cheerful lad would comment.
  8. ((It returns. Hide your women and children.))
  9. Erec Keint smiles as he welcomes his relative into the Seven Skies. “Ah, Nicholas. Didn’t expect to see you here so soon.” He’d grin, and embrace him in a tight hug, with the old strength of his youth returned.
  10. Erec smiles from the Seven Skies, finally free of the troubles from his life, and has found peace, as he is finally able to see the woman he married all those years ago. “It is good to see you again.” He’d say to her, smiling like he hasn’t done in all the years since.
  11. The Final Rest of his Excellency, Lord Justiciar Erec Keint Of Vintas 1636 - 1727 The funeral will be held in the Cathedral of St. Theodosius in the city of Helena, the ceremony will be closed to the public, the family and friends of the deceased are welcome to attend. After the funeral, the procession will travel to Vintas, where he will be laid to rest with all his belongings, except his family sword, which will pass on to his son and heir when he comes of age. ((The event will take place at 4 PM this monday.))
  12. Vorgraven

    Conflict & War FAQ

    Good! World Domination in 1, 2, 3, here we go!
  13. “You don’t make a better world by slaughtering thousands of people, even if they’re as arrogant as the High Elves. To say that we as humanity are the only ones capable of doing anything good in this world is ignorant at the very least. It is unreasonable to condemn every individual in a specific race for the actions of a few rotten apples, even amongst us humans there are those of ill-make, who bear no love for the institutions put in place by those in power. We have just come out of a long and bitter war, you cannot build a strong foundation on the skulls of those you deem as lesser beings, in this case the Children of Malin.” The old man would add.
  14. “Deus Vult?” An old man shakes his head upon reading it.
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