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  1. Lyam Merentel signs the Lorraine. " I will be forever indebted to the House Suffolk, for allowing me to remain, to repair my family's deceitful reputation. The World has lost a truly great man this day. May he rest well in the Seven Skies." He smiles
  2. Armand de Sevigny takes note, and plans to make an appearance at the festival. ”This will be a good introduction to our fair County.” The Mayor of Pestilles would comment, with a smile on his face.
  3. “Way to address a child, good Sir!” Lyam Merentel comments “What are we if we do not allow the children to enjoy their happy dream, before they become responsible adults and their dreams are limited?”
  4. "Someone had a bit of bile to spill this morning I see. Good that you aired your thoughts on the good Canonist men and women of Suffonia." A pious man going by the name of Lyam adds
  5. "And how do you think armies are made? Ofcourse by recruiting these so-called dregs as you so eloquently called them. You don't get to grow by squatting, and expecting militia to come running." A man of Westmark comments. "I am sure this is nice advertisement for great Suffonia."
  6. "We're not brutish zealots, the Empire is in dangerous decline if the norm is to slaughter people in cold blood for another religion, they are people and not lamb to the slaughter. Ofcourse from the comfortable seats og the Capital it can be difficult to imagine religions getting along. Although the religion of the Kadarsi does not recieve as hefty a backlash, and are free to practice their faith, unlike the people of Norland. As far as I understand, the vows we take doesn't give us the power to target religious minorities. The Order of St. Lucien may have set such brutal standards, but these are different, progressive times." The Templar responds
  7. "We are free to make our own choices, only God can render true judgement when it is our time. Piety shines out through your heart and mind, no matter your allegiances. And before this war is over many good canonist men and women will fall to the corruptible nature of Man." A templar of Arjen comments, signing the Lorraine for his brothers and sisters on either side.
  8. IN-CHARACTER NAME: Armand de Sevigny USERNAME: Vorgraven AGE: 23 RACE: Heartlander
  9. And now let’s see the unedited video, meanwhile I wonder why anyone get a hard on watching this dull thing.
  10. And now, turn on the video with subtitles, a jolly good laugh.
  11. Lyam wonders why people just doesn’t move on from the pathetic toe-licking joke like reasonable individuals. “Some people need maturing.” He shakes his head
  12. “And what great accomplishments have you achieved that warrant such ignorant and disrespectful behaviour? None I reckon. Sergius did more than whatever backwater house you come from has ever achieved in his short life.” The Lord Justiciar of Vintas harshly comments. “You have been born into a life of riches, and have no comprehension of the amount of effort it takes to build a legacy up from nothing.”
  13. Lyam mourns the loss of his Duke, and relative. “May you rest well in the Seven Skies, Sergius. Taken way too soon from this world. Whatever the World may say of you now is irrelevant. You kept you head up high, despite those of lesser stature who so mockingly belittled you. All in our family should strive to follow in your example, aswell as the honourable men and women of Vintas.” he proudly signs the Lorraine.
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