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  1. Vorgraven

    An Offer of Whitepeace to Blackreach

    "Petty, coming from the woman who slept with my uncle, a man of sixty-four at the time, thank God he left nothing for you to inherit." He'd equally so shake his head. "That you would stain our family in such a way is truly saddening."
  2. Vorgraven

    An Offer of Whitepeace to Blackreach

    "And why is it you are the voice of Blackreach instead of the woman who leads you? That woman has alot more reason, and willingness to end this discord, than all of you simply throwing a fit because you are consumed by the hatred that you cannot see a reasonable ending to this. Get your lady to speak for you, she seems to be the only one with a clear head." He'd shake his head, puzzled how these men filled with hatred are the ones being the voice of this rebellion.
  3. Vorgraven

    End of the Hartcold-Enthelor treaty

    "When you have children of your own, maybe you'll understand how far a parent is willing to go to secure a safe future for them." He'd calmly say. "Guess there's no reason to continue this. You simply laugh at the harsh reality of War." ((This thread should be locked honestly.))
  4. Vorgraven

    End of the Hartcold-Enthelor treaty

    Wonders how she can be so spiteful to a place she doesn't know, except from rumours. "That this woman will even condone the deaths of others while sitting comfortably in her home, I hope the innocent people who live simple, peaceful lives, that this coalition now will crush. By GOD, I pray the innocents trapped by this war will haunt you all for the rest of your days." He'd shake his head at the foolishness of this. "Tell me, what do you fight for? You threaten the home of my family, which have no part in this. Can you live with yourself, Baron? Knowing you have the lives of hundreds of children, including my own at your mercy."
  5. Vorgraven

    End of the Hartcold-Enthelor treaty

    "I will never bend to the first mentioned, the rest I would rather put my faith in."
  6. Vorgraven

    End of the Hartcold-Enthelor treaty

    "How quickly one can change their loyalties is unfathomable." He'd muse, shaking his head.
  7. Vorgraven

    End of the Hartcold-Enthelor treaty

    "So when you 'win' and put his people to the sword, you think that'll be justice? You are nothing of a hero. You're a snake with fickle allegiances."
  8. Vorgraven

    End of the Hartcold-Enthelor treaty

    "Get off your high horse, you might see yourselves as the heroes, but to those on the opposing side who have done no wrong, you will always be the villain of this story." He'd comment toward this William Jameson. "Your morals are so out of tune, so my family have to suffer simply because I ended on the wrong side?"
  9. Vorgraven

    End of the Hartcold-Enthelor treaty

    “When one with honeyed words but evil mind persuades the mob, great woes befall the state.” The Bailiff of Blackden would simply comment toward the traitors. "You are weak for listening to his words."
  10. Vorgraven

    The Declaration of The Kadarsi Caliphate

    “In every age it has been the tyrant, the oppressor and the exploiter who has wrapped himself in the cloak of patriotism, or religion, or both to deceive and overawe the People. You have become the tyrants that you so dreaded." A former Ghanyan would say.
  11. Vorgraven


    ((Damn, beat me to it.))
  12. "I never said I'd stand with him. I'd place my family's safety over his duchy. That is where my loyalty will always be, first and foremost. I do not care for these allegations, his have only come to light under this intense scrutiny. I am sure if we dug so fiercely into any man's background, I am sure you would find some things that he would not wish to be known. You think simply because I serve him, that I condone all his actions? You're merely a lesser of two evils in this matter."
  13. "That may very well be all true, he may have broken oaths toward these factions. Regardless, as a newcomer to this region I can only say Thomas de Hartcold has acted the way any man would to maintain the integrity of his state, no matter how poorly others might view it. I know where my loyalties lie, and an oath is not lightly broken. Should the day come where I had to choose I know where I'll stand." He'd nod, acknowledging the man.
  14. Vorgraven

    [✓]Skirmish of Rivia

  15. Vorgraven

    [✓]Skirmish of Rivia

    Then the least this 'Elven' can do is announce she will not have peace personally, instead of using you as a medium. How are we to know if all we have is your word in OOC that she wants this war, with no proof of her character saying so to you in RP?