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  1. Erec smiles upon hearing the news of his relative ascending to knighthood. “May you serve honourably, Nicholas. Ave Renatum.” The old man would nod once as he savours a glass of whiskey in their manor in Helena.
  2. Erec Keint of Blackden simply sighs as he reads the will of Ecbert, shaking his head before ripping the will in two. ”You have brought this upon yourselves, it grieves me that you hold such venomous hatred toward us. Wilhelm must frown upon you in the Seven Skies.” He’d sign The Cross in respect to his former liegelord, and throws the paper away.
  3. The aging Lord Keint of Blackden smiles, despite his injuries in the battle. “AVE RENATUS! AVE COURLAND! AVE GODFREY!”
  4.  Get ready Marna


  6. Good job Renatians! AVE!

  7. Ah, no point in fighting Mojang over it then, guess we’ll just have to get used to it. Yikes.
  8. Why change the chat settings when they have functioned fine? Hashtags will not contribute to anything other than appeal to young people. Using slash has worked perfectly for as long as I can remember, and I don’t see anyone complaining about the current chat. And the fact you think it’s alright to shove something unwanted down on us when it’s clear some do not want it.
  9. “House Keint is more than just a house of traitors as you so claim. Alfred has betrayed the legacy of Wilhelm, which is a greater offence than the House of Keint could ever aspire to. You’d condemn my branch without the proper investigation into this matter of this so called ‘treason’. If you had followed up on your vassals history you’d know two branches of the House exist.” The Lord of Blackden Keints would weigh in, shaking his head in disbelief as he goes to pack his few belongings for a hasty leave from Curon.
  10. “House Keint is well respected within Curon, and have served them faithfully for over fifty years. Everything I have earned by my own will to rise above our treacherous past as its Lord of the Blackden Keints, and I trust that these Keints will do the same. It does not matter what people think of our House, it speaks more of their character.” He’d nod toward his distant relative. “Well spoken Nicholas.” The old Keint would smile briefly.
  11. “If you cannot back up your heritage with the strength of arms, you have as little claim as these Mali‘thill. If you’re not strong enough to hold your own land, others will.” A dark elf of no importance would comment.
  12. “Ave Curonia!” The aging lord Keint would chant. “Long live the King.”
  13. "You'd be surprised I don't suck on the cock of Renatus or Norland, I applaud you both for trying."
  14. “Clearly smarter than your idiotic self who belittle others because they make logical sense. Pathetic to call someone you do not know retarded. My physical and mental state of mind is perfectly well. And when have the ***** nation of Norland ever been succesful? You’re warmongering ***** with no brains and all muscles. Shut the hell up.”
  15. Iothr does not care for what this man thinks defines a Norlander, certainly not where you live.
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