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  1. Workers Guild

    ((IGN: Herufain)) Name: Ryther Dawnfield Age: 26 Race: Human Hometown: Outside of Atlas, don't remember where. Jobs that mainly interest you and fit to your current skills: Farming, Breeding animals and taking care of them, Hunting. ((Discord: Dight#6041))
  2. Sleep My Love

    Ryther wakes up, cold in sweat and huffing. Noticing the ash on his hands, he sat up hitting his head on a tree branch. "Ouch! Ugh... I knew I shouldn't have slept in a tree..." He said as he walked down to the lake nearby and washed the ashes off. He remembered only a bit. But that alone was enough to awake questions, fears and speculations. Ryther walked back to his equipment he had layed under a tree. He unseathed his longsword and looked at it. "I may need you this time... Off I shall walk. I shall seek answers."
  3. Royal Army of Hanseti-Ruska

  4. Herufain

    In a land, far away from Atlas... In the Lands of Springdale, on a farm far away from the main city, a child was born. The child was a human male, named after his grandfather. His name was Ryther... Ryther was a simple farmer's boy growing up. Ryther was the dreamer kind, the coward. Yet he dreams of becoming a Knight. Just the thought of being able to ride on a horse with shiny armor and wield an epic swords gave him the zeal. He had never wanted to become a farmer, or a blacksmith, or a merchant. Ryther never had such intentions with his life. He wanted nothing more than to be a knight and serve the kingdom and all of the benefits coming from it. At times he would even play out in the field, prentending to be a knight on a mighty steed and having a poorly crafted wooden sword. Even with his slight bit of cowardice, he's yet so curious about the world around him and he rarely turns down an offer for adventure. He also has a great interest for music, as he plays on the mini-harp sometimes when alone. He also have an slightly above average singing voice. However, he rarely uses it. He tends to be a bit clumsy at times aswell. He helped his parents harvest and plant the vegetables and wheat, take care of the animals, and even help his father take the vegetables to the main city to sell them. At the age of 11, he got to learn about how to use the basic farming tools (such as the kama, sickle, scythe, flail...). Even though he wasn't interested in the life of a farmer. At the age of 14, he got to ride a horse for the first time. Even though he wasn't great at it, he still loved it. He also got to try swinging his granfather's old sword, which was a bit too heavy for Ryther at that time. But just the fact that he did gave him more hope of becoming a knight. But it was at the age of 16 when it all happened... Ryther was helping his dad packing all of the hay into bales, when all of the sudden a knock was heard on the door. His father insisted to open it. To his suprise, it was a group of low-tier Mages, all from a group of bandits. However, this was unknown to them at the time. His father asked them what they wanted. The mages looked at them and asked numerous, strange questions. Ryther couldn't hear it all, but it seemed like they from a divison of the millitary. His father asked what divison they were from. Then, suddenly, one of the mages did some sort of a wind spell, knocking his father back. They quickly siezed the familly and brought them to their camp, including their wares. In the camp, the mages and bandits interogated Ryther's father. Ryther's father used to be a guard before getting married, so he would know most of the blind spots on the city. They wanted to infiltrate it and steal even more wares and items. His father refuced to tell them. One of the mages turned to Ryther and murmured a spell of some sort. The spell was a zapping bolt of lightning. The mage would use it at minimal power to torture Ryther. He screamed in pain as he was witnessing magic. In only those moments, Ryther had already developed a fear for magic. A fear so great that the mere sight of it gave him shivers. His father could do nothing, and he wouldn't tell them about the blind spots. He yelled to them that he didn't know anything about it. Disbeliving, the mage kept torturing Ryther. By this rate, the spells became more and more effective on him. But after a while the mages had to stop, as their mana was drained. So, his father finally told them four of the blind spots, in exchange of the freedom of his wife and his son, Ryther. The bandits agreed to it, but they would only let Ryther go, with one casualty. He was knocked out by a bandit's club and he remembered not much more than that. Ryther woke up at an Inn somewhere. A man was sitting on a chair besides him, waiting. Ryther remembered who he was and a slight bit of what happened with his familly. They were unable to remove all of his memories. It turns out that the man had found him in the forest, badly hurt and knocked out. The man had taken him to the Inn to take care of him. With great graditude, he was willing to pay the man, but the man declined it. Such nobillity, such a good-hearted and kind man Ryther had met. It sparked something in his heart. Now he wanted to be just as great and good-hearted like this man... The man, who turned out to be a ranger, gave him some money to help him get the food he needed, some better clothing and a dagger to defend himself. Now Ryther was set to adventure out again. As he left the Inn, he thanked the Ranger once again, saying that he will remember him all of his life. After a few days of wandering, he finally camed to the capital, Springdale. There, he got a job as a delivery boy, built a small shack for him to live in in the outer wall. He had also found out about that their parents were in the dungeons, due to treason. Years went by, and he was now 25 years old and he had saved up for a few necessary gears. He had recently aquired knowledge about a new continent. He wanted to go there and have a new life. So he bought some armor, made out of padded cloth and leather, a lomgsword with a Bronze Guard, and some food, including enough for a trip there. Now he was leaving to what is known as Atlas. With memories, fears and dreams lingering in his head. His fear of wizards and their powers was greater than ever. His dreams stronger than ever and his vauge memories of his parents and the bandits still haunts him to this day... (He arrived at Atlas at the age of 26)