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  1. Alright. I think my comment’s gonna be drowning in this sea of comments, but I still want to share my opinion on this matter. I don’t think there’s a specific theme of Lord of the Craft. It’s a surprisingly diverse server RP wise and houses RP of many kinds, from nobility to warrior, to cleric RP. So, in turn firearms would be a natural step in technology after a few years, yeah? Well, maybe or maybe not. But that shouldn’t matter as we have magic and races beyond the human race. Would a firearm really feel out of place? Depends on who you ask really. But I think what really would be a
  2. Are wildlings a thing anymore? If so, are you able to play one?

    1. Evonpire


      @Beordan would be able to answer that.

    2. Visage


      @Indoren Thanks!

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  3. Finally a magic that isn’t focused on combat and feels more wholesome. +1
  4. Grace us with your wondrous RP again!
  5. What the heck happened to the map? Why is it a map of Atlas and not Arcas?

    1. KeatonUnbeaten


      simulation is breaking

  6. A Fate Unfit for a Coward His eyes opened, finding himself at a dark place and facing a colossal gate. The ‘ker, named Dalyor, stared at the great gate, oblivious of his surroundings. However, it did not take long for the dark elf to realise what had happened. ”No.” He uttered. ”Why? Why now?” The ‘ker muttered to himself as he began to slowly walk to the gate. Memories flashed by him as he walked closer to it. So many times had he avoided death, due to his own doing or by others saving him at his hour of need. He let out a long sigh. ”So much I wanted to do. Yet, it had to end lik
  7. Visage

    Alchemist's Guild

    MC Name: Tylmora Discord: Dight#6041 Character Name: Thain Lynnwie Age: 29 Race: Adunian Reason for Joining: Wishing to learn of the world around me and become educated in the craft. Affiliation: Currently unaffiliated.
  8. I mostly wonder now what to play as when it comes to races. Are Adunians still a race that can be played?

    1. argonian
    2. Visage


      thank you




      there’s a decent & reasonably well off Adunian/Harrenite minority in Helena

  9. Good luck m’dude! Don’t die and stay safe.
  10. I’ve always wondered how the orcs work. So I stepped into the savanahs

    I learnt quite a bit about them after that...

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      What exactly did u learn

    2. Man of Respect
    3. Visage



      That apparently I’m bad at making jokes, since you didn’t get my joke ;(

  11. It’s not always you get to see submissions for small creatures like the famed Gnome. Great job! I’d love to see it added!
  12. Oh yeah. I mostly just sent it in Lore Submissions for others to a have a look at it and give me some critizism so that I can modify it so that most might find it atleast decent. But I’ll get on it soon anyways. Thanks for sending me the format. Though, is it for playable races?
  13. nobody:
    some random dude in lotc: IM LEAVING

    the same dude: actually nevermind

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    1. Unwillingly


      Happens all the time m'dude

    2. kill_MAPS
  14. I think it’s finaly time for me to answer to something. (I’m only interested in the first two parts) First: I can see where you’re coming from. It’s pretty hard to change a core mechanic, y’know? Besides, most of this is just ideas for smaller races. When I said core mechanic, I meant something that had been established in other mediums (these kind of kobolds come from DnD, a personal fav). I tried to remake them into something less like goblins and something more interesting. Second: To be fair, I didn’t pay much attention to society and religion since those th
  15. THE KOBOLDS Introduction Kobolds are a race of small, lizard-like folk. Stronger and tougher than halflings, these are a people of cunning traps and servitude to their draconic masters. They live in caves which they have dug out themselves, with traps, dead-ends and secured halways where their warriors are stationed. Their diets different than others’, consisting of mostly meat, but sometimes vegetables if they’re desperate. In nature, these small creatures are selfish, but are loyal to their masters and peers, making them into perfect minions or servants. However, thei
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