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  2. Is the ET planning something huge?


    I haven’t seen many events by the time of Arcas. Only one. It’d be fun to see a more wide-spread issue, rather than just politics and diplomacy between the nations.

    1. VonSchlichten


      many? Have you been graced with one? ;-;

    2. Visage


      only one sadly, yeah. But it could be just that I am at the wrong place.

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    3. Dardonas


      the ST just started people literally just got pex and some are still waiting on them relax yo, ET is just as antsy as you are to get some events going

  3. Why did the Baron’s boy jump over the hutches?

    Because he wanted to be a master at fencing!

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  4. Why didn’t Mojang add berry bushes?

    Because they don’t want us to pick on them.

  5. Why was the Headless Horseman so insane?

    Because he’s lost it

    1. LeoRabbit99


      Ger not even Halloween ger

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  6. I have been thinking about trying out a new character idea of mine. So I had to ask wether half-elves were alowed (aside from Adunians) and what restrictions there are when it comes to; aging, appearance, physical traits etc.

    I was thinking about combining Highlander (Human) – Mali’ame (Wood Elf)

    1. nepir


      So far I know yes, the mix comes from the parents and it seems completely reasonable to have such a mix. if you had a halfling olog I start getting worried

    2. Visage


      Thanks for the feedback on my idea!
      Any good ideas on what name I should have for a hald-elf?

      and halfling-olog... sounds like something you would find in Sutica.

  7. Don’t trust atoms!

    They make up everything.

  8. LEVEL UP!


    Now LVL 1

  9. Visage


    In a house somewhere in a town in Axios, there was a child born, named Goureth... Growing up, Goureth was the child who abided by the rules. His father, Armin Oplainer, was a merchant and a blacksmith who made beautiful necklaces, rings and all of the sorts for a living. His mother like many women, stayed at home to take care of Goureth. Goureth had an uncle named Hermander. Being one of his favorite relatives, Goureth was always happy to see Hermander after his fishing trips and other work. Goureth himself did not know what to do with life, so was mostly outside and played games with the other kids. However, there were always a group of kids that bullied Goureth. Going from just teasing him, to 'accidently' start fights with Goureth. This stopped him from having friends, since noone wanted to be the friend of the bullies target. Goureth is the kind of guy who learns quickly. He is the honest, the honorable child of the town, never breaking his promises and tells the truth if they want to hear it. Goureth always tried to do the right thing, aslongest it was by the rules, he never wanted to get in trouble. He has a hate for the outlaws and outcasts and criminality. One thing he loved doing, was to listen and to feel. He would walk out in the forests and just listen. He listens to the birds, he steps he took, and his own breath. Doing this for so long gave him the abillity to quickly analyze sounds quickly and understand what they are. Of course he would hear better or anything. At the age of 11, he took minor lessons of medical arts. He learned how to use bandages and the best way to stop bleeding etc. He also learned about certain herbs and their use in treating injuries. But when Goureth became 14, that was when it happened... Goureth was outside playing with the other kids, when the bullies came to them. The bullies taunted Goureth about him playing games with the kids, as he was 14. Goureth didn't stand up for himself, and eventually they got into a fight. They fought with their fists untill Goureth fell and the bullies laughed at him. But his uncle saw it, and ran over there. In fear the bullies ran away to their parents and Goureth's uncle took him into his house since none of his parents where home. Goureth looks at his uncle, with a black eye on his right eye. But Hermander looked at Goureth with a serious look. His eyebrows where low and his mouth was neutral. "Goureth." His uncle said, "You need to learn how to protect yourself. You need to start training your muscles up!" Goureth looked at his uncle. "But..." Goureth started, "I don't want to fight, uncle Hermander. Fighting is wrong, it's against the rules!" Hermander looked at Goureth, a little bit more serious. "It is allowed to stand up for yourself. Wether to fight is really up to you, but I urge you to atleast train your muscles up. You cannot let them harass you like this!" Goureth looked up at Hermander. Thoughts ran through his mind, and then he agreed with his Uncle. Goureth decided from that day foward, he would train up his strength. And so he did. Everyday for a few hours, he would be out in the forest running and doing pushups and other means to make hims a little bit stronger everyday. He started helping lifting the heavier load his dad made. Eventually, he was slightly above avarage in strength. The same with stamina and constitution. At the age of 15, he finally confronted the bullies. And so they were amused into thinking that he could beat the main bully, the leader of them. The bully was enangered due to Goureth taunting him, and began with hitting Goureth in the face, but he stood there. And so, the bully looked at him and chuckled. He 'complimented' on his constitution. As the bully was about to punch Goureth again, however, Goureth went in to punch him straight up the gut. But something happened. As he did so, the bully was... paralyzed? How?; Goureth thought. And so he noticed that he wasn't his fist correctly, but this sparked something in him. As the bully shook out of it, he looked at Goureth. The other bullies did aswell in awe. Then the leader tried to punch him again and in the moments before, Goureth had thought of a tactic of his own. As the bully lunged his fist at Goureth, he dodged it and tripped the bully down to the ground with one swipe of his foot. So the bully fell onto the ground and yelped. Goureth looked down and saw how the bully tried to crawl away, but Goureth stopped him with his right foot and pressed him down. "You shall never attack, bully, or harass anyone in this village ever again, or else I will fight you." Goureth said in a fearsome tone, and the bully agreed to that and stood up as Goureth let go of him. The bullies ran away... That punch, that one punch that stunned the bully. It sparked something in his mind. Maybe he could develope his own fighting style. But it was not going to use weapons, for weapons are not legal for civillians like him. And so, he began developing his own fighting style, called for the Armanase. The name itself had no meaning whatsoever because he just made it up. The fighting styles purpose was to be able to do unsuspected attacks at times while performing powerfull strikes and kicks at the opponent. He did so in the forest, where he further learned more about his fighting style. Years passed and Goureth was now 29, and he had developed something in his head. A philosophy, rules and ideal acts of life. "Follow by the laws of your kingdom and other kingdoms to pass. Never use armor, it is not usefull for a Brawler like me. Never use Millitary weapons, for it is not legal. Civillian tools (Flail, kama, dagger, quarterstaff etc..) are allowed. Never fight with the chaotic and outlaws, for they are the enemy. Always help the weak and defend them." This is one of the examples he has. And he has even more philosophys to use in scenarios. When he was finally 33 years old, he bought a dark robe and a bit of food with the remaining money he had left and set sail to the new found lands, Atlas. Now he was ready to further develop his newly born fighting style and learn more about life. With only one ambition... to do good by the law, and to help destroy whatever rebellion is against the kingdoms. Goureth strapped a small darkblue rope around his waist to maintain the robes from swaying too much. He looked back at the lands before stepping onto the boat and paid the sailor. Once more Goureth looked back and said... "I will miss you, Axios..."
  10. Visage

    Workers Guild

    ((IGN: Herufain)) Name: Ryther Dawnfield Age: 26 Race: Human Hometown: Outside of Atlas, don't remember where. Jobs that mainly interest you and fit to your current skills: Farming, Breeding animals and taking care of them, Hunting. ((Discord: Dight#6041))
  11. Visage

    Sleep My Love

    Ryther wakes up, cold in sweat and huffing. Noticing the ash on his hands, he sat up hitting his head on a tree branch. "Ouch! Ugh... I knew I shouldn't have slept in a tree..." He said as he walked down to the lake nearby and washed the ashes off. He remembered only a bit. But that alone was enough to awake questions, fears and speculations. Ryther walked back to his equipment he had layed under a tree. He unseathed his longsword and looked at it. "I may need you this time... Off I shall walk. I shall seek answers."
  12. Visage


    In a land, far away from Atlas... In the Lands of Springdale, on a farm far away from the main city, a child was born. The child was a human male, named after his grandfather. His name was Ryther... Ryther was a simple farmer's boy growing up. Ryther was the dreamer kind, the coward. Yet he dreams of becoming a Knight. Just the thought of being able to ride on a horse with shiny armor and wield an epic swords gave him the zeal. He had never wanted to become a farmer, or a blacksmith, or a merchant. Ryther never had such intentions with his life. He wanted nothing more than to be a knight and serve the kingdom and all of the benefits coming from it. At times he would even play out in the field, prentending to be a knight on a mighty steed and having a poorly crafted wooden sword. Even with his slight bit of cowardice, he's yet so curious about the world around him and he rarely turns down an offer for adventure. He also has a great interest for music, as he plays on the mini-harp sometimes when alone. He also have an slightly above average singing voice. However, he rarely uses it. He tends to be a bit clumsy at times aswell. He helped his parents harvest and plant the vegetables and wheat, take care of the animals, and even help his father take the vegetables to the main city to sell them. At the age of 11, he got to learn about how to use the basic farming tools (such as the kama, sickle, scythe, flail...). Even though he wasn't interested in the life of a farmer. At the age of 14, he got to ride a horse for the first time. Even though he wasn't great at it, he still loved it. He also got to try swinging his granfather's old sword, which was a bit too heavy for Ryther at that time. But just the fact that he did gave him more hope of becoming a knight. But it was at the age of 16 when it all happened... Ryther was helping his dad packing all of the hay into bales, when all of the sudden a knock was heard on the door. His father insisted to open it. To his suprise, it was a group of low-tier Mages, all from a group of bandits. However, this was unknown to them at the time. His father asked them what they wanted. The mages looked at them and asked numerous, strange questions. Ryther couldn't hear it all, but it seemed like they from a divison of the millitary. His father asked what divison they were from. Then, suddenly, one of the mages did some sort of a wind spell, knocking his father back. They quickly siezed the familly and brought them to their camp, including their wares. In the camp, the mages and bandits interogated Ryther's father. Ryther's father used to be a guard before getting married, so he would know most of the blind spots on the city. They wanted to infiltrate it and steal even more wares and items. His father refuced to tell them. One of the mages turned to Ryther and murmured a spell of some sort. The spell was a zapping bolt of lightning. The mage would use it at minimal power to torture Ryther. He screamed in pain as he was witnessing magic. In only those moments, Ryther had already developed a fear for magic. A fear so great that the mere sight of it gave him shivers. His father could do nothing, and he wouldn't tell them about the blind spots. He yelled to them that he didn't know anything about it. Disbeliving, the mage kept torturing Ryther. By this rate, the spells became more and more effective on him. But after a while the mages had to stop, as their mana was drained. So, his father finally told them four of the blind spots, in exchange of the freedom of his wife and his son, Ryther. The bandits agreed to it, but they would only let Ryther go, with one casualty. He was knocked out by a bandit's club and he remembered not much more than that. Ryther woke up at an Inn somewhere. A man was sitting on a chair besides him, waiting. Ryther remembered who he was and a slight bit of what happened with his familly. They were unable to remove all of his memories. It turns out that the man had found him in the forest, badly hurt and knocked out. The man had taken him to the Inn to take care of him. With great graditude, he was willing to pay the man, but the man declined it. Such nobillity, such a good-hearted and kind man Ryther had met. It sparked something in his heart. Now he wanted to be just as great and good-hearted like this man... The man, who turned out to be a ranger, gave him some money to help him get the food he needed, some better clothing and a dagger to defend himself. Now Ryther was set to adventure out again. As he left the Inn, he thanked the Ranger once again, saying that he will remember him all of his life. After a few days of wandering, he finally camed to the capital, Springdale. There, he got a job as a delivery boy, built a small shack for him to live in in the outer wall. He had also found out about that their parents were in the dungeons, due to treason. Years went by, and he was now 25 years old and he had saved up for a few necessary gears. He had recently aquired knowledge about a new continent. He wanted to go there and have a new life. So he bought some armor, made out of padded cloth and leather, a lomgsword with a Bronze Guard, and some food, including enough for a trip there. Now he was leaving to what is known as Atlas. With memories, fears and dreams lingering in his head. His fear of wizards and their powers was greater than ever. His dreams stronger than ever and his vauge memories of his parents and the bandits still haunts him to this day... (He arrived at Atlas at the age of 26)