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  1. The man, looking at the missive and symbol carves it upon the wall of his home before covering it in the fresh crimson red blood of a human he had only killed a few hours prior. He would look upon his work and smile, satisfied with the result before going to sit in his favourite chair and waits for the widow to appear
  2. Discord: Hyperion#4451 Skins / Bid: Cainhurst garb-6.5k
  3. Discord: Hyperion#4451 Skins / Bid: Cainhurst garb-5.5k
  4. Discord: Hyperion#4451 Skins / Bid: Cainhurst garb- 4.5k
  5. Discord: Hyperion#4451 Skins / Bid: Armoured Garb- 6.5k
  6. Discord: Hyperion#4451 Skins / Bid: Armoured Garb- 5.5k
  7. Discord: Hyperion#4451 Skins / Bid: Armoured Garb- 4.5k
  8. The Establishment of a Secular State in Courland By the Order of Joseph II Staunton the wedding and coronation shall still happen. We shall not be Endorsed or Supported by Any Faiths. As the Rightful Heir Apparent to the Kingdom of Courland I hereby declare myself as God’s chosen ruler for the kingdom of courland. God save the king, God save Courland. Henceforth the King of Courland shall act as God’s Chosen in Courland and don’t need an orenian puppet of a pontiff with a giant hat to boss me around.
  9. Writ of Deposing To the people of Courland It has come to my attention that my uncle Rickard I of house Staunton has been reported missing for quite some time and has failed in carrying out his duty as ruler of these lands. And after much thought with his fellow advisors and family members, the house of Staunton and Kingdom of Courland has chosen Joseph II as the rightful claimant to the Courlandic throne. Henceforth the power of the crown and throne of courland shall be passed from Rickard I Staunton to myself, Joseph II Staunton May the people of Courland g
  10. RP Name:: Githaic Goldhand MC Username: _x_Hyperion_x_ Discord: big daddy#9946 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: urguan Why Do You Wish To Come?: to adventure in the lands known as athera What Skills Can You Bring?: extensive fighting skills
  11. [!] Leaflets would be sent out all over Arcas bearing the following message: Fellow people of Arcas, a grave and urgent crisis has presented itself before in the shape of a certain madman with the name of Maurelius, who has recently called himself a Staunton and escaped from a mental hospital in Arcas. Due to his destructive and murderous tendencies from previous traumatic experiences, Maurelius suffers from a mental illness that forces him to hate the House of Staunton and gives him an uncontrollable desire to harm, and sometimes even kill, all the people that he sees
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