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  1. _x_Hyperion_x_

    Fiesta de Fantasma: The Undead Tournament

    ign: _x_Hyperion_x_ rp name: Amphion Enthelor rp age: 20
  2. _x_Hyperion_x_

    [Prisoner Auction] Rose The Heartlander

  3. Name: Randyll Tarly Age:25 Race:Human Place of residence:N/A Occupation: N/A Oath of Allegiance:yes ooc Mc name:_x_Hyperion_x_ Discord name: big daddy#9946 Do you accept the PK clause:yes
  4. _x_Hyperion_x_


    a warlike warrior born and living in marna the third son of noble and left with nothing at his youth he sought out adventure, his appearance with shoulder length golden hair and standing at seven feet tall preferring to use a sword and always clad in iron Armour. a veteran of a many wars and like nothing better other than to kill and destroy his enemies he serves his people dutifully and to him honor and family is the most important thing to him. And everything he does for glory and the True Faith.