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  1. From the Seven Skies, Menev smiles. “Keep it up, elkorin! You make me proud!” He would shout before sitting down with his Farfolk friends and smoking some cactus green.
  2. gotta love those lotc world wars

    1. gone_to_the_store


      they make me fall asleep 

  3. Menev would celebrate with the rest of his Kadarsi brothers and sisters. “With all of the imperial drama going around, it is always good to see something like this. Long live Khalestine!”
  4. “Though I only met him a few times, I could tell he was a good, honorable man,” Menev would say after hearing of Bjolfr’s passing. “May he rest in the Seven Skies.”
  5. We should go back to previous maps and be able to explore (and maybe rebuild) the dilapidated ruins of old cities while also being able to build new ones. Not only would that make for some quality rp, but it would give something for players to do in their free time and it might even bring back some old players, if only for a bit.
  6. reminder that lotc is a mineman roleplaying server and you can quit at any time. no need to get angry over people who you will never meet in person.

  7. My mistake! Ended up just making it into a youtube video
  8. Mcname: DiamondHead_10 Category: Music Attach Content: A simple day on the beach turns into a full-blown adventure when a mysterious beach cave is discovered…
  9. “Ah, ****,” says Menev Eredil, an Adunian.
  10. “I must say, despite this being written by a damned Orenian, the amount of passion behind this missive deserves some quantity of respect. It certainly got mine,” Menev would say after reading the notice.
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