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  1. Upon hearing news of the tragedy that was the death of his Margrave, Zvonomir the humble strelt would allow a tear to descend his cheek. “Ivan, make read of this.” He ushered to his brother. “Godan bless the Boyar’s soul.” @Britannica
  2. Zvonomir took a hefty mace from the hands of his liege, Ser Bogdan, ushering these words in his botch tongue, “Godan is Raev and, he will be making protect of us!”
  3. Zvonomir raised his grubby strelt hands in the air in celebration. “URA!” He’d scream with Raevir passion as he heard of the movements of his Lord.
  4. Zvonomir sat smoking a pipe in his yurt upon hearing the news, he'd muster "Godan bless Styria!"
  5. Aelfread


    Born of a line of smallfolk who trace their blood to Kralta through oral tradition, Slobodan was brought up in what can be considered an atypical Raevir childhood. The young Highlander was born 1661, out in the woods, far from his peoples within the confines of a cabin amid the woodlands of Haens, to his mother Agafa and father Anatoly. Slobodan remained an only child throughout his harsh upbringing, having no company bar his parents, a solemn experience for one so young. He and his family remained relatively isolated for a large portion of his first decade of existence, his parents being fanatics of the old Raevir ways of practicing Cannonism, and seeking utter isolation to do just that. While his father brought meat to the table through nefarious means, they often went hungry and lived bleakly. Slobodan was tasked with chopping wood and snarring rabbits in the evenings, creating quite the poacher of the boy. As he grew up he would become just that, prowling the woodlands at risk of hanging to catch deer, rabbits, and any other game that might feed his kin and himself. In the current year, Slobodan's family died a long and drawn out death of the pox and the man took to the road to travel. His knowledge of the world is limited at best, and a lifetime of isolation from its many wonders leaves him baffled at things beyond his woodland home.
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