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  1. I see you.

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  2. i still recall in clarity when we danced gayly on the frozen fields set before House Thyone, and then forged a brotherhood within and beyond the virtual world that lasts even now i will be the first to coin your work Zarsian, but for now welcome to the other side
  3. wrote it the way it was for a reason, leave that **** be, isnt even a traditional aengudaemon
  4. i have not been compensated for my ascended-bias usurpation. i will not forget, and i will not forgive, until the lord of the craft is a pile of burning rubble.
  5. all of these staff trogs beefing on my minecraft legacy like i dont notice and **** go ahead and seduce some synco on the lore team to edit in a PK system when this goes through so they have to suffer another 5 months of rewrites and delayed communication -big c
  6. :OOC: MC Name: onewhowalks MC name of those living with you: N/A :RP: Head of household: Anvaril Family/individuals staying: N/A Number of Children: 0
  7. why did you make this? knowing you have already experienced the whole striga extravaganza, and that you are well aware of the good roleplay put into eliminating all strigae characters (including your own), why would you allow this concept to continue where it would be better fitting as something that has passed on? and on top of that – why did you choose to mix blood magic, striga history (both of which are completely unrelated) and a completely incorrect history to justify this? let us take a look at a few things: none of this actually occurred, because I was the one responsible for Malghourn’s general narrative and direction, and had worked with raptor14 to incorporate him into blood magic’s revision. the fact of the matter is that he would not have rounded up these randoms to “experiment” on them to produce any result along the lines of archons or these new striga, because thats not apart of his narrative and general character design. in fact, all he did regarding blood magic, following Setherien’s defeat, is call upon the characters that were chosen to be the first blood mages after the Shadow Druid (my character) had communed with him in order to justify finding and kickstarting the magic with that event the blood crystal was originally used to impart blood magic onto the first blood mages, and it was created by Malghourn no bohra existed in the land that Malghourn reintroduced blood magic in (4.0). this is entirely fabricated and literally clashes with what actually occurred within that timeframe, let alone how severely it cuts into Malghourn’s actual character design i can go on with this, but can you see what i’m getting at here? i understand what you’re trying to do because the striga was a cool concept, but if you wanted to do that you need to steer super clear away from all of this because you’re just going to stomp the **** out of what has actually occurred in roleplay, replacing actual history and narrative with something you wrote in a few days
  8. stop this rewrite space race shite, leave it to geoboy
  9. you actually make a valid point here – you’re right, most if not all of these things should cease to exist, for reasons other than whether or not they’ve retained their original “purpose”. here is a comprehensive list of their purposes though: the paladins exist for no reason because they were spawn as a holy magic copy-cat event copout, the druids exist because they at least proliferate their numbers and uphold some kind of druid-like cause that tells some kind of story, the shades exist to fulfill an edgy mental illness niche that has been way overblown with the recent work that was done on it, and the frost witches exist purely for antagonistic purposes. the ascended existed to fight iblees when iblees attacked aegis, they fulfilled their only proper purpose (kind of, they ended up failing), and now they’re literally hanging by a thread because you guys need to make up new reasons as to why your magic should stick around like for real? this is the best reason to keep this magic alive, even when the magic isnt remotely like what it was beforehand? its like you wrote something completely new and slapped the name on it to preserve what justified keeping your group unified. why does a magic need to be given plastic surgery and then kept on life support in order to fulfill these extremely mundane things that normal people without magic can do themselves? not everything needs to be streamlined by magic, and this is among the most prime examples of it – if the entire idea is based on “helping people along” and “assist in event lines”, do you really need magic for it? imagine the genuine experiences you could inspire if you guys just put up the coat, accepted this effort as a dead weight, but remained unified as a group with the same goals you just listed here because you believed you could help people without the crutch of a magic? the ascended being deprived of their heavenly graces and being reduced back to normies, and then deciding to roam around as a band of grizzled guardians driven by salvaged good will is ten times more appealing to me than just another iteration of the same group with the same name and different sparkles to justify the same rp. if the magic is the only thing that keeps your group together, is it really worth it?
  10. my bad that’s another problem, maybe not just with the druids but with everyone who writes lore for this place, you keep blowing up abrasive feedback as though you’re being yelled at or severely reprimanded, and then you come off as offended. if you want “productive feedback”, read what’s been said and don’t blow someone’s opinion off because they’re a “””jaded vet member”””” who “cant keep up with the times” in a roleplay video game the point that was put across is that there’s too much supplemental lore going on and that whats already established and open for use is getting bulldozed by these rewrites and excessive focus for useless things. what this lore is, is useless, in a sense that it has no real application for providing cool magic roleplay like all of your other stuff and only exists as a benefit for one person. another thing is that i feel like it really ingrains an anti-PK idea in the group and makes people want to work toward justifying keeping their character away from the threat of permanent death as much as they can since you can only use monks for so long until you start to seem like a scumbag im sure you have time to debate these points as well if you want to waste your time rewriting a rewrite for something that was rewritten and originally written several years ago
  11. both this and tahariae’s murder/banishment of the chaos god are lazy efforts to give weight to deities without an actual impact being made in roleplay. like what even is the purpose of this explanation here? just saying “because of x and y the flame of the soul god faded” wasn’t good enough, so much so that the only satisfying option was to write something that never happened? what does that provide for anyone? maybe that’s one of the reasons you guys need to put up the coat, because there’s still this gross protagonist mindset. your soul god is not the savior of the planet and the paladins weren’t even supposed to make it beyond being an event entity, but somebody drummed up the not so great idea of extending them beyond their original purpose, so they stayed around and their event-based history afforded them more than what a player magic originally should have. does this sound familiar?
  12. i cant believe i was so STUPID, i forgot to reply to this and thought the only response was to sky’s israel national anthem you know whats “beyond amusing” is when you have no idea what you rattle off about and you get your sources from your constituents who either #1, also don’t know what they’re talking about and try to get a one-up on me anyway, or #2, take my old efforts to provide some RP to you people and twist it up like it was a stab in your side, as though you’re warranted some kind of terrible offense. thank you for bringing your strange grudges into this unrelated subject though, its good to know i exist rent free inside of your head I’m “complaining” that you guys have gorged yourself on lore additions for years and only within the past two managed to jump-up the druidic lorebase with content you can actually use to tell a story. but that trend is broken because we’re falling back onto writing lore for supplemental purposes and not acting providing big roleplay for other people. you know who “soul tree roleplay” ever provided experiences for? yourselves, and you folk managed to hand that stuff out so uncaringly that the druidic talk of the week what whose soul tree was burnt down by who over whatever feud focus on lore that tries to tell a story. not to place myself on a high pedastle (since you clearly dont either), but when i attempted to provide events and stuff for the druidic and dominion community, i did it knowing everything that had been done was within the power of my character who was a druid for ??? amount of years (a lot more than a lot of people) and a blood mage since 2.0 released to the public. you can twist it any way you want but i intended to use these things solely for the purpose of cultivating a story for people, until it was fucked up and i sperged out like a retard (my bad lol) stop being offended though, no one wants to discuss your lore with you people when you’re so irritable
  13. imagine not being able to properly respond to someone’s input and instead making an off-handed comment almost entirely unrelated to the argument. i did get one reply though, consisting of the theme song to lol funny jewish man tv show, so i guess this is what i can expect out of druids in the current year + 2
  14. put up the coat also reply ford’s post and my post, we need to know why you won’t put up the coat and why you fabricated some kind of bizarre protagonist fluff to justify this rewrite
  15. your tribe has been hopping across 15 different concepts at the same lightspeed as the clerics and necromancers and frankly i think i share the belief with many others that you should call it quits and hang up the coat. the origins of your group was unpleasant and underhanded (only faulted to how young the server was at the time), your playerbase then stagnated after their uses passed (where the ascended should have died off as a concept) and then you dug yourselves back up to fulfill the role two other magics handled, which by themselves were already an excess. then you were hamfisted into things you should have had no deep involvement in (like that embarrassment of an eventline that kalen made sure his personal magic group was the protagonist of [again] before it was wiped out because people werent into that ****). thats not the whole list either, obviously i have some kind of grudge because your smarmy cringelord leadership got me pulled down from the LT because they thought they owned lore they didnt even write for in the first place, but i think its fair to say these statements lack bias – your history’s spent, put up the coat
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