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  1. thats all i need to know to understand your marbles are in a row here, well done
  2. he returns from the brink. have you spoken with zarsies about the outvoker?
  3. i still recall in clarity when we danced gayly on the frozen fields set before House Thyone, and then forged a brotherhood within and beyond the virtual world that lasts even now i will be the first to coin your work Zarsian, but for now welcome to the other side
  4. wrote it the way it was for a reason, leave that **** be, isnt even a traditional aengudaemon
  5. i have not been compensated for my ascended-bias usurpation. i will not forget, and i will not forgive, until the lord of the craft is a pile of burning rubble.
  6. all of these staff trogs beefing on my minecraft legacy like i dont notice and **** go ahead and seduce some synco on the lore team to edit in a PK system when this goes through so they have to suffer another 5 months of rewrites and delayed communication -big c
  7. :OOC: MC Name: onewhowalks MC name of those living with you: N/A :RP: Head of household: Anvaril Family/individuals staying: N/A Number of Children: 0
  8. why did you make this? knowing you have already experienced the whole striga extravaganza, and that you are well aware of the good roleplay put into eliminating all strigae characters (including your own), why would you allow this concept to continue where it would be better fitting as something that has passed on? and on top of that – why did you choose to mix blood magic, striga history (both of which are completely unrelated) and a completely incorrect history to justify this? let us take a look at a few things: none of this actually occurred, because I was the one responsibl
  9. stop this rewrite space race shite, leave it to geoboy
  10. you actually make a valid point here – you’re right, most if not all of these things should cease to exist, for reasons other than whether or not they’ve retained their original “purpose”. here is a comprehensive list of their purposes though: the paladins exist for no reason because they were spawn as a holy magic copy-cat event copout, the druids exist because they at least proliferate their numbers and uphold some kind of druid-like cause that tells some kind of story, the shades exist to fulfill an edgy mental illness niche that has been way overblown with the recent work that was
  11. my bad that’s another problem, maybe not just with the druids but with everyone who writes lore for this place, you keep blowing up abrasive feedback as though you’re being yelled at or severely reprimanded, and then you come off as offended. if you want “productive feedback”, read what’s been said and don’t blow someone’s opinion off because they’re a “””jaded vet member”””” who “cant keep up with the times” in a roleplay video game the point that was put across is that there’s too much supplemental lore going on and that whats already established and open for use is getting
  12. both this and tahariae’s murder/banishment of the chaos god are lazy efforts to give weight to deities without an actual impact being made in roleplay. like what even is the purpose of this explanation here? just saying “because of x and y the flame of the soul god faded” wasn’t good enough, so much so that the only satisfying option was to write something that never happened? what does that provide for anyone? maybe that’s one of the reasons you guys need to put up the coat, because there’s still this gross protagonist mindset. your soul god is not the savior of the planet and the paladins
  13. i cant believe i was so STUPID, i forgot to reply to this and thought the only response was to sky’s israel national anthem you know whats “beyond amusing” is when you have no idea what you rattle off about and you get your sources from your constituents who either #1, also don’t know what they’re talking about and try to get a one-up on me anyway, or #2, take my old efforts to provide some RP to you people and twist it up like it was a stab in your side, as though you’re warranted some kind of terrible offense. thank you for bringing your strange grudges into this unrelated subject though,
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