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  1. Pious in pink – 1000 GopnikHasWares#7166
  2. Pious in pink – 1000 GopnikHasWares#7166
  3. 2-3k Minas – outfit from reference pics
  4. Caesar looked at the poster, tapping the pommel of his blade “Finally, I can prove myself worthy in battle” He smiled, preparing himself for the war
  5. [!] Ismael was in middle of sipping the tea, his eyes rosing up to look at Esmae as she was scanning the invitation, he set down the tea “It would be my pleasure” He smiled, dipping his head
  6. Araene approves of this post
  7. MC Name: GopnikhasWares RP Name: Borge Hofland Market Stand: No Fish Slapper?: No Master of the Catch?: No
  8. My Orc’s kids So, I’m giving out three children slots and one teen slot to people who are interested in playing orc characters, I’m looking only for people who are interested in orcish rp, culture and everything around it. The four slots ( maybe more will come with time ) will be shown under the Application form. I will be providing the people with skins, unless they want to make their own ones. Full-Orc These children are full orc, though their father is ½ gobbo + ½ orc, so they will be a little shorter than average orc ( max. height around 7’1”). Their Father is Clog’Lak (HeyItsGopnik) and their mother being Reza’Lur (Peachcool). 1A – Mazoga’Lak – Open – 12 years old female blue-skin 2A – Kerghuk’Lur – Open – 12 years old male green-skin Half-orc Children from this line are half human and half orcish. Their height is meant to be around max. human height ( 6’4”). Their Father being once more me and their mother ( Sarissaa ). Their mother sadly disappeared and they only have Clog’Lak as their father. 1B – Glazha – Open – 14 years old female beige/blue-skin Adopted This line of children do not have any similarity in height / appearence ( except skin ). Their height can be chosen. Their father is once more me. 1C – Ragazh’lak – Open (played by BadArtifice in past) – 19 years old female blue-skin ( full-orc, height was set around 7’3”) ((OOC)) Application form: OOC name: Discord name: Slot: Past Experiences with Orcish RP:
  9. RP Name:: Kee’Raesh MC Username: SquatGopnik1578 Discord: SquatGopnik1578#7166 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Haelun’or Why Do You Wish To Come?: Want to see the past and see what I didn’t What Skills Can You Bring?: Stealthness, hunting and combat skills
  10. Ign: SquatGopnik1578 Discord User: SquatGopnik1578#7166 Rp Name: Kee’Raesh Rp Age: 67 Subrace: Kha’Pantera Have you completed your faith trials? Not yet Do you swear that should it be required, you will lay down your life in the defense of our people and Muuna Metztli? Yep, I would
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