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  1. Clog’Lak spins with his spear and thanks laklul for giving them strenght “rulg LAKLUL FUR GIVEN UZ POWER FUR DIZ WAAGH!!!”
  2. A Calling for Laklul’s chosen ones ======================================== [!] Out of the corner of your eye, you catch a glance of a flyer pinned to the notice boards [!] The flyer would read: Laklul has spoken that you are the chosen and that you are worthy to praise Laklul! come and spread the words of Laklul! [!] As you look down at the picture, you can see Laklul’s frog staring into your soul, and you could almost imagine it nodding at you in approval
  3. The Rising of Lak clan from depths of Laklul’s swamp =================================================================================================== As Omar Grimmer’Lak and Lubok’Lak left the krugmar, the Lak clan slowly fell into it's deep downgrade, then leadership of Drutram'lak came, which didn’t help Lak clan in any form, the downgrade being worse and worse and more lak numbers were slowly falling down. Then, one new-blood Clog'Lak, son of Omar Grimmer'Lak and Daw'lak, realized in how bad shape the Lak clan is and challenged Swampgoth Drutram'Lak to honor klomp, where they would fight for title of Swampgoth. Drutram’Lak realized that he wasn’t really active towards it’s clan and he gave the title to Clog’Lak without any fight. Clog’Lak hopes he can fix this clan back to it’s best form ==================================================================================================== ((ooc part starts here)) Lak clan praises spirit Laklul, spirit of swamps We mostly do sacrifice runs and clean Laklul’s swamps to make him happy. We do not have slaves and never will have. We expect you to come and join the mighty spirit Laklul in it’s way back to glory! We hope you will join us! May Laklul watch over you!
  4. [!] Clog grabs a spear from his back and yells into air “PRAIZE LAKLUL UR LAT FLAT” He went to practice killing
  5. Omar please no you are a legend to everyone Please don’t PK ;-;
  6. Gamer1578


    *stares at the paper silently*
  7. “Lat waz hozh friend... bub’hozh... Lat Rezt nuw in Luara’z armz” Clog would say towards moon where he thinked znitgit was now
  8. Gamer1578

    A Big Party

    The Party ==================================== [!] Posters are hanged on every wall of urguan and hefrumm Me, Halvar Cottonwood, son of Bjor Cottonwood will soon turn 18 and I want to celebrate it by making a big party in Hefrumm Tavern. The Party will be held on this day, 18th of The Grand Harvest, 1723, by Halvar Cottonwood & Beorn Cottonwood There will be: -Drinking -Food Competitions -Honey Drinking Competitions -Lots of Talking -Sumo Fighting - Maybe some Drugs For every competition, winner can choose from these rewards: Free Art from Beorn Cottonwood 6 Honey Pots full of honey -Made by Halvar Cottonwood 50 minas I, Halvar Cottonwood hope there will be many dwarves that will attend this party -Signed by Halvar Cottonwood, Son of Bjor Cottonwood (( ooc date: 7.7.2019 12pm EST ))
  9. gotcha -°-°-°-°-°-°-°-°-°-°-°-°-°-°- Golden Gopnik was here -°-°-°-°-°-°-°-°-°-°-°-°-°-°-
  10. APPLICATION MC Name: SquatGopnik1578 Persona Name: Clog Persona Age: 5 Slot #: 6A Discord: SquatGopnik1578#7166 -°-°-°-°-°-°-°-°-°-°-°-°-°-°- Golden Gopnik was here -°-°-°-°-°-°-°-°-°-°-°-°-°-°-
  11. [!]This morning a black pigeon would fly to Jan’s friends and everyone who he knew ( others can see the message too )... having bad news in his beak... once you will open the message there would be a big letter about death of Jan and his death wish to let stephanos llive and let his name be remembered... “Jan died this morning.. 2nd of Malin’s Welcome 1720... Cause: Old age and his short lifespan + injuries he had Death wish: Take Good Care of Sir Stephanos and let my name be remembered” [!]dried tears of jan would be left on the text.. May he rest with his loved family up there in Heaven... looking after his still alive son and his friends and those who knew...
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