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  1. From her sea-side residence in Savinia, Kayah de Madera smiles fondly upon reading the missive. "Ah, Anduin. I am so proud of you, si."
  2. Amaryll Syrvir , A teenage 'Fenn dramatically rolls her eyes.
  3. A certain Illatian Doctor shivers at the name, remembering unpleasant memories created by such a politician.
  4. woah thank you for the chance!!
  5. Doctor Florenza d'Amato looks over the missive, with an excited expression and a wide grin. She soon pens a letter up to her dear friend Jolynn. ... To my favorite Grilled Asparagus , You could be considered a citizen and an intelligent being soon enough! What a progressive era! @SunnyBee
  6. From her room, a young Dannika Angelika struggles to understand the missive. Yet, she persists - and when she finally get it, the young Hanso-Waldenian races down the stairs to excitedly bug her mamej and papej about it. @AndrewTech @Etow
  7. Dannika Angelika keeps from her Mamej that she now has a boyfriend
  8. An Interview with the Haenseni Monarchy Conducted and Written By: Dannika Angelika Wittenbach, Junior NGS Member 14th of The Grand Harvest, 1793 For my Mamej, and for the people of Hanseti-Ruska I have always been an inquisitive child, and still am at the ripe age of ten years old. Finally having the motivation as well as the proper literary skills to conduct a full legit interview, I have decided to interview the monarchs of this new independent nation. I believe that it is good to know a little about those who rule you, to then create a better community if not a closer one. DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed by those being interviewed do not inherently reflect the beliefs and values of the NGS, which remains strictly neutral in regards to the recent Haeseni-Imperial separation. Interviewees: I: Josef Sigmund Var Otto Bihar, Keong of Hanseti and Ruska II: Isabel Franziska Barbanov, Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska Q1. Did you always know you were going to be in this position, and how does it feel? I: I always knew I was going to become King. But the fact of the matter is that I have been king for as I can remember- since I was seven years old so it is all I have really ever known. II: I was nine years old when I was betrothed to Josef. I wasn’t told of this arrangement and was terrified, thinking I could never live up to my predecessors. However, Viktoria, The Queen Mother told me I shouldn’t strive to be like those before me, but be myself. I am very lucky to have such a close relationship with the King despite it being an arranged marriage. Q2. What are your views on Haense, and If you could change one thing about it, what would it be? I: Haense is my home, filled with my people. I have the deepest admiration for it and them as one can have. There is nothing I would change about it. II: Haense is flourishing, and we’ve grown stronger despite what many people assume would happen. I see Haense continuing up this path. I do not believe there is anything I would change about it! Q3. What do you plan to accomplish with Haense during your reign? And what is your personal goal for yourself? I: My hope for Haense is to open opportunity and pathways for the subjects and the Crown to succeed in any way their aim- whether people want to be involved in politics, diplomacy, military, anything really- it is possible in Haense. As for my personal goal, I wish to put as much attention to my family as I can. As many know, my son and heir Henrik turns two in a few months. It is my absolute pleasure to raise him alongside my lovely wife. II: I hope to expand the Queen’s council, especially since I had such an influx of people interested in joining. I want to assist in the hospital, which is growing. I even decided to get medical training to be able to stand alongside our military. Q4. Do you believe all people are equal in Haense, and should or shouldn’t be? (Pertaining to other races) I: All good Cannonists under the crown are viewed equally in the Haural Caezk- which I signed shortly after independence. In this case, the Haural Caezk reflects on my view on this matter. II: Historically, Haense has had a rather positive relationship with Elves, and legally by definition has also been viewed as people in the Kingdom as well as Uruks and Dwarves. Q5. What is your absolute favorite accomplishment? I: I believe my biggest achievement to be cutting ties with the Empire, allowing Haense to be ruled by who it always should have been: A Haeseni II: My favorite accomplishment of the Kingdom has been gaining independence. It is what our people have desired for years and it is an honor to be the Queen during this time. Q6. What is your view on the Hanseni commonwealth and do you think you are better now that Haense is separate from the Empire? I: Haense is absolutely better off separate from the Empire. Good men died fighting their wars, and our cultural identity and autonomy was leached on. Haense is healthier than it has ever been because of independence. II: Yes! Definitely. People gathered in the square and cheered upon hearing the news of our independence and the attitude of our community has changed. Q7. What is your favorite Haeseni catchphrase, and why? I: While most people favor the iconic catchphrase Krusae Zwy Kongzem, I myself prefer I would have perished had I not persisted as I believe it embodies the Haenseni spirit. II: I am stuck between Krusae Zwy Kongzem, which means protect this Kingdom and I would have perished had I not persisted. Q8. What is your absolute favorite thing to do within the kingdom? I: Going to the tavern with my wife and drinking with my people.I find that the tavern often hosts people at their happiest. II: I quite often like to simply sit in the tavern with a bottle of Carrion, converting with the people. A queen of the people! Q9. Did you enjoy this interview? I: Da, very much. It is fun to get a chance to answer people’s questions! II: Yes, I did. I enjoyed the questions asked and think this was a good first interview! I thank the King and Queen for allowing me to interview them. I believe this was a successful first interview and hope to create many more narratives such as this!
  9. I kinda thought this would be the foundation for sick children oops
  10. “wow this is so cool,” a certain skygod says.
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