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  1. Hello, Community Team member latte de Trademark

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      i am latte

  2. Somewhere in the lonely city of Haelun'or, April Vallei'onn would scan at the missive, lamenting the death of the woman who walked with her throughout the lands of Almaris. "Rest well, llir'taynei." she'd mutter. Estelle Haviryn would recieve word of Jolynn's death from her tropical house in Sarissa. Strange tears would start to stream down the elfess' face as she'd recall the Plant as a baby, raising her. Yet, like most things , she'd attempt to push it to the back of her head, placing down the missive onto the counter.
  3. the american revolution and it's consequences

  4. Esther Castile widens her eyes, face contorting into horror as she read the missive from her family home in Luciensburg. Soon, she'd sigh, silently muttering a prayer.
  5. 7/10 idk u but i like ur funny posts
  6. the consequences of the industrial revolution.

  7. The Head Physician of Haelun'or would love to see this blood leaching. Unfortunetly, being a high elf is banned in Luciensburg!
  8. Hi guys, it’s latte back again. I know i made a status update asking the same question if medical roleplay was fun- but I was wondering, what would medical roleplay fun for you guys, either as a patient or the medic in question ?? I'm simply trying to gauge at the community's thoughts, as well as to most likely incorperate some ideas within the future. I personally like when the medic involves the patient within the roleplay , and asks them questions instead of just straightforward doing a couple of healing emotes then done, making it more engaging for the person on th
  9. April, the Head Physician has a heart attack because A) she is puny, and B) she isn't there to see all the Mali'thill fail at weightlifting.
  10. Giuseppina Marzia smiles upon the missive, starting to pen a letter.
  11. From somewhere far in the woods, Esther Castile would clench her fists, starting to mourn the loss of her niece. "Why . .. her!" she'd seethe as strange tears would fall from her eyes- all alone in the woods to mourn and pray.
  12. is medical roleplay fun to you guys??

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      i dont like rp entirely 

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      no, I only do it because someone has to

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      leeches and bloodletting

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