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  1. Ironic seeing how Hanrahan can be extremely toxic and rude to others. Both sides needed to chill on that thread, and not everything is an attack against Oren or its players. The people that make it an attack, should also stop. That being said, not everyone in Oren wants guns either. If someone does not want to have that type of roleplay they can disagree with it. It's just minecraft
  2. I disagree, don't want guns and I also don't hate Oren. Where do I fit in now?
  3. You were one of the good ones Nick, will miss seeing you with an orange tag
  4. Oh god @edelos @Malinor Hey boys....
  5. Ah yes another magic I can beg @Nozoa for, sweet
  6. Think, Marb, Think! 

    1. Ramon


      thinking is marb's thing 

    2. Luminaire


      I am not good at thinking

  7. Queue the forum rage boys

  8. The Shattered People The Ashen Folk, and wherever they might be There once was a time, when our people were close to unity. There once was a time when Malinor would give shelter to and hope to the Ashen Folk left astray. The times of Renelia are naught but a distant memory now, remembered only by the few. How many self-proclaimed defenders of unity have failed us now, I truly wonder. There is no hope for the Ashen Folk so long as barbaric practices are tolerated. What benefit does a Mali’ker pure of heart get from mingling with the Green skins of
  9. Wtf based I have a new pocket mod

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