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  2. ”Tell me, Ailmar – if that is not cause enough for war, what is?” As his brother spoke to him, Ailmar nodded. ”Ti, Mal’onn. No longer shall the Azulites of Sutica hinder us. No longer shall this filth stain our blessed halls. No longer shall they step in the way of the Mali’ker!” He stood up from his seat, and left the room. ”Luara wills it, lliran, the Sutican filth shall be purged from these lands!”
  3. The Renelian Elections Assembly representatives, 1751 In order to give the citizens of Renelia a voice, the council has decided to hold elections for the public assembly. The seats that will be filled in after the elections are separate from clan representatives, as they are chosen internally within the clans. In order to be elected, one must be of pure Mali’ker blood and at least 50 years of age. Mali’ker who wish to obtain a seat within the assembly, must register by filling out a form soon to be handed out within Renelia. The elections shall begin in 3 months from the date of this missive, and the results shall be made public within the same month. Only 2 representatives from the Renelian citizenry may be elected out of all the candidates. The elected representatives shall keep their seat for a duration of 5 years. Unless they are forced to leave the assembly due to unforseen circumstances, they shall only lose their seat if the individual is not re-elected. Signed, His Highness Ailmar Velulaei’onn, Mortal Prince of Renelia
  4. Then why are they handling the appeal?
  5. The Concordat-Pestillian treaty of non-aggression Old, although perhaps unlikely allies. The Templars of Pestilles and the Mali’ker of The Concordat have fought side by side with the Alliance of Independent States for many years now. Meeting within the city of New Magara'lin, both parties sat down to discuss a pact of non-aggression, to further establish relations between the newly found Kingdom, and the Human County. Both signatories hereby agree to the following terms, as agreed upon during their meeting: Both parties hereby enter a state of non-aggression, lasting for a maximum of 5 years. The treaty shall remain in effect unless dissolved by mutual agreement of both parties. Both parties agree to respect each other's territories. The Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewynn encompassing the Keep of Temesch, the Plains of Camlannen and the Plateau of Lanthres. The parties commit to a mutual agreement of extradition for any individuals from their respective territories deemed to have commited a legal transgression in the other signatory state. The County of Pestilles hereby recognizes the Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewynn as the only legitimate Mali’ker state. They also agree to refrain from signing any treaties with other states laying claim to the same. Signed by, His Highness, Ailmar Velulaei’onn in name of, His Majesty, Aroen Velulaei’onn, Mortal King of Renelia-Gladewynn Sir Robert de Alence, in name of His Lordship Solomon de Alence, Count of Pestilles
  6. Luminaire

    Truth of Vilac

    ”Perhaps you require a history lesson, as you clearly are uninformed on your own family matters.” Aleksandr Renault, wandering around aimlessly somewhere in Arcas dug through his belongings after reading over Luciana’s missive, and revealed a piece of parchment of his own. ”Your father was no longer a Prince. He was not a bad man, but perhaps he was a fool. Shortly before his death, in a written letter signed by him, he stripped himself of his titles and declared his brother Antonius Patriarch. Your line has no claims to this title whatsoever. Perhaps it is for the best, as you are nothing but a shitstain to the line of Vilac.” Alek remembers the time Janos declared himself Patriarch. This time he had actual claims to the house, as he was legitimized long before he did so. Perhaps Luciana was unable to get over her father’s death and was desperate to tread in his footsteps. Aleksandr thought of a much more valid option to this, though. Luciana was a result of a bastard Vilac father and a Varoche mother, no wonder she suffered from brainrot.
  7. Moon Festival The Renelian Fairgrounds at Dawn To our Golden and Onyx brethren and sisters, and our esteemed allies. We stand at the dawn of a new era, an era of Dark Elven unity. We, the Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewynn will not enter such an era without proper celebration. The Renelian Council does invite the members of the Concordat, Elven Tripartite and AIS to enjoy this moment of celebration with us. During the moon festival, visitors will be able to partake in a variety of activities, with food and drinks a plenty for all to enjoy. We shall open up various stalls for traders from all across Arcas to sell their wares, if they so please. If you wish to obtain one of the stalls located at our festival grounds, seek contact with Leilatha Devione. Celebrations shall begin at the festival grounds, found north of New Magara’lin, at the end of the path leading out of the city.
  8. ”Perhaps you are forgetting some crucial details here, Valah. The Tripartite was formed after the conflict between Haelun’or and Irrinor was resolved through peace treaties. This was done after it was discovered the Orenians tried to place a puppet leader into power, to rule over the Elves. Renelia and Haelun’or once stood against Irrinor, that is true. Do not forget however that that conflict has long been forgotten, and that the Tripartite has suffered more at the hands of the Holy Orenian Empire than anyone else. Nobody is twisting and spinning facts but you. Renelia is one of the original signatories of the AIS, and have stood by Morsgrad’s side to help them fight the Orenian oppression.” Spoke a mildly annoyed Elf, as he was seated within New Magara'lin. He sighed deeply, wondering if the Orenian offer was an act of desperation, as they once again were driven into a corner. The drums of war would soon sound once again, to bring the Rubern War to a close. ”The Valah were foolish to believe we would accept this offer, for the third time now. They rely on near-empty Nations that are infamous for turncoating whenever they get the chance. Unlike them, we do not break our pacts, and we honour those who we consider allies. Let this be a lesson Peter, King of Helena. You do not rule over us, nor will you ever have the chance to. A losing war is what you are fighting, and soon the walls of Reza will crumble down, and you will see that you are but a worthless husk of a man, ready to be thrown to the wolves.
  9. ”This must be the second or third time the Orenians have attempted to persuade us with such an offer. Unlike their Curonian and Hansetic puppets, we do not break our treaties.” Ailmar Velulaei’onn read over the missive ever so carefully, stopping to read the first term the Orenians presented before the Tripartite. ”Until declared otherwise? Do these Valah truly think we are foolish enough to not see the underlying meaning of this treaty? They simply wish to cripple the numers of the AIS, before turning on those they signed a treaty of peace with.” The Dark Elf sighed, reading over the missive while seated in Renelia’s tavern, wondering if the misinformed Orenians will spell it right the next time they attempt to make peace with the Elves.
  10. To the Mali’ker of Arcas To our onyx brethren and sisters, to those who want a future for our people. I am writing to you with a goal in mind; to restore our people back to their former glory. This can however not be achieved if our people remain splintered. After the fall of Vira’ker, our people were spread thin across the lands of Arcas, lost without a purpose. It is only through unity that we can achieve glory once more. Years ago my brothers and I had a dream; a united Dark Elven people under a single banner. With the formation of the Concordat, both the people of Renelia and the Onyx Sanctum proved to the world that a united Dark Elven people is possible, and that we shall strive in order to achieve this. A sanctuary for our brethren and sisters of Onyx, a safe haven away from the oppression and degeneracy that has plagued our people for so long. Hear me as I call to those lost souls who remain separated from their kin, the Mali’ker who have yet to find purpose in their life. We, the Concordat welcome you with open arms, if you seek us out. Signed, His Highness The Mortal Prince Ailmar Velulaei’onn
  11. @_Pan the one to save them.... Personally feel like reports are bordeline useless in their current stage. The feedback given here is very minimal and only tells us where the reports went to, not what was actually done with them. Although the idea itself is good, it’s very poorly executed in its current form as it doesn’t do much, and there does not seem to be any real structure for different reports. I saw a discord being set up for one, but other reports are just a Ct member pinging a discord and asking for feedback, that won’t really work. As stated above please give us exact numbers again, as percentages are nice and all specific data is helpful to get an insight on less popular races and could potentially have leadership of those racial communities. New player guidance list does not really seem complete, dead charters/nations are still listed there but not all charters (not even Tier 3) are there. Please update. Please toss ban appeals back to moderation holy ****. “Supreme formatter” but writes title in black. That is all.
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