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  1. and this is why the ct is lotc’s punching bag

  2. ”The Mali’Fenn have been a lost cause for all of Arcas’ history, the Mali’ker are a shattered people who would rather put the future of their race at risk than to swallow their egos.” stated a certain Mali’ker, wandering around Arcas on his own. “Maybe there is hope however, maybe our kin can finally unite under one banner at last.” The Red eye’d Dark Elf turned around on the desolate road he had been travelling for many days now, deciding it would be time to seek out this Cyrus.
  3. Could be mistaken here but as far as I’m aware Asimu’lei has been dead for months with no active leadership and Fenn has been relatively dead too. Are you sure you’re referring to Asimu’lei here? Very confused on this one. I’d like to touch upon what @Treshure said though because I think it’s a very important point. A lot of numbers are thrown at us here in regards to the accepted players and where they are guided to, but does anyone ever check up on them to see wether or not they are properly integrated? In addition I think having numbers relating to new player retention and having the CTeam actually check with new players from time to time would be good. Dropping a new player off in a settlement and calling it a day might be nice, but if the player is never properly integrated or ends up finding nothing they enjoy did you really succeed at guiding them in the first place? I feel like the focus of the community team has shifted in the wrong direction a lot. Content creation and OOC events that don’t benefit new players in finding good places to roleplay or enjoy, or help solve the issues so deeply rooted within this community are becoming more and more important for the “community” team but yet I don’t see them solving anything. App quality is clearly not as important as it was before, there is no information on new player retention and applications are still taking longer to process than they should. Just my opinion, I feel like the team is shifting their focus on things that aren’t as important in the long run. Would love to see some input from the team on this and Treshure’s post.
  4. I see two very dead settlements that apparently had players guided to them, can anyone explain how that is possible?
  5. **** I lost my pocket admin
  6. Most of the “people camping their city” stuff can all be blamed to the god awful activity check system nations and charters had to deal with this map, the lack of road rp due to both lag and later on warps, and just the nature of lotc in general. Hope to see RP a bit more spread out next map, and more dynamic rather than people camping the same spot for a few hours, sadly this map there were a few systems in place that pretty much required it.
  7. Luminaire

    Eternal Uzg 8.0

    Looks amazing, can't wait to run around in the Uzg next map! +1
  8. @NozLSD yo this guy rewrote cognatism before you could
  9. Kaliri'tosay; the feast of Ker’Okarn A celebration Posters could be found all around the Eternal Uzg and The Ziggurat of Mor, an invitation to the festivities to come! Over the past few years, word of a new home for the Mali’ker had slowly been spreading around. The Ziggurat of Mor as they had called it, home to the Bands of Ker’Okarn; a group of ‘ker that banded together after the fall of Renelia, to preserve their kin. A formal opening for the Ziggurat is in place, and it is because of that the Bands of Ker’Okarn invite the following groups to celebrate this opening with them: The Eternal Uzg The Onyx Sanctum The people of Oyashima The celebrations will be started with a ceremony carried out by the High Priest of Ker’Okarn, within the Ziggurat of Mor. After the ceremony, food and drinks will be available all throughout the Ziggurat, and people will be given the chance to set up their own stalls to sell their wares.
  10. Together Again Only Ash Remains The sheets under him were soft and comfortable, though the pillow supporting his head was a bit damp. His eyes cracked open in the bright light of the room, squinting as his head turned. A taller man sat at his bedside, deeper voice greeting him,”Morning, Ailmar. You get enough sleep yet?” His brother asked, and Ailmar tugged at the bindings around his limbs. “Would be easier if you took these off.” He grumbled drowsily, voice low and throat dry. “You know I can’t do that. You were down in that cave a while, you know. The doctors-“ “The doctors cured me. Cut out big chunks of me to do it… I’m fine, Aroen. I’ll b fine. And I’m ready to get out of this damned bed.” He cut his older brother off, head turning from the candle across the room. “It’s not too late to get Renelia back together. With the two of us leading, nothing can stop us.” “I’ll talk to them about it when I get the chance. Though ti, we’ll need to deal with that girl and get the family back together. Lunela, Deldrach, maybe even Aya. Haelun. The good ones, at least. Rabid dogs… What an assassination attempt.” A grin formed on his brother’s face, and Ailmar swatted in his general direction. Stopped by the sweat dampened bindings. “The Velulaei’onn brothers are back together again. Nothing can stop us!” Ailmar’s grin widened. The door creaked open, and the two men looked toward it. The doctor opened the door, and looked down at the struggling ex Archon with a frown. Drool soaked his pillow, and blood dripped from his wrists and ankles from his wild thrashing. Even in the dim room, the robe clad woman could clearly see Ailmar’s bloodshot gaze locked on her. Lips peeled back in a furious snarl. The muscle around the bites had been cut away- but it had been too little, too late. “Good morning, Ailmar. We found your sons, last night. They said they’d be here by noon.” She got a growl and weak grunt in return, going to set her metal tray on the empty chair beside him. It held a syringe and two small jars, blissfoil and tippen’s root. She picked up the syringe in her gloved hands, beginning to fill it with the tippen’s root. “This should help you feel a bit better, llir. Just try to relax. I’ll put the blissfoil on your neck here.” All she got in response was mindless snarls and teeth snapping at nothing. The door opened again, a familiar face once again standing there. “Mal’onn, the doctors said you were ready to go home.” With relative ease the former Archon stood up, and followed along with his brother. The twin Archons, former Mortal Kings and brothers, were finally together again.
  11. @NozLSD stop writing to cope for your ban
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