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  1. Jan Otto Kortrevich beamed with joy, preparing himself to attend the coronation of his youngest sister!
  2. Jan Otto Kortrevich, holed up in the Jerovitz library smiled as he passed the missive to his wife. "Look Tatiana, Lady Vyronov's nie longer Koenas. It's about time, it all got to her head. A koenas treating the Haeseni Peers poorly is niet deserving of the respect of those same Peers. Maybe if she actually left the Prikaz more often she wouldn't have ended up like....this." @Juli
  3. Jan Otto Kortrevich stumbled upon the invitation purely on accident, as he was on his way to attend his sister's wedding. "Huh, interesting. Ea suppose it would be a shame to miss out on such an event."
  4. "Because a rally matters so much when all they do is lock themselves up in Reinmar. Perhaps this should be a reminder that vyr attitude towards vyr peers, along with vyr contributions are what matter here. If vy aided the Kongzem more than House Baruch, then vy would have kepy vyr Duchy." Jan Otto Kortrevich remarked, staring at the missive with an amused smirk. "Quality over quantity!"
  5. Jan Otto Kortrevich can't help but wonder why this took place in Aurveldt.
  6. "And this Viktoriya, is why ea asked vy to take notes." Jan Otto Kortrevich said to his daughter, as they were once again holed up in the Jerovitz library. A quiet room, where on the occasion one of Jan's many toddlers would storm in either way. "Maybe we can let Lord Baruch know, yam sure he would be interested in hearing of this development!"
  7. Jan Otto Kortrevich knew the day would eventually come, he could not delay it either way. As excited as he was for the wedding of his sister, a sense of dread overwhelmed him all the same. He sat himself down in his study, a place where had been holed up quite frequently as of late. This time it was not with any of children however. He would have to let go eventually, just like had with Amelya. He had faith in Sigismund, but the prospect of having to see his sister leave Jerovitz proved a great burden on the Count. He took his pen and began writing one final letter to his lauvas, and to Sigismund.
  8. "It seems this new Monarch lacks diplomatic competency...how odd!" Said a certain Haeseni Lord, chuckling to himself.
  9. I've seen you grow from a CT I hated with a burning passion and an immature bandit pugsier to a person who cares a great deal about his writing and the rp narrative he provides. It's been an absolute pleasure having you around Noz, lotc is losing a much loved member of its community. You have my discord, and I'm always happy for a chat. Take care, enjoy your freedom
  10. Jan Otto Kortrevich began to look over various letters he had exchanged with the previous Norlandic diplomat, and the ones he had sent the King himself. "Heh. Perhaps they shouldn't have gone back on the treaty they were nearly begging us for after all. How odd of them to refuse to reply to terms for something they came up with." He mused as he was seated within his study. "Take notes, Viktoriya!" Jan said to his daughter, who one day aspired to be a diplomat just like him!
  11. This is starting to feel like a throwback to Arcas and I don't like it

  12. A notoriously grouchy Mali'ker looked upon the missive, as he had many times before with writings from the Stygian Hollow. There he stood, baffled by the butchering of the teachings he had spread throughout the realm. "Ah, so my distant cousins in the Hollow have decided to allow mutts to roam within their streets." He had stared at missives from the 'ker state many times before, often questioning if they truly were following the path of the Forebears. "Ne wonder they are struggling to keep their city alive. Vival has resorted to letting in race-mixing, filth ridden bandits. Perhaps it is time they stop staining the name of my people, perhaps the Union of Clans is to be undone at last." Alyndel Yl'Asath left off, stepping through the gates of the Stygian Hollow for the final time. He was hoping he would never have to prepare himself for this moment, but he knew that his cousins were not deserving of the Clan name he had given them.
  13. Jan Otto Kortrevich, still bedridden but recovering had been informed of the recent abdication by his most loyal manservant Tuvya of Jerovitz. "Dobry, it's about time. Ea was worried for the future of House Ludovar. Be sure to congratulate the new Vikomit for eam! Ea have high hopes for him and the future of the family."
  14. A Haeseni Lord and Diplomat, still bedridden took note of the missive through one of his servants. "How unstable can a rebellion truly be? They were already rounded up once before by the forces of Haense, and now they are starting to sack their own leadership. Truly pathetic, these mongrels are nie match for the Kongzem."
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