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  2. Pund give me a random MA please thanks
  3. Alyndel sat within the confinements of the former Velulaei'onn estate, pondering to himself, surrounded by some of his relatives. "Perhaps I was not clear enough, lliran. Would someone wonder if The Pale is a Mali'ker settlement only? Of course only the misinformed would....it is anything but that." He spoke calmly as he was lost in contemplation, unaware of the distant response of Ruathar Indoren. "It matters little....the Renelian Clans are with us. If not living here directly then they are our allies, the citizenry that were not with the Laurir'ker are what interest me....we do
  4. TO THOSE WHO CALLED THEMSELVES RENELIAN A call for unity To the Mali’ker who once called Renelia their home, I call to you. Our people have been divided for far too long, but that will change soon. I am Alyndel Velu’Asath, Speaker of Velulaei and descendent of The Mother herself. With the help of my cousin Vival we managed to reunite with Clan Velulaei’onn, a name no doubt familiar to those who lived in the state of The Daughter. Many of you are still astray, lost without a home and without purpose. I offer you all new hope, and a chance to reunite
  5. THE UNITY OF CLANS 20th of the Deep Cold, Year 6 of the 2nd Age Velulaei’onn and Yl’Asath, two different Clans of the same blood. They both trace their lineage back to Velulaei The Mother herself. An unfortunate, century-old schism has now come to an end. The Clans at long last finding unity once again. Unity however also comes through name, so it is therefore that the signatories agree to the following terms: I. Clan Velulaei’onn will be dissolved in name, its members taking the name of Velu’Asath upon themselves instead. II. Both Alyn
  6. Do you support Flemish independence or do you want us to merge with the Netherlands? Also how is life Sander? Hope things are going well for you!
  7. @Evonpire it is time.
  8. A Study On The Ashen Folk; Those That Remain Penned on the 20th of the First Seed, year 6 of the Second Age Preface Alyndel Yl’Asath Karin’ayla dear reader! If you have managed to get a hold of this missive, it means you are very much capable of reading! The following study is meant to enlighten those of good will to the current state of the Mali’ker. A piece of information for both Mali’ker and their allies, in the hopes of documenting their recent past, and present situation. The content you are about to feast your eyes upon, is all based up
  9. When are we reviving The Empire of Renelia-Gladewynn lead by Mortal Queen Velsyni Indoren?
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