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  1. Primrose Kortrevich stands at the doorway to Lerald’s chambers, leaning against the frame as she watches him take his last breaths. She frowns, hugging the cobblestone wall tightly to her. The man who had housed her after her late husband had died; had given her children a place to thrive and play, lay dying in his bed. She steps through the threshold, the skirts of her dressing gown rustling at her feet. As she nears his struggling figure, she gently brushes one of the frantic handmaidens aside, crouching by his bedside. She brings her fingers to her lips, kissing them lightly before resting them on his forehead. ”Sleep well, brother. You’ve done the best for our family any of us could’ve asked for. It’s time for you to reunite with your fallen loved ones. The children are safe with me.” At this, the dame turned on her heel, striding from the room to comfort the young ones.
  2. Discord: MikoMonster#7384 Skin: Baby Blue Gown Bid: 1800 ((Lanaguaaaaage!!! 😧 ))
  3. Discord: MikoMonster#7384 Skin: Baby Blue Gown Bid: 1400 ((Grrr))
  4. Discord: MikoMonster#7384 Skin: Baby Blue Gown Bid: 1200 ((Sorryyyy Language ❤️ – gotta battle for it))
  5. Discord: MikoMonster#7384 Skin: Baby Blue Gown Bid: 700
  6. After speaking with her father, Primrose sprints up the stairs of Graiswald upon hearing the news. She runs down the hallway and locks the door to her room behind her. Just as she makes it to the carpet, she crumples to the floor, breaking down in sobs. She fumbles for the key under the rug, using it to wrench open her desk drawer; withdrawing her mother’s letters. She holds them close to her chest, murmuring to herself. “I forgive you for not being here. I forgive you for leaving. I just wish I’d gotten to say goodbye.” She takes a deep breath. “Wait for me in the seven skies, Mama.”
  7. “I should’ve stayed with her.” Primrose murmured, her fingernails digging into her palms, leaving matching imprints on the already crescent moon-marred skin. With her cheeks tear streaked and her complexion pale, she shoved her way through the doors of Graiswald, beginning the trek to Reza in search of Roderick.
  8. Primrose lights a candle and places it out on her balcony in Graiswald. “I’ll care for your grandchildren as you cared for me. Rest well, Ser Bjolfr.” she says, looking out toward the ascending moon.
  9. REQUEST OF REAFFIRMATION OF KNIGHTHOOD Name (and House if applicable): Primrose Kortrevich-Vyronov Degree of Knighthood (Squire, Knight Errant, Knight): Dame Errant Age: 24 Liege Lord: King Andrew III Date of Accolade (if possible): 1724 Chapter/Order (if applicable): Marian Retinue
  10. Primrose Kortrevich-Vyronov sits in the room she had shared with her husband for a brief time, crying softly. A single candle burns from across the room as both her sons sit on the rug. The children are quiet, sensing their mother’s unhappiness; watching her with wide, innocent eyes. She looks to them with her own eyes tear-filled. “I’ll raise you both as strong as your Papa was, I swear it.” she promises, scooting off the bed to kneel beside them. “You’re his legacy.”
  11. Primrose Kortrevich-Vyronov smiles brightly as she reads the invite, recalling the kindness Wilheim had shown her as she entered adulthood. “May God shine his light upon you and your bride to be!” she exclaims, already beginning to ponder what gifts she would bring.
  12. “I can finally walk around my city without risk of being killed,” Primrose Kortrevich muses. “I suppose this is a good thing.”
  13. Primrose Kortrevich and Ser Ulric Vyronov sit side by side at the small table within the Kortrevich manor’s sitting room, looking over wedding plans. The ring upon the young woman’s finger glitters as she shifts a sheet of parchment out of the way. “Hmm…” she murmurs, taking a last glance at the files before them. “I s’pose we ought to send out invitations, we ain’t have much time left.” she glances up to Ulric. He smiles back at her before reaching across the table for a stack of blank parchment. “Yes,” he agrees, drawing the paper towards them. Primrose picks up her quill, dipping it in an inkwell. “Shall we invite everyone, then?” she inquires with another look at Ulric. “I don’t see why not.” he replies. She nods, hesitantly bringing pen to parchment. In large, lovely scripted lettering she writes, ‘The Union of Houses Vyronov and Kortrevich’. After observing her writing for a moment, she gives a brief, satisfied nod before continuing. “We hereby invite you…” she mutters as she writes. The letter reads as follows. To all Haeseni men and women it may interest, we hereby invite you to the Wedding of Ser Ulric Vyronov and Primrose Kortrevich. We wish to request your attendance to support the union of this young man and lady. As well as to relish the night of excitement and celebration with us. The ceremony will be held within Reza’s lovely chapel, The Basilica of Saint Rudolph in The First Seed of 1720. We hope to see you there! Signed, Primrose Salina Kortrevich Ser Ulric Vyronov Primrose finishes writing and holds the first sheet of parchment away from her face, scrutinizing it. She glances to the awaiting stack of unwritten papers with a sigh. “This is going to take a while.” she complains as she signs her name, sliding it over for Ulric to do the same. Ulric then rolls the page up, tying it with a red ribbon. “Yes,” he nods in agreement, “but it’ll be worth it.” He kisses the top of her head as he stands, walking towards the corner of the room where an iron cage sits. He opens the door, tying the rolled note to the leg of the small speckled dove within. Ulric then opens the window, sending the first invitation fluttering out into the sunlit streets of Reza. OOC Info: 7pm EST on Friday the 14th of June Reza, Haense in The Basilica of Saint Rudolph
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