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  1. I can vouch for this – It happened to me a couple of times as well, No mods used.
  2. Hm... Probably because i found TC to be Dull, And wanted to try a serious Roleplay experience. I currently play two characters Mark Skynor – A former farmer that became a farm lord, That became a squire that is now a Knight errant I play a second persona which is Janos Jrent – A horen bastard, Pretty useless Lol
  3. You're right, It’s indeed Thronecraft. Don't get me wrong, Thronecraft was an amazing discovery for me when I found it, The first roleplay server I played. But over time I realized it’s pretty pays to win. I cant say I have been for a lot of Roleplay communities, I’ve been on three so far. 1. Thronecraft – As stated, It’s really not the best server. But could be a lot worse, But the staff there are caring and helpful... In my opinions little more than the staff here, But that’s probably because the player base there is daily 15-30 people playing. 2. LoTc – Amazing roleplay experience, Best community and funniest I’ve been so far. 3. Massivecraft – Eh... I never liked it, It’s one city, Pretty dull for me.
  4. Thank you! My Favourite part about the server is probably how large and detailed it is, From little lore to the basics lore, Also how people RP seriously, Taking it advanced and actually ‘Medieval’ Than the modern theme RP. Huh, Good question. I think there are way more things that Are different from the server, WAY more. So basically I come from another RP server (Which I won't say what is the name of such server since advertising) And... It’s way different and BAD than this server, I’ll do a little comparison from the server I came To this one. The server I come from: 1. All magic packs are pay-to-win, Meaning if you want healing magic? Pay 50 dollars to just emote it! 2. The lore is not as rich as it should be. 3. Races other than the basic races (Human, Elf) Is pay – 2 – win. 4. Staff is taking over the server completely, Meaning they get to play Kings and high ranking. 5. Oh, You want an item with description? Pay us 20 dollars! (For Each) 6. Perma killing is enabled, Meaning you kill someone... That’s it for you. Lord Of The Craft: 1. All magic packs are Free, No dollar to pay! 2. Lore is rich itself. 3. All races are free, No need to pay! 4. Normal players get to achieve high ranking 5. You need to buy VIP to get to rename items, But it’s not 20 dollars for EACH item with description, Plus there is the voting system which gives you rename tokens which are so useful... 6. Nobody will MAKE you to Perma kill. So... As you see, I see a lot of people complaining about this server, But if you came from the Server I played, You’d feel as if this is the perfect roleplay server. Plus, The community is pretty funny. Haha. Something Underwhelmed me... Probably the fact that half of the community is pretty toxic. Kind of like a warzone OOC’ly.
  5. Thought I could answer some questions from a new player prospective, ama
  6. Hey! So I’m pretty new to the server, Been playing for about two months but thought I’d share my main character here. Mark Skynor – He started a Simple farmer in Leuven, A real kind and uneducated one. Just wanting a peaceful life ahead of him. But as time past he got the chance to be a Squire under Ser aldis (Marb). So he took it, Over the time his uniforms changed... He has about 5 different clothing now, His hair changed from being blonde to brown. And his personality changed... A lot. He is now a Knight errant, He had his fair share of kills, And his dream right now is to become a knight and serve the Empire. (Age – 20, Started from 15)
  7. When he kills the guy... Clearly says his name on the chat, Clear hacking.
  8. Ave Renatus, *******

  9. Littlel


    (It’s alright, I don't force you. Don't even worry about it)
  10. Littlel


    TWO DEAD PRINCES. The vast plains stretching from Renatus to Curon had long-since become a preferred hunting ground for the Imperial Loyalists, there could be no safe passage along the roads for the rebels who sought to strive our Imperium into disarray, no mercy could be granted to those that would risk the lives of all Men by perpetrating a war against the rightful Emperor. And it was upon this very Saint’s Day that Augustus and Mark, who both hailed from the House of Skynor, stormed out of the Capital in a search for blood; it could be assured that they got exactly that. They were halted by a contingent of Rebels and Snow Elves led by the Crown Prince of Fenn - Aelthos Tundrak. As expected, a fight ensued which resulted in: The death of Aelthos Tundrak, butchered by Mark the squire of Ser Aldis. The death of Siegmund Corbish, slain by Augustus. The capture & execution of Brube Barbanov. Perhaps it had become a repetitive scene for some, it seemed almost daily an enemy leader was dragged in chains to the Capital. A routine almost, fight, capture, and execution. The brave men of the House of Skynor placed him on to the guillotine and shortly after, his head rolled. Then there was the casual talk of another grievance, only this time it was different - it was no ordinary soldier or loyalist ushering the cold, meaningful words. It was Clive, Clive the Jester - dubbed as a god of warfare and battle. Surely an omen for what it is to come; the words rasped from betwixt his cold lips. “Grievance 95.” [!] Attached to the bottom of the missive is a list of the so-far deceased signatories marked in red. Conrad de Falstaff, Count of Leuven Arthur de Falstaff, High Marshal Edward Morris, Count of Ager and Patrician of the Golden City of Ves Nedric Arkazniv, Patrician of the Golden City of Ves Leopold Stafyr, Count of Nenzing and Palatine of Hanseti-Ruska Aelthos Tundrak, Crown Prince of Fenn Brube, Prince of Haense
  11. {!} Posters would be posted around Arcas {!} Greetings. My name is Falor Varmyn, And i have looking for a Mage who is willing to teach me the Arts of Magic. I shall be on Sutica, You can contact me or I shall try and seek you out. Thank you for reading.
  12. Mark Would stop by this post, Reading it Briefly as he sees the word “Deadly”, He grins as he says; “I’ll have to ask Ser Aldis about this, Maybe it’s my time to impress him.” Mark Nods
  13. Littlel

    News of Arcas!

    “Yeah, Sure!” The Host commented “Self Defense against a children!” The Host commented aswell as he sighs “Sorry i didnt include them, Didnt wanted to give these ******* any attention. . .”
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