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  1. VASSALIZATION OF PARVOUSBURG, 1742 _______________________________________________________________ “And there he stood at the gates, a man filled with rage, dragon blood in his very veins - of the purest of the line of dragons, he spoke of an Emperor with the personality of a pirate. A ruler - yet greedy to the very core of his weak and softened bones, a man who would cower behind his walls at every given opportunity whilst his men died. A man against the principles of GOD Almighty and a man with no honor nor creed.” The scene began at the very gates of the now Viscounty of Parvousburg. A man by the name of Otto Sigismund had requested an audience some time ago - requesting an audience not only with most of the Templar Order but with Daniel de Alence in person. Otto Sigismund had made known to Daniel that he was of the Varoche line, the bastard born son of Paul Varoche and an unknown mother, legitimized only later in life. He revealed his relations to the Emperor of Oren, yet not his allegiance for his allegiance was to no one but his own and fellow people that had followed him into exile and desertion. Otto had come for peace and an alliance, having told Daniel of his problems with the Emperor and the Empire, the mockery and stain of his bastard blood to his close kin - upon which Otto was given the choice to swear fealty to Daniel who had only just taken rulership of Auvergne after the abrupt end of his disgraceful cousin's reign. Otto was offered this in a good manner and friendship and being, choosing to accept after having read the documents regarding the Vassal Law of the State of Pestilles. After which it became widely known news that Otto had sworn fealty to Daniel de Alence. “I hereby grant Otto Sigismund of the House of Varoche, the Viscounty of Parvousburg and all the benefits that shall come with it, a role they and their legitimate issue shall hold in trust his liege’s for the duration of their loyal service. They are expected to maintain the law of the County of Pestilles, and rise to defenses when need be.” Signed by, Daniel de Alence His Lordship, Otto Sigismund Varoche, Viscount of Parvousburg
  2. TO ORPHEE DE BEAUVAIS Orphee de Beauvais, a man thought to have honor within his name, his people, family, and friends believed within his reign of Auvergne. However, Orphee has wronged us greatly, as he was called to the Silver State of Haelun’or and exposed by the Sohaer - as the great ‘Lord’ attempted to bed a high elf, attempted to mindlessly bed with one of not human origin. Fay Lavoie, the chancellor of Auvergne, has called upon a meeting as soon as she heard the news of her liege. All the council members and vassals of Auvergne attended, discussing the wrongs of the de Beauvais, “What a fool!”, Lord Aleksy Batory stated, his features growing with hatred and disgust upon hearing the fresh news, “We cannot let a man as low to rule!” “He’s right.” Robert de Alence, brother to Daniel de Alence, “The man is incapable, it became quite clear - now, what do we do?” he peeked over to the Chancellor. “We find a new ruler.” she simply stated as she looked around the table, another vassal - Bastien de La Roche, which has been quite the entire time began to speak, “Daniel de Alence, Orphee’s cousin - he has proved more capable and easy to work with, his history records proved that the man can lead, also a strong blood claim.” Fay Lavoie nodded, “Right then, Daniel?” she looked at Daniel de Alence, which has been listening to the whole meeting that occurred, confusion yet realization takes upon his features. He slowly stood up as he began to give the speech, “I shall take my duties. No man who tries to sin that greatly deserves to rule. However, Auvergne name was hit with this cursed called Oprhee de Beauvais - for that, it shall be dissolved, the Barony of Brunswick will be changed to the County of Pestilles. For your great support - I now announce; I appoint Fay Lavoie as Chancellor of the County of Pestilles, as her loyalty proved the best in Oprhee’s reign, however, he did not listen well to his surroundings, and for that - he wronged. I appoint Aleksy Batory as Foreign Minister, may you do a great job as you did in the past. I appoint Bastien de La Roche as the Marshal of Pestilles, may you lead our soldiers to great battles and conquer the fields. I shall banish Oprhee de Beauvais, if caught - kill him on sight. The Royaume of Auvergne shall be no more - it shall be dissolved and we shall move to my land, at Brunswick - now called Pestilles, I thank you all for choosing me, I shall not fail you all.” Signed, Daniel de Alence
  3. How are you all doing

  4. “Probably a marna bender.” Mark Skynor Concluded
  5. Daniel de Alence signs over the document, nodding once “For Peace.”
  6. Janos Jrent would be welcomed by two of his half brothers, Martinus and Georgius, where then Janos knew, they’d have some peace.
  7. FIRST FESTIVAL OF BRUNSWICK ♱ 14th of Owyn’s Flame, 1739. _______________________________________________________ The citizens of Brunswick were exclaiming their voices all through the streets of the city, socializing and exchanging various tools and various materials as they hear the echoing of noisy bells that came from the palace while the majestic sunset that was looming over the sky was claiming its place. they began with curiosity and perplexity to advance towards the palace gates and shift their eyes towards the tower of the palace, seeing the grandmaster and leader of said city, announcing the following, _______________________________________________________ “You all are hereby invited to the First Festival of Brunswick! for the creation of such pious town, a hub for any religious men or women that wish to live safely within the lands of Arcas! we have come, to the end of the war with the red-skinned trolls, hence, we shall take a moment to celebrate the said event! on a saint week from now, let us taste the greatest grapes and the richest wines that one can afford, an era of prosperity and blossom! Let the saints and exalted smile upon us on this very day, for we do not forget our history and religion!”, At that, dozens of birds were released from their cages to fly over the Orenian lands, dropping letters to dozens of citizens across the human cities. “You are Hereby invited to the First Festival of Brunswick, which shall take place on a saint week from now, events will be included such as; Tournament (PvP); First Place; 2k minas. Second Place; a certain crown. Clothing Lottery which shall cost 20 minas per ticket. (Free Skin) Portrait lottery which shall cost 20 minas per ticket (free Headshot art) A holy sword carved within a stone; 15 minas per ticket. SPECIAL INVITATIONS: High Pontiff and the clergy of the church of canon. Emperor of Oren. King of Haense. King of Curon. King of Kaedrin. _______________________________________________________ OOC INFO When? 27/10/2019, 5 PM Est. Where?
  8. ☨ ORDER OF ARJEN CROSS ☨ _____________________________________ Established 20th of The Deep Cold, 1736. History - Arjen de Sarkozy - Founding -Brunswick Tasks & Duties Hierarchy of Arjen Recruitment History Arjen de Sarkozy – Arjen de Sarkozy, was a Teutonic Crusader and a commander of the White Rose. famously known to also be a treasure hunter and an Imperial Pioneer. During the 1440’s an expedition was launched by Arjen to recover the lost relics of St. Lucien, traveling to Aeldin to accomplish said goal. After the eventual discovery and reclamation of these relics Arjen discovered that, despite their well-known documented appearance as lead as copper, they had miraculously transformed into items of solid gold - heralding another miracle. Founding – In the year 1736, a peasant that hailed from Bourdon, sailed to the shores of Arcas. His name; Daniel de Alence. at the time, Krugmar and Irrinor were at war versus the Holy Orenian Empire and its allies. Daniel, seeing his kin at risk of downfall, have begun on the slaughter of the Orcs and Wood Elves. the man becoming a renown fighter and excellent tactic master. Daniel could have been seen wearing Templar / Crusader armor, fighting in the name of GOD and Oren. as more and more weeks passed by, more people began to find interest and volunteer to fight with Daniel against heretics and orcs, thus the Order of Arjen’s Cross was founded. Brunswick – As Arjen Cross grew in power, Daniel’s men needed a place to settle on, therefore, Daniel and his men took control of the then-abandoned Beet city, making it their base. renaming it from New Alexandria to Brunswick. The Holy Orenian Empire have eyed the group for long, discussions was made with high imperial ranks, ending up with Daniel agreeing to take on the Empire Protection. Tasks & Duties The Order of Arjen's Cross consists of a highly pious group of people. Both nobility, gentry and peasantry are welcome to volunteer and devote their life to the service of GOD. Upon dedicating one's life to our Creator and his word, a list of tasks is put upon you - the main task of the Order is the purge the heretics and teach the disbelievers of GOD's word, next is to the spread the word of the Creator across the lands of Arcas. On top of these most pious duties, the Order is also in charge of protecting the citizenry of Brunswick, scouting the roads of Arcas for bandits and delivering food, as well as protecting, the faithful men of GOD. Hierarchy of Arjen Grandmaster | Daniel de Alence Acts as a leader to the Order, overseeing and making any final decisions. Templar-Advisor | Acts as the Grandmaster's right hand, advising him and leading the order in his absence. Military Branch (The Sword) Templar-Soldier This is the default, starting rank of anyone joining the Military Branch of the Templar Order of Arjen’s Cross. A Templar-Soldier is essentially a grunt, following orders dispensed by their respective Templar-Captain. This rank is broken up into various roles suitable for any military, as is listed below: Medic The surgeons and physicians of the Military branch. They are tasked with mending the wounds and conditions of their brothers-in-arms. Equipped largely with medical equipment, however a Medic is also given a sidearm (arming sword or dagger) and light armor (gambeson). Archer The ranged combatants within the Order. An archer typically is behind the infantry, basking in their protection whilst they rain down GOD’s will in the form of arrows and bolts. Or they can be conducting hit-and-run tactics on horseback or foot. Sapper A highly prized and respected position in the Order, a Sapper is responsible for the maintenance and operation of siege technology such as ballistas, trebuchets and siege towers. Recruitment the Templars of Arjen Cross are always looking to recruit more and more devoted people who would like to volunteer, enlist today! FORMAT IN-CHARACTER NAME: USERNAME: AGE: RACE:
  9. THE PROVINÇIAN SOCIETY OF ARJÉN Piety, academics & nature. Away from the temptations of the metropole, the Provinçian Society of Arjén Cross convene in the monastery in the County of Provins to lead a life of seclusion. Studying the scrolls, keeping artifacts and nurturing the lush Lorrainés nature, the many tasks of a Arjén member lead to a life of fulfilment and purity. THE PURPOSE OF THE SOCIETY CHAPTER I. THE SAFEKEEPING OF THE SACRED TREASURY Deep within the underground vaults of Provins, lies a vast array of relics and archives with significant meaning in the canon of Lorraine and the Church of the Canon. Tasked with the safekeeping and maintenance of these, a membre de la société often find him- or herself engulfed in the knowledge of the realm and the chronicles of man. CHAPTER II. THE MAINTENANCE OF LE JARDIN LORRAINÉS The Garden of Lorraine, an attempt to restore the lush green of the now defunct Duchy, falls under the daily tasks of the organization as well Applying the arts of herbalism, patience & agrarian wisdom, a membre de la société always finds him- or herself in touch with the sun-laced nature of Provins. CHAPTER III. THE RESTORATION OF THE VIN LORRAINÉS Attempting to re-discover the wine recipes that once flew through the realm, the society is emboldened in its quest to restore the niveau of wine to its former glory; operating the breweries and vineyards that are gracefully opened by the de Leumonts and Barclays. CHAPTER IV. PURSUING THE PROVIDENCE OF PIETY The Society seeks to cherish the teachings of the Church of the Canon, guard the Lorrainés from the temptations of sin and decadence and pursue a better understanding of that it means to live as a pious man. Any membre de la société embraces this quest as his own, and shall act as a beacon of pious civility wherever he may be. CHAPTER V. EMBRACING THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF LORRAINE Whatever might be done, wherever it takes place, a membre de la société understands that he is a descendant from the roots of Augustus d’Amaury and Vibius de Sola. As they walk, speak & observe, they represent a root in the larger tree that is Lorraine. They are the breathing memory of what is left of a prominent chronicle of history. THE FUNCTIONS Chancelière Monsieur Daniel de Alence Oversees the organization from an executive role. Vice-chancelière Monsieur Desmond de Sola Represents the Chancelière in his absence and aids in executive responsibilities Provinçian Councillors Monsieur Daniel de Alence Monsieur Desmond de Sola Monsieur Claude Lethes Electorally decide and represent the organization, with each councillor wielding a different area of expertise. FOR THOSE THAT SEEK WISDOM… Grand Vizir Monsieur Desmond de Sola A scholar deemed sufficiently wise to coordinate the academical efforts of the society. Vizir Monsieur Farley Payton A scholar that studies the many chronicles, flora & fauna of the realm FOR THOSE THAT SEEK PURPOSE… Missionaire Generale Monsieur Carim Valdrid The person deemed most pious to oversee the efforts of conversion to the Church of the Canon and its relationship with the High Pontiff. Missionaire Monsieur Valentín Castelo A missionary that works to convert the realm to the Church of the Canon whilst studying the ways of the pious. FOR THOSE THAT SEEK ORDER… Générale Executante Monsieur Mithvul Salheran Chief guarantor that organizes the enforcement effort of preserving order within the Society. Exécutantes Monsieur Rhadien Monsieur Malcolm Goldhand Monsieur Richard Monsieur Tom Ashton Monsieur Petyr Barclay Monsieur Antonius Cinhil Guarantors of safety & order within the Society
  10. A RADIANT EMBRACE For long have the Templars of Arjen’s Cross blessed the city of Helena with law & order of a divine kind. Whilst the Imperial Military is distracted by the war-effort, the Templar’s found the dedication to purify our realm from those who went astray from GOD. Considering the notoriety for such a newfound organization, the watchful eye of the Lorrainés might not come as a surprise to some. Daniel of Bourdon had already achieved fame in House de Leumont for his fervent loyalty to the Solicitor-General’s courts, having been invited to be an Imperial Judge himself. Considered a lawful, pious man; one that resembles the model Imperial citizen that the de Leumont’s strife to be, monsieur of Bourdon was deemed an honorary Lorrainés. Despite the difference in culture and origin stories, the organic cooperation between the two piety-obsessed parties began to seep into the larger machinations of both groups respectively. Understood was that, despite the independence of both, a tighter cooperation would mean a stronger effort of purification. Whilst the Templars would enjoy greater extra-judicial authority, funding and the fruits of the vast Lorrainés political network, the Lorrainés would embrace a proper organization to realize their religious ambitions within Arcas. They would find Provinçian wine in their chalices, as Provins would find a holy outpost on its territory. A Templar of Arjen’s Cross would sit in the court, as the court would serve GOD’s will. The filth of heresy will be cleansed from the entirety of the realm, one way or another. IN NOMINE LEX, HIS EXCELLENCY THE SOLICITOR-GENERAL, COUNT OF PROVINS, Bohemond de Leumond, staunch Canonist. IN SUBSERVIENCE TO THE CHURCH OF THE CANON, HIS MOST ESTEEMED SERVANT, GRANDMASTER OF THE TEMPLAR’S OF ARJEN’S CROSS, Daniel de Alence of Bourdon, staunch Canonist.
  11. I love the wood elves 😄

  12. DOWNFALL OF IRRINOR ✞ 4th of Owyn’s Flame, 1736 Daniel de Alence, a name that is well known across the Realm festers ever so largely, almost like an undying pestilence. His recent purging of sinners and heretics became well-noted during the coming months, and as the days passed by, more and more devout men joined Daniel’s journeys, making thyself a well-suited levy, working under the will of GOD all-mighty. It was another quiet day in the journey of Daniel, all day scouting around the roads for more wood elves and orcs, sadly, the roads were empty of any. and so, he and his group went towards Irrinor in hopes of finding anyone. Daniel, having gained renown, had earned himself many supporters that were quite devoted to help, even in opposing nations. By the notice and aid from an unnamed Mali’ame, they were let into the city – rushing straight to the throne room. An imminent sigh of disappointment crossed Daniel’s features; “Empty throne room... no guards, and no ruler.” he declared as Harper briefly replied. “They are probably killing children, Sire.”, alongside a wry chuckle from Caldwell echoed whilst he muttered “Too bad.” “Let us then,” Daniel spoke no further as he moved towards the throne, signaling for Harper. Harper then brought the goat that was with them, forward towards Daniel. Moving the goat towards the throne, he added; “Ah, the goat on the throne looks as a better ruler than the current one.” he frowned, as the trio watched the mighty goat sat upon the throne. A peculiar silence lingered in the room, with GOD’s subjects awkwardly gazing towards the goat. Momentarily, all was fine – before the goat began to defecate. ”Let us move out – let it be known Irrinor stinks of ****!” Daniel proclaimed loudly, as the trip proceeded to depart from the throne room, back off to the wilderness. WE DO NOT FORGET.
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