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  1. Sorry for what im about 2 do to yall Spring- 20 Blue bells - 5 Green - 6 Winter - 5 ( I got paid yestaday ;monkaeyes; )
  2. T H E S O C I A L S E A S O N O F 1817 A season of revelry and festivities to be held within the Jewel of Oren, the City of Providence. "Debutantes on Prowl '' (c. 1810) by Ms. Swanhilda of Owynsburg, Serjeant Painter of the Augustine. The inaugural Holy Orenian Social Season is declared to begin upon the month of Harren's Folly, 1817. This period shall allow for the flourishing of culture and decorum within Orenian society, laden with suitable occasions for entertainment and socialising between the at
  3. The Governess beams with pride over the missive. "Amadea and Philip deserve nothing less." With that she move to his Imperial Majesty, offering a grin. "I am sure this will cause quite the talk. You are awfully popular."
  4. Anna Henrietta smiles to the head court mage as she bobbed her head. "Excellent work. Let us establish the respect Mages deserve." With that she set off courtiers to spread the word.
  5. "Bring it on Baron." Anna said simply say with a competitive glint in her eye.
  6. A Deputy Mayor's Upgrade -x- [A painting of the HOC park] - The current Deputy Mayor- Anna Henrietta- has decided to throw her hat in the ring. The well accomplished Governess stepping up to the platform as an empowering and hardworking lady of the Empire. Accomplishments: First woman to ever run the Imperial Household in Orenian history- setting a precedent for ladies all over Providence. Hired an all female management staff for the Augustine. Was Deputy Mayor under the successful Alphonse Slyvester Ran the largest city wide event-
  7. Full Name of the Mayoral Candidate: Anna Henrietta d'Arkent Age of the Mayoral Candidate: 30 Street Address of the Mayoral Candidate: The Augustine Palace
  8. A reply comes in response to the notice- confirming that the title of Governor does indeed make the title holder's addressment 'Your Excellency' and seemingly an apology that the prior Governor was never informed of such.
  9. THE CORONATION OF 1815 [A PORTRAIT OF THE CROWN JEWELS] A N N O D O M I N I 1814 Penned by the hand of Her Excellency, Anna Henrietta d’Arkent Within time- and the passing of the late and great Joseph II- it has come forth that great historical moment to crown the newest Imperial Majesty. The eldest son of our late and noble Emperor, John VIII, now has been set on the path to lead our wonderful nation into victory. The coronation will take place on the 10th of Tobias' Bounty. Beginning with a procession and parade from the ISA, leading
  10. Navy Lace - 5 White Gown - 5.70 Sky Blue Imperial - 5 Princess and Pauper - 2 Navy Lace 7
  11. Navy Lace - 5 White Gown - 5.50 Sky Blue Imperial - 5
  12. Within the sevens skies- an old Baroness from years ago rests with a cup of wine in her palm. She lifted her brow upon the Duke entering the peaceful serenity. "Ah- Uncle. Thought you would never join me, you old bat." A grin rested on her face as she lifted the cup to him. "Wish to play some Carrington Craps?"
  13. Navy and Lace - 5 White Gown - 5 Sky Blue Imperial - 5
  14. Hey Casual, As a person who cares for you and as a person who has made a lot of mistakes- the best thing to remember is not to get caught up in things with this server or you will spend your time regretting it. Remember to try and take breaks and do not be too upset over not achieving because the best thing about this server is that there is so many chances to achieve it so just keep trying. I genuinely think you have a lovely soul and in the end you are good bean. We care about you! Just keep trucking it.
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