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  1. great question ! I drive a Lamborghini. Bright red with hot wheel flames :)
  2. An Ending to a Chapter This is an odd post to write and format, especially after so long. I think part of me told me I wouldn’t stay away so I didn’t want to be one of those nerds who writes a farewell post and then comes back a few weeks later. Most people are critical of me, and that is completely understandable. I am aware of the things said about me and I own up to the mistakes I made whilst on this server. The weirdest part of this community is growing up over the past two or three years, and having screw ups that occured while I grew up in this community- haunt me while I played. No one ever said anything unless something happened again to bring the canceled train, but it was always there. This isn’t going to be a super crazy post, I know there will most likely be negative comments sprinkled in there but I have come to terms with my mistakes. I also know how angry and mean this game makes people so I take no ill will towards anyone who does. I am by no means a veteran, but I have played this game religiously on and off for about 2-3 years so I have learned a thing or two. If I may offer any sort of imparting wisdom, or any sort of last thing it would be this. Forgive yourself and forgive others. This game can be a blessing and I have made AMAZING life long friends (shout out to the Azogs, shout out to Manny and Ncarr) that have made this experience not regrettable but the community lacks the communi in communication. People grow up here, people are bound to make mistakes. Obviously I don’t mean weirdos and creeps but hopefully you understand what I am getting at. Don’t hate yourself because of the things that are said about you. It doesn’t define you and the people who are saying those awful things are hurting too. Be kind to yourself and allow yourself to own up to your mistakes and grow. Be kind to others and help in their growth. People will try to invalidate your feelings by saying it is just a game, but your emotions are valid. This is not just pixelated blocks but a community and whoever uses that line ‘its just a game’ is trying to convince themselves of the same thing. Don’t let your emotions dictate you but learn the balance of understanding it is alright to be hurt, sad, angry, happy, yadda yadda. I don’t know who needs to hear that but I know I did as a new player and even in my later years. It is okay to make mistakes. I know I didn't realize that for the longest time, but accepting the fact it is okay to muck up- it the first step into growing and not mucking up again. :) THAT BEING SAID, SAPPY STUFF OVER. I am turning up my life by fixing my car and starting up college, and I have a crap ton of skins I have been hoarding so here are some for sale! Here are a few, they go for 10-15 a pop depending on the skin. It is first come first serve and some on my name mc are for sale to if you would like to check it out. It is under the username libertyybelle! Thank you to Fie for letting me give away these to help pay for my adulting along with Ivory! Please shoot me a msg on discord if there is one on my PMC or NameMC that you want to buy. Again prices vary. Thank you all for the wonderful experience and I hope yall have a spooky Halloween! some picturez i kept
  3. Wish I pushed you more on NFT's last year

    1. monkeypoacher



      hey guys check out my lazy lion

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      guys I right clicked on an NFT am I going to go to jail forever?????

    3. libbybelle


      too bad u ghosted me 😳

  4. HEAVY IS THE HEAD -x- A life as a princess seems easy, it seems simple and complete. Pretty dresses, balls, and plenty of perks. Though it was anything but. For a life as a princess was lonely. Amelia looked to her friends, and even family and saw dolls. Sweet porcelain skin, smiles that seemed too wide. They had to be. That was all they were though, fake dolls that resembled people who if she were not a princess- would not even look twice. They hadn’t loved her for her, they loved what she could give. They loved the security that encompassed being friendly with a princess. The sooner Amelia was aware of that, the sooner she could let go. She stared in the mirror for hours, her eyes hollow from the lack of sleep. She thought about her mother, and the haunting image of her dying. Nothing hurt more than losing the one person who understood her the most and now with her brother gone, the feeling grew. They were gone and all she had was a hope she could be something more. Alas. What could she be? Her love was for the court, her love was for her home. Though love didn’t matter she learned. For even if you love something with your whole heart, it does not protect it. Nothing in life is promised. So with the rising run, she boarded a carriage and rode. Rode until Providence was only a blimp on the horizon. Not knowing where she was going, but knowing that she had to go anywhere but there.
  5. Amelia sat in her room and stared in the mirror. Another family member gone from the Renzfeld kin. “I will always have your back, Amelia.” ”Thank you, Pip.” She grimaced at the memory but knew her brother would be happy on the other side. He never really was one for court, she thought.
  6. Amelia saw her lack of personal invite and scowled, though she made a note to try and attend.
  7. Character Name: Amelia IGN: libertyybelle Discord: libbybelle#3059 Timezone: EST Teacher or student?: Student Subject(s): Ballet and Harp
  8. Amelia was doing her nightly facial routine as the tabloid was placed upon her vanity by a chamber maid. She looked upon the missive with lofted brow. ”Ah! Stunning reviewing about me once again!” she’d chirp before putting on her clay mask and resting cucumbers upon her eyes.
  9. "I don't hope such." Said Amelia quietly to herself as she read the paper alongside her ladies in waiting. Though she was very pleased with the raving reviews of her personal debut ball. "Mother would be proud to see my name mentioned so many times."
  10. Amelia smiled the sun’s smile, proud of the Orenian troops that protected not only her own home but the home of their allies. She was counting down the day to when she herself could enlist.
  11. Amelia sat within the rose gardens her mother had planted. She stared for a long time at the bright red hues that encompassed each petal. Tears fell down the young Princess’s cheeks as a single sob echoed from her chest. ”I promise I will take care of poppa and the boys and I promise-“ she stopped, choking up as her palms swiped at her cheeks desperately. “I promise I will make you proud, momma. I promise.” With that, the young Renzfeld retreated back into her room where she fell asleep cradling a small portrait she kept of the Countess.
  12. "What color should the streamers be, ocean blue or aquatic cyan?" Inquired the Renzfeld in question to her diligent ladies in waiting- Eugenie and Leopoldine. @sunflowerist @Fie
  13. Amelia smiles at the missive, getting ready for her birthday party the day after the zodiac ball!
  14. A certain princess was glad to hear that the war was not centered around her home this time.
  15. A NEW PATH FOR THE FORGOTTEN To the subjects of the Augustine, As I grow older and find myself in position to one day inherit the title of Princess Imperial, I find it only necessary to follow in my great aunt’s footsteps. The late Elizabeth Anne was an advocate for ladies from titles that were often displaced and forgotten by their male kin. A mother to most girls whose mother’s died early in the cycle of a noble lady. Birth, childhood, debut, marriage, wife, children, and then death. It is my goal to break the cycle and offer a new route for ladies to find so that their souls are not wasted away on the prospect of just being a bored housewife. That is why I now establish a society within the palace where girls may take classes and learn important things for the fields of work they wish to acquire. The following are a list of girls who will take part in the first batch. Though any girl is welcome at lessons and may inquire about keys to the dorm room. Miss Eugénie Cécile Milène Ashford de Savoie Studying in the arts whilst minoring in politics Lady Anastasya Victoria Helen Ruthern Studying in leadership whilst minoring in forieign affairs Lady Amaliya Anna Ruthern Studying in law whilst minoring in politics Lady Elizabeth Othaman Studying to become a write whilst minoring in the arts Miss Alina Isidora Basrid Studying in foreign affairs whilst minoring in religion. Miss Saifya Oma Basrid Studying in culture whilst minoring in courtly etiquette. Signed Her Imperial Highness, Princess Amelia Margaret of Renzfeld Her Excellency, Lady Mary Casimira of Carrington Governess of the Augustine
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