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  1. OrcSimp

    Come the Beast

    McName: GolemSimp Character Name: Toeboil My unibrow is one you’ll never forget
  2. Gowlur Description The Gowlur’s are a hulking breed of monkey that range in size from four feet to a rumored twelve feet. Just like their varieing heights, the Gowlur has a wide range of weights ranging from 200 pounds to upwards of almost 2000 pounds. Gowlur’s tend to have long arms and legs while their body and head often take on most of their bulk. Pelts of a Gowlur bear a wide variety of colors ranging from Red, Blue, Green, Black, and rarely White. Some of the most defining features of the Gowlur are it’s protruding face and lack of a tail. These creatures are not friendly by any means, and are a true embodiment of the wild. Discovery As the orcs began to flee from the Arcas to the jungles of [Nuu'Plaz], they soon found the jungles already belonged to a more ferocious inhabitant. Within a few day’s the orcish camps began to report screams that’d chill the spine of any uruk, man, elf, or dwarf. The screams belonged to that of the Gowlur’s, and as time went on the Gowlur’s screams were soon joined by those of an orcish origin. Behavior Within the jungles of [Nuu'Plaz] Gowlur’s can often be seen stalking, sleeping, and climbing around in search of their food. Often sitting at the tops of the massive trees within the jungle, Gowlur’s rely on their eye sight for the majority of their actions. Being omnivores the Gowlur tends to prefer eating plants, but when their farseeing eyes cannot find any they turn to more ferocious ways to feed. Should one encounter a hungry Gowlur they’d quickly be met with the scream that has terrorized orcish camps since their first few day’s in [Nuu'Plaz]. Following the scream would be the presentation of the Gowlur’s set of fangs ranging in size from 1-6 inches. Lifespan Gowlur’s can live from anywhere between 100-150 years old though once a Gowlur reaches the ripe age of 100, their ability to climb quickly begins to falter. Bub’Gow The descendants that fear orcs often tell tales of their Ologs, the massive creatures that are capable of striking fear into anyone. But within the Eternal Uzg lies a folk tale of a legendary breed of Gowlur known as the Bub’Gow. Stories say that the Bub’Gow stalk their prey for days, torturing them with their screams until the time to strike is ideal. Screams of a Bub’Gow are often heard, shaking the earth and soul of every living thing within the jungles of [Nuu'Plaz], but no one has ever seen one…. Abilities: Uses brute strength Can find anything through it’s eyesight, unless COMPLETELY covered Scream will strike fear into any living creature Weaknesses: Extremely slow movements Relies on sight to function In the dark it’s the most vulnerable Prone to disease Redlines: 8-12 feet tall, 1200-2000 pounds Needs eyesight to perform any task Bigger it is the slower it’s movements Big enough to be a mount for an olog sized creature Nub’Gow Known for its terrorizing of orcish camps, the Nub’Gow is the most common of the Gowlur species. Unlike its mythical brother, the Nub’Gow species tends to roam in packs of 3-5. Like wolves these packs of Gowlur’s have an alpha, and in dire times the alpha has been know to sacrifice itself for the pack. The scream of a Nub’Gow is higher pitched than that of a Bub’Gow, and it’s movements are noticeably faster. Abilities: Tries to deceive its prey inorder prior to its pack attacking Can find anything through it’s eyesight, unless COMPLETELY covered Screams may not scare a player, but will draw their attention Weaknesses Relies in sight to function If separated from the pack Nub’Gow tend to shut down Extremely vulnerable in the dark Prone to disease Redlines: 6-8 feet tall, 800-1200 pounds Needs eyesight to perform any task Faster than a Bub’Gow but still sluggish in it’s movements Big enough to be mounted by humans/elf sized creatures Mini’Gow Found within the caves of the [Nuu'Plaz]’s jungles, is the rabid Gowlur known as the Mini’Gow. Tiny but mighty, this species of Gowlur thrives in the dark finding and eating all forms of life within their caves. Mini’Gow are known to have anywhere between 1-12 within their packs in a cave. The scream they offer is the most high pitched, and when multiple scream at once in close proximity orcs have been known to go deaf. Abilities: Attacks like a rabid dog using hit and run tactics Nocturnal Fastest but weakest of the Gowlur’s Deafening scream when done in groups Weaknesses: Extremely vulnerable in light As flammable as a leaf Bleeding won’t stop unless done by player Redlines: 4-6 feet tall, 200-800 pounds Needs eyesight to perform any task Extremely fast but weak Big enough to be mountain by halfling, goblin, and dwarf sized creatures Player mounted Mini’Gow cannot utilize deafening scream ability ‘Tameability’ On the rare chance you survive an encounter with a Gowlur the ability to tame them is possible. Should the eyesight of the Gowlur disappear, so would it’s ability to function on its own. Through persistence you can become the ‘eyes’ of the Gowlur, but should you become the eyes, it’s hands and feet become yours. Being mounted on a Gowlur, you cannot not do anything other than guide the blinded creature. Should you start doing another action aside from talking on the back of this monkey you may quickly be dismounted without warning. Taming/Mount Redlines: Requires the creature be blinded temporarily or permanently Cannot do any combat or non-combat actions while mounted and moving besides talking. If stationary you can do non-combat emotes without worry. Will not kill or harm for its rider, but can pin players down, if rider dismounts Gowlur releases the player Can’t do anything on its own beside non-combat emotes when blinded without a mounted rider Will flee from/attack rider and all other players if sight is regained Can only be tamed through roleplay in an event Mechanics: Can be represented using a horse or item given by ET. Role played through environmental emotes not as a playable character.
  3. OrcSimp

    A Toe in Need

    This is the font, of the greatest goblin in all of Arcas whether you like it or not ❤️
  4. OrcSimp

    A Toe in Need

    Art done by @bookstar [!] One fateful night Toeboil visited the great nation of Urguan through some strong persuasion from those he’d like to call friends. After sometime within Urguan, Toeboil began admitting to the creation of the device that Skalp’Raguk the Uniter used to blow himself up along with many dwarves. Soon after, his fate was sealed and the under-king decided to spare his life, in favor of removing the tools used to create the device. The under-king had Toeboil’s fragile hands removed…. On the 12th of The Amber Cold, 1777, Toeboil had a conversation with Rex Ugrad’lur or as the Rex knows him as Blazt’Ox. During this conversation Ugrad’lur made it known his want of boomsteel. Toeboil was determined to keep goblin steel buried within the ground so that no weapon such as his own could ever be created again. Just as the scarred goblin was about to walk off, Ugrad’lur managed to convince Toeboil to bring back his boomforge. To bring back the way of life that once made him the richest goblin in all of Krugmar. Though Toeboil quickly ran into a very unique problem, due to the fact he had no hands the boomsmith quickly realized the under-king was successful in removing his ability to forge boomsteel. Over the course of the next few years Toeboil set out, set out to find one person/creature to take as his apprentice. Maybe you reading this could be that person/creature….. If you’d like the chance to have access to the largest supply of boomsteel in all of Arcas, and access one of the few minds who understands how to forge boomsteel now is the time. If you're strong-willed, able to receive a whole new level of criticism that will crush your soul, and most importantly creative then leave your name below and the great and beautiful Toeboil will swiftly begin the vetting process! (Do not meta this information, all you know is Toeboil be looking for someone. Post is meant to show a bit of background oocly, and to help me find people interested.) IGN: RP Name: Race (I don’t discriminate, just curious): Reason why you want to understand/forge boomsteel: Is Toeboil the most beautiful goblin in Arcas?: Also add me on discord @DragoonNuts#3613
  5. An aging goblin shifts within cave, the scent of sulfur once more filling the air, “Wub dah zkah is dah pinkiz gruken dey kan majk.” the goblins voice raspy as he spoke, “Mi mayk dah zkahurz zumten, zumten rehli nice.”
  6. Be gone homophobes 

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  9. Was always intrigued by blood magic, and this seems like a way to bring in a lot of cool rp rather than combat magic. The fact sacrifices must be alive is even better because it means the player gets to witness something truly amazing.
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