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  1. I am prepared to learn -AmericanSimp
  2. Once again you bring up some good points. Like anything in this server you can’t just change it all at once, and your right in it will prime people to argue. Maybe we could start by reworking the Cloud Temple Monks? Allowing for characters to show the weight of their crimes more, especially during limb loss. Want to maybe find a middle ground in the discussion between myself and you in regards to having a more meaningful death if forced pks are out of the picture.
  3. I definitely see what your talking about all the time. Maybe having the cloud temple monks just unable to heal the loss of a limb could be a good start. Throughout the different nations there are plenty of ways to get new limbs, and this would allow for those magics to become utilized more often.
  4. That is a very strong and valid point. Maybe to ease the server into a stronger PK clause allow nations to have 1 or 2 offenses that if committed will justify a PK clause if killed/executed on their tile in relation to the crime. All pk offenses would require mod approval to ensure people don’t have absurd rules
  5. I understand your POV, but I think you misunderstood my example. That example was not for the players first time. Getting killed due to breaking the rules and dying due to lack of knowledge, stupidity, or whatever is justifiable. But if a person does it over and over I believe there’s just reason for a PK. Maybe we should talk about a scenario based PK Request system? Food for thought
  6. Background LoTC is full of many personas varying in acknowledgement and personal power they hold. At the same time, these personas die, but whether that is permanent relies on the player behind them. According to the rules of the server the only way you can be forced to PK is through suicide which is a great rule. BUT what is suicide on LoTC? Defining ‘Suicide’ on LoTC Through my time killing and being killed I have seen so many people literally commit suicide but not PK. Your probably wondering what I mean by that, and what I mean by that is say your group is running from a fight. One persona decides to stay behind, fending off the opposing group at the cost of their own life. Yet they will return to their group being praised as a hero as if they didn’t just die. In my opinion that is suicide, because that persona knew full well he was going to die staying behind alone. Suicide by definition is the intentional killing oneself, yet we allow personas to do so in other ways than by their own hand. Another scenario would be a ‘political’ suicide. Say a persona decides they are going to break a couple rules from a nation/race to purposefully spite them. The person knows full well that punishment for breaking these rules is death, yet does the action anyways. The next day they walk straight into the home of that nation/race once again knowing the group will kill their persona. Said persona doesn’t PK and instead continues to break the rules, and continues putting themself in places that they know will get them executed over and over. I’ve personally seen this happen many times, and it’s a plague to a community because it will never end until the person gets bored of dying. So my big question to debate is, “Should suicide (Other than through ones own hand) be allowed to continue without PK’s or should we refine the suicide rule.” This concludes my Ted Talk
  7. Deep within a cave marked by the ever flowing blood of slaves sits Luga’Gorkil, a smile crossing his face as the claim reaches his ears. “Lat waz mi zekund znaga, buh lat iz mi azhzt pryde.....” the voice of the gorkil strong as his hand fell atop a shrine to Levaz, “Lat kan nub keyp uz ull en chaynz ut peepz!”
  8. Orcs are doing the best they have been in a long time. Averaging 4-6% activity
  9. If anything join the server as one of the starter races, and then apply to become an Olog once that initial application is accepted. Ologs don’t speak much, but you’ll have to learn a bit of the orc language. (We will gladly teach you and even help with your English) Ologs are basically just 8-10 foot hunks of muscle and fat. When I first started playing with the orc race I didn’t know the language at all, and this race allowed me to slowly learn it over time as I focused more on reading other players dialogue than making my own.
  10. An aging goblin peered over the parchment for a time before quietly speaking to himself, “Chugaz grukz diz azh iz different frum dah udur Ireheyrt Ztowtz,” the goblin’s voice flowed with a sense calm within his drug littered crib, “Buh mi iz peepen mor tu peep wub wyl happun uf nubazh, ztepz furwerd...”
  11. OrcSimp

    Come the Beast

    McName: GolemSimp Character Name: Toeboil My unibrow is one you’ll never forget
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