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  1. My message to glassy: Never back down, never WHAT!?
  2. I agree with all the points brought up in this post. Hope to see some real change on the server soon! 👍 i need moar reagents i need moar reagents bigger tier potions !
  3. The Oyashiman Hexer, Masuo of Yamatai, reads this document and purses his lips. He has now been put in a tough position. Supporting his lifelong friend in her defense of these supposed righteous imposters, or investigating into them further and potentially uncovering an ugly truth, and being forced to act. He retreats to Spiris Eoin to deliberate.
  4. It's because the folks in the RP scenario just wanted to walk up and be unabashedly racist. Simple as.
  5. Sanjuro the Ronin reads upon the missive with a rather disappointed, yet uninterested, gaze. He crumples the paper up, and tosses it into the mud. "Typical human nation hug-box politics." He says, to no one in particular, and in a lingo yet unheard of. "Next, they'll pin something on the orks, and war them. Or maybe the elves. Or maybe the dwarves." He chuckles, then taking a swig of sake. "It's all cyclical."
  6. The Ronin, Sanjuro, furiously reads the Weekli in search of some reference of his name or the first Klomp held within the fight pits. Upon discovering that his name was absent, and that his conquest as the first champion of the Klomping Pits remained untold, he grimaced and crumpled the issue up. "Serves better as toilet paper." He grumbles, thinking rather disappointing thoughts.
  7. Now this, is epic. Editing because I realize I could plug something. I think when your character is in a high up position, such as NL, they should most certainly fall under a PK clause UNDER CERTAIN CONDITIONS. Raiding without planning in RP beforehand, banditting, and other low tier effort roleplay need not apply. However, if we were to use a system akin to, say, heisting or some such, then it would be more digestible. Trust me, I remember the day when the Oren Emperor got JFK'd and lived because "I dun wanna PK", and then the entire nation had to BS a reason why their emperor who was very publicly murdered is now walking the streets. In general, I'm an advocate for first death PK with legitimate roleplay, and I feel as though monk revives harm narrative as a whole. But that's just me.
  8. Rest in Peace. It's always heart wrenching to lose a member of this tight-knit community we have. It always hurts just a little bit more when it's someone you saw around, but never got the opportunity to interact with. It's a comfort to know that she was loved, and will continue to be loved. Thank you for sharing this post.
  9. map we're on for a week or so btw.
  10. The Ronin Hexer, Masuo of Yamatai, reads the warning while traveling along the roads. "Hrm." He grunts. "All this talk of Mori and giant spiders, and now the world is allying against one Nation." He'd purse his lips. "They better figure out their priorities, while this threat looms on the horizon." "A house divided cannot stand." He'd hum the words of a great philosopher of some far-off land, before crumpling the paper and tossing it aside.
  11. And blood-black nothingness began to spin.
  12. Masuo of Yamatai reads the missive with furrowed brows, noting how the child is trying to postulate knowing of war, and attempt to trap their mother in guilt over actions. He'd chuckle, tearing the parchment into fertilizer. "Children and their naïveté." He'd surmise.
  13. Masuo of Yamatai breathes a hefty sigh of relief for his friend, the Archduchess. He'd smile upon this news, having heard of the capture prior, but not of the outcome. He would make a pilgrimage to Petra soon enough, to celebrate.
  14. Sometimes I don't want to type a longwinded reply, as it's not worth my time and energy. A simple downvote works just as fine if I disagree but don't feel it necessary to write out a comment.
  15. I knew him mostly in name, but my heart weeps so bad for him and his family as if he were my own kin. A loss in this community is a terrible thing, no matter how big or small. I urge all of you folks to take a small moment and appreciate those around you both here and in flesh and blood. Life can change in an instant, and it's important to cherish those you love and care for. Rest in Peace, Szander, and may your memory live on.
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