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Declaration for House Staunton

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The Return of a Legacy

Free State Seal.psd




After the fall of Percius Mauntel II, Calethia sat silent, with few residents still remaining. With House Mauntel in crisis, a lost member returns, Cassius Mauntel, brother of Percius Mauntel II, son of Percius Mauntel I.


Cassius, born and raised beside Percius, had been a Courland native with his family. While his brother was governing the Kingdom of Courland, and ruling the State of Calethia, Cassius was out learning about the world, travelling to the capitals and towns around Axios, learning as much as he could. Upon hearing about the death of his beloved brother, Cassius returned to his family. Knowing the work that had to be done, Cassius stepped up to lead his family, with no objections made.


With his new position as the head of Calethia, Cassius made a statement to anyone who wished to hear.


"Upon the death of my brother, I, Cassius Mauntel, claim the land of Calethia as my own, and claim the head of House Mauntel. My brother was a good man, someone who saw the best in people, someone who did things for the good of people- he was selfless. The only thing I can hope to do is to live up to his reputation. I've attempted to commit a portion of my life to knowledge, and now, I commit the rest to do what is best for people, and for my family.  As the first order of business, I, Cassius Mauntel, declare Calethia, and any other holding of House Mauntel, as a vassal of the Noble House Staunton, a dear friend of ours since our house was just being created. I know this decision may not be supported by some parts of House Mauntel, but I assure you it is for the best.”


The content of the speech was to be written down to be legally binding, Declaring House Mauntel as vassals of House Staunton.


~Cassius Mauntel, Head of House Mauntel, Protector of Calethia




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Zani Mauntel squints, recalling the many years she led the State alone. Having met this man only once, the woman made her way to speak to the brother of her deceased Husband.

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Eona Windsor-Mauntel frowns. She's never met this man, and Calethia was doing perfectly fine without Cassius (and was certainly not in a crisis). She's too tired and stressed to even think about joining her mother quite yet.

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