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Afflicted - The Second Coming

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An Adept Afflicted altering a good portion of their body, appearing roughly as a prosthetic, a hazy Affliction stemming from his hand to other areas.

((Credit to Chris Rahn))








In epochs of yore scant accounts of these Afflicted have surfaced; the handful of recovered scraps and documents yield little more than some undecipherable prose, presumably heavily enciphered as to hamper prying eyes from uncovering the true contents present therein. Nearly only a singular modicum of cogent information has ever been wholly uncovered from these texts; the procedure is one of such sophisticated Alchemy, probably even more troublesome to recreate than the likes of homunculi or chimera, in all likelihood. Even fewer are those who bore witness to the generation of archaic Afflicted; speaking of near insurmountable foes that were more so twisted beasts than that of descendants, horrors of foul origins.


In more recent times the concoction mandatory to Afflict an individual has been fabricated anew, a diluted deviation of the horrors that existed years agone, though undoubtedly requiring the same degree of alchemical prowess and slim chance. This return of the Afflicted was impermanent, a flawed concoction, unable to maintain a firm grasp within the individual - the Affliction withered into mere nothingness.


Dismayed, the discovering Alchemist began at new efforts near a decade later, seeking to usher in a new brood of the Afflicted, a new beginning.




“Stray from the crude, malign machinations of the generations bygone, compose our Affliction anew.”


This reemergence of the Affliction digresses even further from its original roots, now a mixture of both alchemy and liquid essence, mana made corporeal. By an amalgam of an alchemical concoction wrought of carefully cultivated reagents and liquid mana a newfound being is brought into fruition, the Affliction, although in a premature stage. Even with an abundance of the aforementioned the likes of a skilled Alchemist is a prerequisite to concoct the Affliction, one whom has furthered their learning of Alchemy.



A rudimentary depiction of the Affliction in its earliest stage, inert.

((Credit to Enipnion))


The Affliction is a pitiable thing on its own regard, harbored therein the phial it is birthed, being suspended in an lethargic state. Regarding aesthetics it appears roughly as a miniscule creature, translucent and discolored in design. The Affliction has outstanding potential with the boons it later will bring, known as the Affliction; yet it shall will ultimately perish within this inactive existence if it is not imbibed within a year dating from creation (One irl week). The Affliction requires a functioning host to properly function and flourish past this stage of feeble infancy; the being of a Descendant is an ideal location.


Another change from the last iteration is that the individual in question has to willingly accept the Affliction to have it establish, if it is imbibed and not accepted naught will take root.




“To associate with the malevolent is damnatory, nor will I correlate with the overly zealous, no- we strike our own accord.”


The Affliction references the creature itself and the boons it grants, whilst the Afflicted itself is the hosting individual.

No longer are those who wield the Affliction classified as a creature, but rather they are the bearers of this new boon, furthering their alchemical aptitude. The Affliction is not completely alchemy, neither rooted in magic, but an amalgamation of both, Further Alchemy.


The connection, symbiosis-


This symbiosis begins when an individual ingests the concoction which harbors the torpid being. Though this imbibed being hastily dissolves within the span of a year (one ooc week) as it procures a shroud or veil around the bearer’s psyche, without interfering with the inner intricacies; this is a measly grasp that will stabilize and strengthen over time and bond alike. This minute Affliction passively feasts on the mana naturally procured by the bearer’s psyche; basically comparable to the likes of equivalent exchange, sprouting a larger shroud than the meager veil it formerly procured over a great span of time. A handful of Saint’s days shall pass before the Affliction may decide to make itself known to that whom nurses it; one may be strained awake as a startling pain envelops over them, procuring the feeling of dulled nausea, the individual experiencing something similar to a cold sweat, though in truth it is the Affliction excreting measly amounts of liquefied essence.


With enough familiarization as well trial and error an Afflicted is capable of voluntarily exuding the Affliction which in turn can be used to partially sculpt their being into something different. This is dissimilar to the preceding Affliction that utilized the actual body of the individual to temporarily manipulate the body, namely flesh and bone. Instead, this iteration is based off of a variant of liquid mana; which is capable of manifesting from the symbiotic being, and in turn, themselves, as a liquid, haze, mist, or furthermore, this is for the Afflicted in question to determine, though providing no mechanical difference, merely aesthetic.



Liquid essence plays a good portion within the newest generation of Afflicted, also known as Liquid Mana.

((Credit to Artlanding))


On the Soul-


This iteration of the Affliction is fashioned as to be far less detrimental to the Afflicted individual in question. Rather than the crude, malignant parasitism of the generation bygone this amalgamation of Alchemy and Mana has been sculpted to toil in a symbiotic relation with the organism that has assimilated it within themselves. Soon after ingesting the concoction the being forms a veil around the individual’s soul, dissolving as it does so.


This newfound Affliction bonds with the psyche in such a prudent manner so as to not dilute the purity of their inner being, whilst the previous brood sullied the soul to something horrendous; this modern forthcoming refrains from altering with a thing so vaguely known, instead constructing a shroud or bulwark around the bearer’s soul, strengthening over a long period of time.


On Magics-


An Afflicted individual is quite able of utilizing magics and the like, though they are limited in this regard as the proceeding brood were; the variety of magic one can wield is diminished. The shrouding Affliction obstructs practically all deific connections such as the likes of Aeriel’s boon, Clericalism, and Xannism, nor would the Aenguls likely approve one of their own being an Afflicted. Dark arts that warp the psyche of a persona are also unable to be used; this barrier formed by Affliction disallowing both deific and dark interference, the only exception being Blood magic, an art which does not change the soul. This leaves the arcane on the table, however. Those that utilize the void for their various casts are still wholly affected by voidal degradation. This is not to say that one must be a practitioner of the arcane in order to be an Afflicted or continue their progress therein; warriors that rely on martial skill alone or a combination of both are quite capable of wielding the Affliction, no doubt. The Affliction on its own does not degrade the body.


The Affliction is categorized as Further Alchemy.




“You will be I, and I will be you, we are singular, yet separate.”


On the body-


Although the newfound iteration appears substantially less crude, malignant, and things of that manner this amalgamation of Alchemy and Mana it is not without faults, the flaws are never truly able to be eradicated, they remain, in some way, shape, or form.


As the Affliction bonds within the host, alteration in their qualities should be anticipated, the changes will be minor unless the Affliction is neglected, deprived.

Soon after the connection is established their skin slowly begins an usher to a lightly gray, somewhat pallor even; irises subdue to a dimmer tinct, eventually near devoid of chromatic color; countenances themselves appearing recessed, sunken and gaunt.


Temperamental relation-


Troubling enough for this symbiotic relation to persist the Afflicted must regularly ingest a small variety of concoctions, specifically liquid mana and some types of alchemical elixirs. This is because the Affliction idly feasts on the mana passively generated by the soul it dearly attempts to not gorge or consume further than what it deems the minimal, lest the bearer be hampered from a lack of passive mana, or worse, perish. A much needed solution comes in the form of ingesting Liquid Essence itself and various forms of Alchemical elixirs, utilizing these to satiate the ever hungering shroud of Affliction. If the individual does not imbibe the aforementioned on some basis of regularity they will begin to appear further and further haggardly, perchance even giving the appearance of a leper as the Affliction strains itself to acquire the needed sustenance to preserve itself. With enough neglect the symbiotic shroud will decide to invoke a plethora of mental ailments on the host such as persisting nausea and even psychosis; these are tells or signs that Affliction is unable to survive from the mere nutrition the host is offering, withering in a sense. Hopefully an Afflicted will notice these detrimental changes which should prompt them to consume either liquid mana or alchemical concoctions, not for their own sake, but for that of the Afflictions very welfare. After ingesting a suitable amount of the aforesaid the Affliction will siphon it from their being and feast thereon. This will eventually revert the individual in question to a more healthily impression, these mental illnesses fading away into obscurity. However, should the Afflicted neglect these foreboding omens they will undoubtedly succumb to a warped fate, the Affliction shall take matters into its own machinations and corrupt the host t0 achieve the sustenance it so needs, polluting their minds and bodies alike. More on this later.


Afflicted age somewhat slower due to the symbiotic relation, as long as it is maintained, the being working on keeping the host functional for a longer period, as without the bearer the Affliction would be naught. Lifespans are increased usually by a third, so for an example a human could possibly live to a maximum of 200 years instead of 150.



A newly Afflicted seemingly devoid of physical or mental ailment, liquid mana at his flank to ingest whenever needed.

((Credit to an unknown artist))


Much as any other descendant, Afflicted still wholly possess blood and bone, being susceptible to the throes of mortality and all that it entails. Their maws still require sustenance to keep them functioning, slumber is entirely necessary for function. A blade will cut and maim them as it would any other, a magi’s cast of flame will still scorch and incinerate. Overall, their inner workings are identical to Descendants, as that is what they are. While the last brood of Afflicted were endowed with uncanny physical enhancements this forthcoming ensures they remain as prior to the symbiotic relation, entirely untouched in this regard as the Affliction does not tamper with their inner beings in a malign manner, unwarped.




“Make no mistake, whilst you harbor, I will offer.”


The Affliction is a peculiar boon, no doubt, while some various aspects harken back to the Afflicted of yore there are a number of newfound capabilities and characteristics to this succeeding brood. Although the last iteration was practically capable of utilizing their boon near unceasingly this is no longer; the boon offered by the Affliction can only be exerted for so long before it ultimately falters and recedes into an impermanent state of recuperation, encroaching back to complete fruition after a Saint’s day has transpired. The sheer amount of efficient usage one can derive from their Affliction increases with the mere passage of time as well experience gained by practice and teaching, similar to the majority of magics.


The Affliction follows a tier based system not dissimilar from regular magics, their aptitude increasing as the shroud around their psyche strengthens.


-Bodily Alteration-

“Better suit yourself, if only for a short while.”



((Credit to Anthony Fransico))


Alteration of oneself is the focal point for this newfound brood of Affliction, much as the generation of bygone. Utilizing an amalgam of liquid essence and alchemical compound (Referred to as the Affliction) an Afflicted can temporarily sculpt their beings into something different; this combination can take the aesthetic of a liquid or mist/haze, there is no mechanical change. Whilst vaguely similar to transmutation the procedure is not magical, but rather revolves around the Affliction becoming manifest for a brief while, excreting the aforementioned amalgamation from the bearer’s pores and the like to subsequently direct and form around the region desired, hardening, shaping into whatever willed. This manipulation can alter limbs into a prosthetic-esque appearance as depicted above or merely build atop the body of the individual, more akin to adding a layer over the skin, as one would garb themselves in cloth or metal. These changes to one’s body are non permanent, reverting after some time has passed or at the individual’s will. Similarly, the more extensive the changes are is based on the aptitude of that individual. The excreted liquid/haze/mist is generally hues of gray, but can take the color of the bearer’s aura. Pain is invoked during alteration, lesser and lesser as one progresses.


- Formed weaponry are not greater than their mundane counterparts. A bladed arm would serve just as a normal blade. Procured armor is a bit lighter than their normal counterparts as it is completely fitted around one’s body, though there is no added defense.


- These formations are unable to be done instantaneously, generally taking 2-3 emotes depending on the size of the manipulation in question. Someone could pull out a weapon quicker than an Afflicted could make one, for example.


- Concentration is needed to perform alteration, especially in the more beginning tiers; pain is also invoked, a mage would be unable to perform magic whilst the procedure occurs.


- Following up on the last redline, after performing alteration one would find their casts weakened or be even entirely unable to procure their magics as the pain still lingers. Keep in mind one's casts would cease during the procedure.

T1 Afflicted - Unable to use magic for 5 emotes after a finished alteration.

T2 - Unable to use magic for 4 emotes after a completed alteration.

T3 - Unable to use magics for a brief while, 3 emotes, after a finished alteration.

T4 - Unable to utilize magic for 2 emotes after finishing an alteration.

T5 - One can not utilize magic for 1 emote after complementing an alteration.


- The aesthetic is up to the player’s discretion, whether the excreted essence be mist/haze-like that travels over the area to manipulate it or a viscous liquid. This is also the deal with how the manipulated area appears, perhaps completely changing the region as shown in the depiction or merely seeming as if something was overlaid the skin, etcetera. There is no mechanical difference.


- Alterations can not extend past three meters (blocks). A pike or a spear would likely be the longest alteration, ranged weaponry is not possible, but things such as quills are.


-Bodily Attachment-

“I lend my aid- wield it well, host.”


A more complex division of bodily alteration, attachment grants an experienced Afflicted the aptitude to form short-term additions to their present body. As the name suggests bodily attachment builds off of the individual rather than change as alteration does. Through enough concentration one can will the Affliction to build off of themselves, constructing something entirely new. As alteration this can roughly be likened to the art of Transmutation. An example of what this allows would be formation of extra appendages, though lesser than normal limbs. The amount that can be attached to one's body is finite, the more one has procured the less feasible they truly are to utilize; attachments must remain attached onto the body to function. Similarly to alteration attachment invokes pain upon the persona, becoming less of a burden as the Afflicted becomes more experienced.



An Afflicted individual practicing Bodily Attachment.

((Credit to Chris Rallis))


- As alterations, attachments are not instantaneous and generally takes 3-4 emotes to form, more or less depending on the size and density.


- Only accessible to Tiers 3 and higher.


- As with alteration concentration is needed to perform an attachment successfully; pain is also brought into the picture once again, disallowing a mage the concentration to keep their casts prepared.


- Following up on the last redline, after performing attachment one would find their casts weakened or be even entirely unable to procure their magics as the pain still lingers. As before, one's casts would cease during the procedure.

T3 - Unable to use magics for 4 emotes after completing an attachment.

T4 - Unable to utilize magic for 3 emotes after finishing an attachment.

T5 - Unable to use magics for 2 emotes after finishing attachment.


- Five is the maximum attachments capable, the more additions equals the less they are feasible, degrading them. For instance, with five attachments each would only have the diameter and strength of a child’s arm; vice versa, if only one attachment was utilized the appendage would be comparable to a knight’s arm, that of a honed warrior.


- Attachments can not extend past six meters (blocks)


-Bodily Enhancement-

“Amplify what is already there, grant them a small portion.”


Enhancements are the last capability of this new iteration of Affliction; being relegated to the most experienced, and as such it is the most complicated to utilize and successfully perform. Roughly, enhancements are minute strains of the Affliction, taken from an individual that harnesses the Affliction to be combined in an alembic with several other varying reagents to eventually result in a multitude of specialized concoctions.


Enhancements are categorized in two divisions, superior and inferior; with the former being the most arduous to concoct, though granting greater effects, and vice versa. These strains are gathered by an experienced Afflicted conjuring their Affliction, whether it be a liquid/haze/mist, it does not truly matter, with some degree of concentration they must force it into a phial; this leaves the individual somewhat fatigued, surely not something to be done in combat, or other stress inducing encounters. These superior and inferior concoctions can be promptly ingested by any individual that manages to acquire them.


Theoretically this means a non-Afflicted persona could indeed concoct these enhancements if they possessed both the prerequisites, the knowledge and reagents. Enhancements last for one year (one week) before their effects are lost, if one were to try and down another enhancement right after the prior expired they would find themselves unable to do so. The body needs time to recuperate from being under the effects of these concoctions, making one wait a year before they can successfully ingest another superior enhancement. Inferior enhancements do not have cool downs as superior, but one can not double up on them. An individual can only have a singular superior or one inferior enhancement in use during any given time. These enhancements must be ingested within a year of their creation of the strains within them will become inert, expiring. Superior enhancements are fickle concoctions, there is not a sure guarantee that they will take hold within those that imbibe them.



An Alchemist attempting to make an Enhancement.

((Credit to Dave Raposa))




Inferior enhancement of vision

This enhancement is one of the simpler ones, once imbibed eyes begin dilate; bringing mild discomfort for a brief while as it begins to take complete affect. Afterwards the user’s visual perception is increased, though this only aids one in low-light environments, such as a subterranean cave, or perhaps a basement. Eyes will begin to strain and ache if they are within a darkened atmosphere for too long; a quick remedy for this would be the introduction of light, their vision no longer straining to make out things within the dark. One can not see things further away in any greater clarity. The concoction appears a light hue of purple.    


Base: Strain of Affliction (Vial full)

2 symbols of Earth (Life)

1 symbol of Fire (Empowerment)

2 symbols of Water (Fluity)



Inferior enhancement of hunger

Another simple enchantment, though no doubt still useful. Soon after being downed the person will perceive a pain originating from their stomach, much as if they have not had sustenance in several days. Sooner rather than later this discomfort gives way, for the span the enhancement remains they shall feel no hunger, no thirst. This is ideal for treks and expeditions, or just long spans of traveling where one would normally have to stop to grant themselves sustenance; or mayhaps for one that does not possess the means to acquire food and drink. This concoction takes to a darkened hue of brown.  


Base: Strain of Affliction (Vial full)

2 symbols of Earth (Protection)

2 symbol of Water (Calmness)



Inferior enhancement of respiration

Shortly after consuming this concoction one would feel as though their lungs are giving in upon themselves, tightening. This horrid feeling gives way generally within a minute, the enhancement quickly filtering through the persona, leaving them with a greater capacity to respirate, double that of what it was prior. An example being one could hold their breath for twofold longer than what they once could have. This does not replicate the effects of a potion of water breathing however; one can still drown or asphyxiate if they were not granted the air their lungs require, merely taking longer to do so. The concoction itself looks to be a dark blue.


Base: Strain of Affliction (Vial full)

1 Symbols of Water (Fluidity)

1 Symbols of Air (Speed)

1 Symbol of Earth (Resilience)     




When one downs a superior enhancement they must /roll 100.


If the individual gets lower than a 50 then enhancement will not take effect, resulting in a botched concoction, ingredients and all lost.


Afflicted individuals have a decently greater margin for success, requiring at least a 40.



Superior enhancement of regeneration

When one ingests this concoction their veins would feel as if clogged, a decent amount of pressure being applied onto the joints as the enhancement courses through, taking a brief while to travel into the extremities and so forth. These crippling effects lessen usually within the hour. Whenever dealt minor cuts and stabs the individual’s blood gradually clots over itself, leaving scabrous remnants. This affect only occurs when not in stressful situations such as combat. Anything bigger than minor wounds are not able to be scabbed; if one were to be run through with a blade they would still surely bleed out, not counting the fact they were in battle. Though if one were to be cut or sliced partially with bladed weapons such as a gash upon the arm their blood would gradually clot the wound over, when conflict is no longer apparent. The finished concoction appears to be a light crimson.


Base: Strain of Affliction (Two vial fulls)

3 symbols of Earth (Life, Resilience)

2 symbols of Fire (Courage)

2 symbols of Water (Calmness)

1 symbol of Air (Speed)



Superior enhancement of strength

Arguably the greatest enhancement one can concoct, and thus requiring the most reagents. When one completely quaffs this enhancement their muscles and tendons provide great struggle to most movements, either completely stiffening the individual or forcing their actions to be extremely sluggish at the very best. Within the hour of downing the concoction these troubling effects will subside, leaving the muscles in a physique greater than what they were prior. The superior enhancement merely replicates the peak physical condition the person in question had, an imitation of their prime. This concoction would be ideal for elderly knights, soldiers, or furthermore to regain the strength they once possessed, if only for a singular year. Those that are under the effects of this enhancement must take heed at how they exert themselves; performing actions that they normally could not do will result in aching muscles and tendons, even breaking if they are done too often or too long. Endurance is entirely unaffected with the concoction, it is the same as before. As such this enhancement has no real effect on children or those who have not yet experienced their physical prime such as teenagers. Those that practice arts that degrade the body such as voidal magics and dark magics cannot utilize this enhancement, nothing will happen as the concoction is unable to circumvent such physical changes. The concoction itself appears as a dull green color.


Base: Strain of Affliction (Two vial fulls)

3 symbols of Earth (Strength x2, Resilience)

2 symbols of Fire (Empowerment, Strength)

1 symbol of Water (Rebirth)

1 symbol of Air (Speed)


- Enhancement creation must be documented, similar to the creation of draughts. An LT/MT/GM must have signed the concoction for it to be a valid enhancement. This is just to ensure you possess simple proof you can bring forth if it is questioned.


- One must gain the strain of Affliction from an actual Afflicted, but anyone that has the reagents and knowledge of the recipe can concoct them, it is not locked to Afflicted individuals.


- One can only have a singular enhancement active at any given time. Both categories last an ingame year (one week) once ingested. There is a week cooldown for superior enhancements before they can be imbibed again.


- The Afflicted in question must be at least Tier 4 to procure strains.


- If not used within the week that there were created enhancements expire.




Beginning (Tiers 1-2)

Intermediate (Tiers 3-4)

Adept (Tier 5)



Only a single body alteration is currently possible for a newfound Afflicted to perform. Rudimentary changes are only feasible such as fingers changing into crude metallic talons. A good amount of pain is invoked when one performs alterations at this tier.



Two Body alterations are possible, though mostly still rudimentary. Small portions of extremities can be altered such as forming the Affliction over your fist and part of the forearm to harden it. Pain is still invoked but the individual is likely tolerating it better.




Three alterations can be had as the Afflicted progresses to this intermediate stage. Full limb changes are possible, such as causing the Affliction to course over your arm and harden the appendages, fist tapering off into a point, edges of the limb becoming sharp. Bodily attachment becomes possible at this point, with two being the most. Pain is still generated, though easier to ignore.




Four alterations, entire portions of the body can be altered, more than just extremities. Four attachments are possible. Pain is barely present for Afflicted in this tier, moreso a passive pain that can be shrugged off. This does not shorten the emotes needed for their abilities. Afflicted can now create strains for use in bodily enhancement.



One has achieved near mastery of their Affliction, Adept. Five alterations are able to be performed, as well five attachments. Nothing new is truly learned at this tier, but rather refinement of what is already known. Pain is barely noticed, though as before this does not shorten the emotes needed for each ability.





Mid-tier Bodily Alteration:


Johan hoisted his once idled limb in front of himself, held at a diagonal, soon thereafter his features contorted into a pained grimace, stifled yelps of pain procuring- a viscous fluid began to pervade from the pores, taking to a light gray hue.


This peculiar liquid coursed over the majority of his limb, the alteration underneath hardly visible. Some metal appearing material began to formulate over the man’s arm, covering over the skin similar as to how one would don clothes.


Johan’s limb began to appear more so as some form of bladed weaponry, a long sword. Flesh underneath hidden by a layer of this solidified essence, the liquid no longer apparent, all formed into the chitin-like weapon.  


Mid-tier Bodily Attachment:


Markus glanced amok the interior of the humble dwelling, ensuring none were present. His brows took to a strained knit as if concentrating on some unseen effort, with some time a blue hued murk manifested from the man's tanned skin, hovered near his left shoulder.


Finally the summoned Affliction coursed down Markus’ arm, though entwining about it as a boa would constrict its prey. This enwrapping mist hardened and shaped into a corporeal metallic-esque material, laid over the limb as though peculiar armor.


Churning and writhing this newly formed metal-esque limb gradually uncoiled from Markus; coming to hover over the bearer’s shoulder- edge of the appendage appearing as a fine point, like a spear, it barely exceeded the reach of his arm in length, diameter roughly the same as the limb it formed around.





“Alchemy is not for those who dare not trod in the unknown, the uncertain.”



A corrupt Afflicted performing Bodily Alteration.

((Credits to Jayto))


Those that do not keep their Affliction satiated will ultimately be met with a crude upbringing, from where it originally drew the moniker of the Affliction. Instead of a cooperative symbiosis one will be subjected to parasitism, much similar to the first iteration of Affliction that was briefly present on Axios.


As with normal Afflicted symbiosis is shared between the host and Affliction, the latter passively feasting on the mana procured by one’s psyche, and in turn procured a veil, or shroud around the soul to grant the individual control over it, though to a certain degree. Though the Affliction cannot sustain itself wholly on the host’s mana lest it involuntarily kills the host through devouring all their passive mana, the symbiotic being renders several mental and physical omens that it can not acquire the sustenance it requires. To circumvent this one would regularly imbibe liquid essence or alchemical concoctions, it being siphoned from their beings and feeding the Affliction; if one neglected to do so however the symbiosis would be broken and instead be replaced with parasitism as the being warps the psyche to gain the sustenance needed to exist. This brings a near insurmountable mental and physical pain to the bearer as their Affliction becomes wholly malign. Those that possess a malignant Affliction are physically stronger than their normal counterparts, though nothing greater than the individual’s prime.


Aesthetic changes-


Bodily Alteration: Skin and bone will be mutated and warped to the request of the Afflicted, resulting in unsightly anomalies.

Bodily Attachment: Much as with alteration, the malignant affliction forms attachments from the bearer’s own self rather than the mist/liquid/haze they procure.



A mutated alteration, roughly akin to an axe or hatchet.

((Credit to Ted Beargeon))


One can be rid themselves of this malformed fate through the likes of deific magics, which now invoke pain upon the bearer as it works to circumvent the vilified Affliction; though one will not be cured through simple touch, but rather prolonged exposure, making it a better choice to fetter and bind and then exorcise the twisted Affliction. Aurum weaponry now provokes a response against these individuals, making it easier to harm them, unlike those with the normal Affliction. Alchemy is volatile, after all.




“We do not have mastery over them-- be wary.”



An Afflicted surrounded by the Anomalous, likely to be devoured for their biomass if they linger.

((Credit to Steve Prescott))


Fiends, deviants, abberants, doppelgangers, chimera, all creations of chaotic alchemy, something not wholly understood; such are those colloquially referred to as the anomalous, an unlikely union of the organic and the Affliction, for alchemists can never truly create new life, rather than change what is already present. If one possesses a concoction of Affliction and would rather not imbibe it themselves they can instead inject it into another organism, namely animals, to create an anomalous, vaguely being Afflicted creatures. This procedure brings a substantial deal of anguish as Affliction takes hold. With these creatures deemed as lesser hosts as compared to the likes of Descendants, and thus the body and soul are warped. Their appearance differs based on the creature that was Afflicted. These malformed things have a near insatiable hunger for biomass, growing furthermore as they devour; they are vaguely similar to the newly uncovered alchemical oozes in this regard. These anomalous can not be tamed and domesticated, generally being extremely belligerent to anything considered biomass, mainly living organisms. Anomalous will grant but a moment of respite to that who brought it to fruition as well other normal Afflicted, giving a minute at most before assailing them with indifference.



An Anomalous that was likely once some type of beetle, now a hulking aberration, seeking more biomass to devour.

((Credit to Steve Prescott))


Just as their homunculi and chimera counterparts, anomalous are relatively short lived, with the majority of these Afflicted lifeforms perishing within a decade of creation. This pseudo-Affliction is not of a symbiotic relation, but rather direct parasitism as the first iteration, warping and changing something not completely understood, the soul; as such holy magics as well aurum weaponry excels in dispatching the anomalous, as it does to other chaotic creations of alchemy. Make no mistake, other more mundane means are certainly able to wound and slay the anomalous, each having their own set of weaknesses and strengths. An anomalous like the one above would likely have a good defensive shell, but be slow and susceptible to blunt damage, this varies between the creature the Affliction was imbued with.



A winged Anomalous that has devoured great quantities of biomass, probably some type of native flier before changed.

((Credit to Chris Rahn))


-  These are not playable creatures, anomalous are strictly event creatures, the creator can not roleplay them.


- Anyone that manages to acquire a concoction of Affliction can create a singular anomalous, they are not just locked to Afflicted individuals, once again concoctions must be signed by an LT/MT to be valid.


- These warped creatures cannot be tamed, they will spare few short moments of peace to who created them and other Afflicted individuals, attacking if they do not leave their presence.


- Biomass is defined as organic matter, such as people, plants, animals, and so forth. Dead and inorganic matter is unable to be broken down by anomalous.




As one might have guessed one requires a concoction of Affliction in order to become an Afflicted, as well a soul, of course. Generally this means finding someone who has the knowledge on how to construe the concoction, a willing teacher, similarly to the likes of magic. Alternatively, if one manages to acquire a concoction on their own through whatever means they can become an Afflicted, akin to self-teaching. Though no doubt will they progress at a slower rate if they do not have external aid.


Those that are able to concoct the Affliction generally possess the knowledge on how to remove it from other individuals, if not then it must be taught by one who does. The disconnector procures their Affliction, whatever aesthetic it takes after does not truly matter for this procedure. The individual promptly forces it onto the individual that the Affliction is to be rebuked from, this takes time as it must course throughout the majority of their being, before seeping in to remove the boon. This usually means one must be bound in order for the removal to be successful.


- Concoctions must be signed by whoever made them to be valid in roleplay.


- The Affliction is classified as an [FA], to make the Affliction one must have furthered their alchemical aptitude, possessing a FA as well the knowledge on how to make them.


- One can self-teach the Affliction if they have a valid concoction, though instead of the regular four months to T5 it will take five months.


- For one to put up a [TA] for the Affliction they must know how to concoct the potion as well remove the Affliction from others.





  • Grants more options for Alchemist characters to progress, while not forcing them to elect between dark or light, allowing them to stay neutral.
  •  Soul intact, unlike the previous iteration.
  •  Afflicted have their maximum lifespans increased by a third.



  •  Afflicted are no stronger, smarter, so forth than non-Afflicted, anything that will harm a normal descendant will harm an Afflicted.
  • Most of the abilities an Afflicted can use are already able to be performed by normal individuals in a different degree. E.g Forming a sword arm, a non-Afflicted can simply draw a sword, the former  offering no benefit over normal weaponry as well taking longer to ready.
  •  Unable to learn and utilize dark or deific magics, blood magic being the only exception as it does not mess with the soul. This only truly leaves the Arcane viable to use in terms of magic.
  • Much like magic one will still face fatigue when using the Affliction often, as well the added burden of pain.
  • If not regularly satiated on some basis of regularity the Affliction will turn into parasitism rather than symbiosis, which adds another range of weaknesses.


1/1/18 - Clarifications regarding how the Affliction interacts with the soul. As well clarifications on the process revolving around the abilities.

1/2/18 - More clarifications based around the use of magics after the abilities.

1/28/18 - Slight change on the use of magics with the Affliction abilities. Things such as quills are now possible, but not full on ranged weaponry.




Links to corresponding lore

Afflicted 1.0 (Self-denied):


Liquid Essence:






Skylez, The writer

Niv_Mizzet, Big source of consultation, wrote the lore for Liquid Essence, which helped to provide a foundation for this lore.


Any questions, comments or criticisms are welcome.

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:******) +1 good read good lore

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+1. My prior experience with the Afflicted weren't great (**** you and the double tower shields ily skylez), but this has rectified the issues and looks to be genuinely interesting rp. Server needs more neutral effects to the body that isn't magic. Good stuff.

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Were there any major changes to the old lore? I'm a bit pressed for time and a change log would be an easy read for those accustomed to the old lore. :)

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24 minutes ago, SquirtGun said:

Were there any major changes to the old lore? I'm a bit pressed for time and a change log would be an easy read for those accustomed to the old lore. :)




-No longer warps the soul (Unless one neglects to maintain the symbiosis, then it becomes parasitism)

-This iteration doesn't make the individual any stronger/overall different than regular people.

-Adds more for others to interact with, even if not Afflicted (ET Creatures and Enhancements that anyone can make if they know how to and the recipe)

-Now is an FA rather than a CA 

-Able to be self-taught if one acquires the required concoction, though taking longer to progress.

-Inherently neutral, the last iteration was inherently dark.

-Can no longer learn dark magics, the last iteration was able. (Blood magic being the only exception, doesn't mess with the soul)


Just about.


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YES! SHUT UP AND TAKE MY +1! Khorne shall be PLEASED~!

In all seriousness, I'm seriously hyped to have a genuinely NEUTRAL thingamabob-that-changes-you that isn't going to be locked to a tiny subset of people.

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Good stuff. Alchemy>magic.

Id like to see more of this kind of lore

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Remove techlock buff alchemy

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