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Raid Rules

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Raid Rules
The raid rules follow the community guidelines.

An attack on a settlement by more than one player is known as a raid. If all parties agree (defenders and attackers) then they may establish their own rules for a raid and teleportation use. Internal conflicts within a settlement are not classified as raids but what defines this will be determined by a Game Moderator should issues arise.


Before beginning a raid you must use /modreq to inform the moderation team of the Raid beginning. All that’s required is the modreq to be filed - after it has been created you can proceed with the Raid with or without moderator supervision. An example looks like this: “/modreq I am raiding Town A with 8 players and I, John Doe, will be leading the raid.

Killing, robbing, or causing chaos. A maximum of 10 players may participate on the attacking side in such a raid. The raiding party must begin fighting within 30 minutes of arriving. A raid may last up to 1 hour, then you must leave.

Lawless Raiding may have a maximum of 20 players on Nations if 24 hour notice is given in advance by using /modreq to place down a sign. The sign will indicate a 1 hour possible range for this to occur (Example: 6PM - 7PM). All raid times will be set in EST as standard. Normal raid rules apply and cooldowns are still enforced.

Rescue Raiding
A Rescue Raid is a raid to free a high-ranking official of a nation/settlement captured by another group (PROs, ROs, and officials on the settlement's forum page). Raiders may bring 20 players to attend the rescue where they may use TNT and ladders if necessary. Once they arrive at the settlement the raiding party has one hour to rescue the captured official.

  • Raid must present evidence to a Game Moderator—how they know the official is captured and where they are held.
    • Sufficient in-character knowledge of the officials whereabouts is required.
  • Mercenaries and allies are allowed with sufficient roleplay. You must present proof of payment to mercenaries (shown to a Game Moderator); allies are allowed so long as the alliance is documented on the forums.
  • Participants of a rescue raid must live in an area controlled by the settlement of the captured official.
  • Mechanics-combat must only follow after sufficient roleplay. In other words, attempt to negotiate, intimidate, bargain—and only if all else fails may combat begin.


Raid Cooldowns
You may not attack a settlement for 5 days following a raid. Defenders should use /modreq to have a sign placed indicating when a raid has occurred.


Unprotected Settlement Raiding
Ladders may be placed on Unprotected Settlements with appropriate Role-play and Game Moderator supervision. Regular raid rules apply to Unprotected Settlements.

General Rules


Rallying members of a settlement to log in to defend said settlement from a raid on Skype, Discord, and any other medium is permitted once an alarming emote has been done in-game, such as ringing a bell, lighting a beacon, etc. Coordination must remain largely in-game, and Defenders must login from within the city limits. In all other instances, you may not use Skype, Discord, nor any other medium, to rally people to defend your settlement from an attack. 


Placing or breaking blocks during a raid is prohibited.

During a raid cooldown, you may not camp the edge of a territory or block entry to it (AKA “raid-baiting”). If a nation capital is on raid cooldown, then banditing on main roads in the nation tile, leading to the nation, is considered raid-baiting and is not allowed. 


If the nation is not on cooldown, you may camp for 1 hour at most per day without raiding. This includes camping roads leading up to City Gates. ]


The raiding party may initiate 3 attempts of lockpicking/breaking in/thievery, with a maximum of three rolls per attempt.

Once someone has joined the conflict of a raid they must stay within the conflict in Roleplay until its conclusion regardless of side.


If a raiding party is away from the settlement that they are raiding for more than 10 minutes without engaging in combat, the raid would be over.

Raiding-Ladders may be used in any territory. Each raider/s may carry up to 6 raiding-ladders each. (18 ladders max). Before the raid-ladders are placed down, the raider/s must emote placing them and roll(Sensible ladder placement only). For Nation Tiles/Regions, the ladders will be given to the overseeing GM in order to get placed down.

  1. Raiding-ladders can be acquired from the Cloud Temple War Camp.
  2. To successfully place the ladders upon the walls, you need to roll 7+. Rolling 6 or less results in the ladders being destroyed. (The roll affects the whole ladder column, not every ladder placed).


In order for a player to spectate a raid (/status recording), the player must be at the general area of the raid and already statused before the PvP begins. While with status recording, the player may not try to interfere with the PvP at all. (Let it be reviving/blocking arrows/place blocks or supply items).


If you die during a raid, you may not return the the settlement while the raid is occurring. You must wait for the raid to be over in order to return.

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A section on Rescue Raiding is added.

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A section on Raiding-Ladders is added.

The raiding couldown is increased from 3 to 5 days.

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A section on raid spectating was added.

A section of returning to the raid area after dying during PvP was added.

A clarification about lock-picking/thievery was added.

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