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[RP] Dawn of Divinity

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Yngbald, lord of magic and progress

Yngbald watched with interest as he saw the creation of the elements to be unraveled as well as the creation of the runic language. Though there always was the issue of possible mortals needing to learn the language from somewhere. Maybe he needed to create an artifact to tell the mortals these things as well as being a bastion for his power and influence. This as well as other things roamed through the mind of Yngbald until he felt himself be leashed and his power reduced to a fraction of it’s previous strength. He frowned at this, it would mean that he could achieve far less than he previously could. However, it also meant he could do more to set up his experiments and do small-scale influencing of the mortals. 


Yngbald then thought about what experiment would be most interesting to see. Then a thought came to mind. There were evil gods and there were good gods and neutral gods but what was stronger, good, evil or neutral ? It would be interesting to test out what would be the result if there was a good, neutral and evil group of mortals. Then the party which was victorious in the end would prove what was stronger or otherwise there would come an interesting outcome for what could otherwise be created. And thus Yngbald changed the alignment of a part of the sea, for now starting with only evi as he was quite weak. With his power he used his malicious thoughts to create an aura of debauchery and malice in the sea and with a tired sight looked upon it. Satisfied with his result and wondering how his future experiment would progress


A temporary hibernation for Yngbald set in in order to have him regain his power. Which he did in the inner chamber of the great tree in order not to be disturbed by Exitius’s temper tantrum or Ixthaliziumm’s shennanigans.



AP spendage:
4 ap The alignment of an area is turned to evil. Though of course the people in this area area also made to be generally more creative and curious.




1ap is not invested at all


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THE FIRST AGE: PART 2 – The Foundations

Turn 4





The gods adapt with varying degrees of success to the new constraints imposed on them by Ao. No longer capable of vast edicts of change, they are now bound to an ebbing and flowing tide of power and quantified action. Perhaps Ao wishes for a degree of stability in creation, so that the fundamentals of reality are not reshaped on a whim by curious or feuding godlings? Nevertheless, expressions of divine power now come with a cost and conservation of power may now be necessary for deeply powerful acts.


The first steps into the new game of creation are tentative and probing from all players. Some focus on adding features to the world, while others proliferate their own creations – or retaliate against perceived encroachments on territory. Of course, territory has no true meaning for a god. The world belongs to all, and only the core fundamentals of a peer’s acts are immune to destruction.



Satisfied with the development of the simian pack-dwellers on his Isle, Vyrnen spreads life to the pristine ruby moon of Vula-Murama, creation of Kaha-nu-Buhu. Whereas before the great sphere of red crystal had only been host to a vast soul-sucking lake of divine tears, a breathable atmosphere now enshrouds it, and the landscape is reshaped in the image of the body it orbits, with ruby continents forming as the soul-ichor lake is enlarged into a series of seas and oceans. For the first time, life occurs on a celestial body aside from the World-Sphere. These beings are unlike their counterparts on the planet below, as they are comprised entirely of the red crystal of the moon’s surface. As per Vyrnen’s design, great herds of crystalvores scour the shining geography for the most nourishing of lithic formations to incorporate into their own bodies via a bizarre digestive process – excreting slag and sand from crystal impurities as faeces.  An entire ecosystem develops, with loping predators built like battering rams charging into the sides of these beasts to chatter them apart, feeding upon the rich half-digested crystal essence within. Other predators use deafening shrieks to sonically shatter off the outer crystals of their prey, not killing them, but leaving behind easily digestible fragments. Equally deadly to the crystalvores are bizarre avian beings, taking advantage of the low gravity of Vula-Murama to “fly” with suborbital hops. These “birds” take advantage of atmospheric friction on their outer crystals and channel it into their spike like fore-limbs. Upon impact with prey, the spikes slam deep into their bodies and the release the friction energy – dramatically shattering the poor crystalvore with seismic power! Of note to the creator the Ruby Moon would be the odd resonance these crystal creatures have with the souls that are funneled into the watery gateway to Tuhinga-O-Mua. Some species seem to consume souls before they fully transition into the afterlife, greatly increasing their own vitality and causing them to adopt characteristics of the consumed soul in a bizarre crystaline mimicry.


But Kaha-nu-Buhu is too engaged in her new project to notice the designs of the life-bringer on her Ruby. Using the souls dwelling in her realm for added effect, the lady of the dead creates an underwater ecosystem based on the consumption and transfer of soul-ichor. The coral expanse becomes far more rich and diverse than any other underwater realm. Who knows what effect this concentration of mortal souls in a physical landscape will have in the future, however.


Also expanding his influence is the devious Skatal! Gifted with immense power by the roll of the divine dice, the lord of decay spreads his irrepressible creations to new continents. Magically brought into being, new colonies of carrier mushrooms dig eagerly into the marble rock and soil of the world, starving out the local flora and becoming the dominant feature of the regions in which they were created. They do not spread much further however. It seems in this new age of divine constraints, Skatal will have to expend power to shape additional regions into shroomy glades. Likewise, swarms of Skatalkin scatter off into the hidden places to breed and burrow as soon as they are created. In some environs they quickly outcompete the native ecosystem established in the Firmament days by Vyrnen and become apex predators, but in many more they simply join the list of prey for more vicious creatures. Nevertheless, the Skatalkin abide – due to their constant breeding, these vermin cannot be killed off entirely by local lifeforms. To do so would require a more divine touch, or the determined efforts of mortals to come.


Not all gods appreciate this spread of invasive creatures, however. Arrogant and supreme Lavrat-es views the spawning of a carrier colony on the border to her dimension shifting realm, and swiftly diverts the courses of numerous rivers to flood the entire region! A vast lake now exists, submerging the newborn carriers beneath the waters. The carriers are not dead, however. As tenacious as their master desired, they cling to life, dormant beneath the new waves. Lavrat-es has not killed off the offending shrooms, but they have been rendered harmless and neutered for the forseeable future. Out of sight, out of mind! Additionally, the Axis of the World, turns her attention to the largest caves into the Underpaths on near her domain. Truly, the Underpaths are too ubiquitous to totally remove from a continent, but by her divine magnificence the majority are closed off via a shifting of the marble of the world. Of course... there is nothing stopping a fellow divine, or particularly persistant mortal effort, from carving out new ways into the great honeycomb of tunnels beneath the surface-world.


The arcane experimenter Yngbald tries the more obscure of the newly defined acts. Choosing a swathe of sea to the south of his created alchemical forest he channels his malevolent feelings into changing the very character of the environment toward the concept of “evil”. The effect is immediately apparent. Although the seas and oceans of the World-Sphere are already turbulent thanks to the addition of so many orbiting moons, this section of water becomes exceptionally prone to chop and vicious lightning storms. The Vyrnen-made lifeforms in its deeps also become crueller and more vicious. Predatory fish skulk the deeps, and tet-a-tet violence occurs between different species. Evem the corals and plantlife adopt harsher behaviours, with clouds of poison sprayed at passing fauna, and creeping roots dragging the corpses of victims into digestion chambers.


Far more confrontational were the actions of the enigmatic Ixthalizzum. Taking offense simply to the fact that Exitius had created a mountain too tall to doubt, the Maybe God challenged the chained lord of destruction and chaos to a duel, defining strict terms for the bout... that were promptly exploited by Exitius. Ixthalizzum had assumed the “weapon” specified for the bought would be an avatar of sorts, that would take many years to produce. Instead, Exitius willed an extension of his own being into the shape of a vast dragon for the bought! However, this being has strict limits – it is, in essence, a divine illusion. By not using divine power in the Dragon That Is Exitius’ creation, this terrifying spectre has no physical effect on the World-Sphere – it cannot even be seen by physical beings, only gods. Its effectiveness as a pugilistic tool against other deities is even doubtful – who knows if the duel ITSELF is even permitted by the Overgod? Such a direct confrontation between gods, without proxies by Exitius, may incur wrath for both participants.The Dragon was, apparently, enough to frighten Ixthalizzum however. Either by misinterpretation, or perhaps simply UNCERTAINTY, the changing god “schlorped” himself away from Exitius. Is this the end of the challenge? Or will the two feuding deities continue their conflict?


To be obtuse, fickle Ixthalizzum creates a forest of pink crystals near his chasm-crag on the largest continent. Unlike the regular and orderly landscape of ruby on the Vula-Murama moon, however, these crystals are all in bizarre and hard to categorise shapes. Were the creatures that existed with linguistic ability or aesthetic concerns, such a bizarre crystal expanse may be termed “garrish”, “vulgar”, or “decidedly unneeded”. Perfectly in line with Ixthalizzum’s nature... or is it?!


Far less dynamic are the actions of Wol-Kot. The great dreamer conserves his power within his deep sanctuary, shaping his realm into different forms at mental whim while not expending any power on concrete actions that would cause wider effect in the physical world. While a tad boring to the observation of the other gods, this does allow Wol-Kot a considerable reserve of power when next the gods can act.


Dor-ah does not even make a single visit to the World-Sphere in this turn. Perhaps he is conserving his power? Perhaps a great change is underway, a change foreshadowed by the new condition of Bruk.



In a vast departure from previous actions, by his own will and the consent of Ao, the rocky and stoic Bruk’s essence suddenly implodes into a single point. All his power and potential are distilled into a physical artifact. An artifact that is not at all unfamiliar to his fellow divines.





Bruk is transformed into a bizarrely smug rock. On occasion it cries slowly or shoots at massive speeds searing hot carcerium magma from its “eyes”. The “Idol of Bruk” as it shall come to be known, as the distillation of an almost omnipotent being, carries IMMENSE divine energy and has an extremely influential effect on beasts and mortals in its presence. It impacts the world at high speed, flung into the World-Sphere from the Void. Instantly, Bruk’s crater attracts the presence of elementals. Perhaps in time it shall become an icon of religious veneration? For now it is a smiling pebble at the bottom of a crater, tended to by living clusters of stone and the occasional spewed pile of extremely corrosive lava and very occasionally the matter of fact proclamation of: “Bruk.”



And with those events, the next turn begins. New power flows into the gods. For some, they find this bolsters the reserves they have hoarded. Others are rewarded for their activity by a small but notable boost to the random quantity of strength they are bestowed. Perhaps soon even more fundamental creations are to come.


Something becomes certain in the minds of the gods, however, a fact imposed on them by Ao. SOON THIS AGE SHALL END. TWICE MORE WILL YOU BE ABLE TO ACT, BEFORE I DEMAND THAT YOU REST.


With that, the rush of power arrives, like the infusion of narcotics into the blood, or water upon the lips of a parched beast...





+1 for those who finish at 5AP or Under.




Wol-Kot – 10AP
Lavrat-es - 7AP + 1
Vyrnen - 5AP
Skatal - 4AP + 1
Yngbald - 12AP + 1
Ixthalizzum - 3AP + 1
Exitius - 3AP
Kaha-nu-buhu - 9AP + 1
Do-rah - 9AP




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“The trick to getting things done is not to begin. Or is it to begin and never finish?”
-Ixthalizzum, God of Indecision.


“What is this?” Squawked the Mad God and he splurged around its crag. Around his ever increasing/decreasing number of feet skittered strange, cowardly creatures were digging burrows and warrens on the northern-most part of his crag. They reminded him of her brother Skatal. Picking one up, he smelled it and glared at it with his endless eyes and noses. They seemed inconsistent enough for his tastes. And talking about taste... 

He popped the skatalkin into one of his mouths, and chewed the screaming rat-creature thoughtfully. It was reasonably tasty, though perhaps too savoury for his liking. He’d probably try another some other day, but for now there was something he needed to do.

Or was there...?


There definitely was something important he needed to do.

He was sure, after a nice, long sleep, he would be able to remember.


He slithered back into his crag, and fell asleep--accomplishing nothing of note for this cycle.

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Guardian of all earthly creatures.






After bringing life to the moon Vyrnen looked upon the work it has done. Satisfied with this Vyrnen returns to the island. Once again checking on the special creatures placed there by Vrynen hundreds of years ago. These beasts would retain the same biology. Possessing a thick and tough layer of bark across a majority of their body. As well as animal-like features and stature. They would dominate the island, along with another species of large snakes and birds. Much different to the creatures on the rest of the world sphere. Now it was time to rest, as Vyrnen needs to regain the power it needs for an ambitious creation it has planned.


15 AP total.

No actions

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Yngbald, lord of magic and progress

Once more Yngbald heard the words of the mighty overgod Ao. Knowing that his time in this age was limited he knew he would have to act smart and have to act in such a way that monumental tasks of nature would be done now rather than in the future. On top of that he needed a way to tell any future beings of the runic script. But only those worthy of the knowledge of the runic script. Maybe he needed to create an artifact to tell the mortals these things as well as being a bastion for his power and influence. Yngbald then grasped a part of his power, partially imbued in the realm of magic due to his alignment with that force and grasped it, manipulating it and carving into it. The massive ball of magic was then put into the tiniest of sapings 


Before he had put the magic in the sapling he had carved runes into the sapling on a nearly atomic level. These runes could be copied by mortals and in the future and might become the basis of great innovation. Which would please Yngbald greatly. 


Yngbald then looked as the sapling absorbed the massive ball of magic and as he released it quickly expanded. Roots digging deep into the earth and a great wooden trunk rising out of the earth. Rising higher than every tree and able to be seen by those miles away. With the tree looming over the great forest like a father amongst it’s children. Standing tall and proud as it’s gaze looked over the flourishing forest.


Then Yngbald’s gaze moved from the forest, once more to the sea. Here he had done some of his work but it was not done yet. Much still needed to be done if he wished for his first experiment to be a succes. Thus Yngbald used his positive thoughts. Thoughts of righteousness, morality, mercy and the plethora of other thoughts in his subconcious and gave it form. Then a white ball formed in Yngbald’s hand, consuming nearly all of Yngbald’s remaining magic. If mortals had seen it they would have said that they would have seen their greatest desire and the very image of hapiness and goodness. Yngbald almost held the ball of whiote light tenderly, subtly manipulating the last few things. So as to make the mortals who were under the influence of the area more productive in creating structures that might catch his or AO’s eyes. When he had finished his final manipulation Yngbald has a small but content and warm smile on his face. His physical lack of eyes allowing him to see the true beauty of the creation before him with his magical eyes. With the empty sockets of his current form glowing light blue. 


Tenderly Yngbald then released the white orb. Following it with his gaze as it made it’s way above the sea. Before softly spreading out like snow. Spreading around the area above the sea before falling beneath the sea like white pebbles. Yngbald then felt tired once more.Knowing much of his energy had been sapped out of him. Thus Yngbald once more returned to rest. Hoping that this cycle or the next one would not see much inteference to his creations by the gods of chaos. 



AP income:

Rolls: 12ap

Less than 4 ap: 1ap

Stored ap: 1 ap

Total ap: 14ap

AP spendage:

8 ap, Yngbald’s monument also known as the first and last of the Adamantine trees is created. It is a tree larger than any other that graces the world. It’s trunk thick and as strong as Adamantine. However, the inside of the tree is almost hollow. This is the center of Yngbald’s presence on the world. Both the inside and the outside of the tree are carved with runes, each rune giving a specific intent. On the outside of the tree are basic ruins, crude things, mostly runes for elements that make intent clear but can’t be combined with each other in intricate combinations.


On the inside of the tree much more complex runes are to be found. Runes that can be used to create a large array and to create large rituals. With these rituals many complex actions can be achieved, if one were creative and smart enough that is. However, to be allowed entrance into the inside of the tree one must first pass a test. To enter the tree a sentient being must submit a drop of it’s blood in a small hole next to the entrance of the tree. Which is made up of a thick combination of the adamantine-like wood and leaves. The need to submit blood is made clear by the rune of blood. The person who submits the blood is then either judged to be wise, smart, creative and intelligent or not. If one is not all of these things then rather than be allowed acces into the tree the person is grabbed by one of the tree roots in order to feed it.


Even then, even deeper inside the tree is a final room. A room that can only be entered by those touched by Ynbald, a room that holds the runic symbols for each and every god in existence, and the rune for god itself. The only exception to the gods mentioned is AO the supreme one.


On top of that inside of the tree is also a detailed and non-biased interpetation of creation. Telling of what happened from the moment that the gods were created. All of it made clear by runes of course. 





4ap influence area. Once more an area of the sea is given a new alignment. The area is to be delegated to the forces of ‘Good’ making people inhabiting this area to be ‘good people’. Beings that woudl grow in this area would also generally be more creative in certain aspects. With any mortal beings being raised in the area being more likely to have an affinity to building. Rather than the more war like ways of the more evil imbued area. This area is almost entirely opposite of the area that was influenced earlier in the first age. With the reason of why being unsure. Whatever may Yngbald be up to ?




2 ap is left for the next era to be used




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Skatal, Bringer of Famine, Lord of Plague

Related image


Skatal eyed the lands of Lavrat-Es with a fiery passion. As Exitius and Ixthalizzum had made eachother enemies, it seemed that the very pompous Goddess would be Skatal’s. But he was not a dumb creature. His rapid succession had drained so much of his energy, and thus, he needed to rest. And rest he did, the continuously growing rat-God entering a deep, deep slumber, letting his kin take care of the simple work.


[Actions] – None


[Total] No AP used, 5 AP remaining

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Fury and rage had tired Exitius, and it was upon his great mountain that he rested, preparing his strength to unleash upon the wretched creature Ixthalizzum. Broods of dragons and packs of Vendani tread carefully now around the mountains and vales of Exitium, afraid of waking their Lord.


Actions - None

AP - 10

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“For on each being’s thoughts I spy,

And in their thoughts does power lie.”

-From the second column




A shimmering, eerie light emanates from the Nightweaver’s temple, casting the long shadows of its columns over a silver lake. It is dark here, dark and quiet. The monstrous keepers fear this place, and turn their sightless eyes to more mundane hunting grounds. Wol-Kot is alone. Somewhere within that dim light is Soth-Kogarth, and somewhere there is the dreamer. He watches, but does not think. He acts, but does not plan. In his slumber, the god’s thoughts are amorphous and abstract. A primordial being of instinct, he waits but does not know what he waits for. But the time will come. In the meantime, semi-conscious bursts of energy leak from Soth-Kogarth, infusing the surrounding area with Wol-Kot’s essence.


If one were to watch over the course of years, they would see characters slowly carving themselves on the temple’s surfaces. They tell the story of creation, and of all that has happened since. The more writing appears, the more they begin to dully glow with supernatural power. The temple is something more than hewn rock now. It is an archive of all that Wol-Kot has ever seen, and all that he will see. Many characters correspond to Yngbald’s runes, telling of spells the Dreamstalker has learned or invented in his meditation. Some are mere verse or declarations from the god himself, telling of his glory to any who can read them. And some are conduits into the dream-world itself, a surreal archive of the many things Wol-Kot will see. In time, the knowledge held here would be a great source of power to any being who found it....but only if their mind could handle the strain.


[CREATE LANDMARK] - Wol-Kot’s temple is infused with supernatural power, creating an archive of all he has ever seen, expanding accordingly. This includes his personal musings, the dreams of mortals, and ever-increasing magical knowledge. Of course, to see the universe from the view of a god is immensely demanding, and anything less than a god-touched will probably be driven immediately mad if they try to read it.



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The Guiding Light

Related image


[8 AP] – Create Landmark

Kaha-Nu-Buhu creates a massive tidal island on the shores near her newly created coral reefs. Upon the island would lie a large, seemingly naturally formed stone temple. Within the temple, mortals would find an immense, ruby crystal which would act as a direct conduit between the realms of life and death. Mortals would be able to bring their newly departed before the crystal, and if the crimson Goddess will it, channel their souls back into their corpses at the cost of not being able to ever pass back into Tuhinga O Mua. However, whether or not this would be the only aftereffect would be yet to be seen...

4 AP Remaining

Edited by Vilebranch

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The Axis of Heaven | Fate with Form


Lavrat-es lazily gazes upon her realm, and sits on her Throne.


10 AP Saved.

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THE FIRST AGE: PART 2 – The Foundations

Turn 5






It is an era of celestial apathy, it seems. The majority of the gods are content to dwell amongst their creations, or within their realms and palaces. Ixthalizzum and Exitius await their duel, the former feasting on the creations of the equally complacent Skatal, and the latter’s draconic spectral form curled atop his summit. Vyrnen muses on his favoured beasts. Lavrat-es, self-declared Axis of Heaven, sits upon her self-made throne.


Is this to be the shape of things to come? Or are these gods merely lying in wait, conserving their power for greater things? Waiting, hungrily, for the tides of power from mighty Ao to flow once more...



Not all is still for the great powers of the world, however.


Yngbald, lord of mystery and revelation, iterates on his favoured experiments. In the heart of the Great Forest, a vast tree of adamantine strength sprouts and towers up above its brethren. Emblazoned with myriad forms of his runic script, Yngbald’s tree acts as textbook of sorts for the decipherment of the arcane language, with each successive breakthrough in understanding permitting further access into the Adamantine Tree and perhaps, with time and effort the very secrets of creation itself for those mortals intelligent and intrepid enough to gain access. Additionally, Yngbald adds a counterbalance to the “evil” sea he had created before, imbuing a neighbouring region with energy that would encourage “good”. Though there is nothing intelligent enough in those depths to take advantage of the urge to build inculcated by Yngbald, the creatures there evolve into much more ordered behaviour. Floor-dwelling arthropods dig out elaborate dens to live in, and vast symbiotic ecosystems form into coral reefs. There is violence, as there is in any habitat, but not to the extent of the bloody and predatory waters that neighbour this region. Occasionally creatures from one side will venture into the other, with large mellow jellies being devoured by ravenous swarms as they venture too far east, and hunting predator fish finding no prey as the beings of the western deeps band together to repel the invaders.


Already a vast receptical of power, and one of the first “buildings” on the World-Sphere, the dreaming god Wol-Kot imbues his temple in the far far depths of the Underpaths with even greater significance. Knowledge great and terrible is imbued into the very stones, and – perhaps unintentionally – the Dreamer’s Temple takes on something of a life of its own. It begins to have its own presence in Soth-Kogarth and the lesser dream realms, placing a subtle call to the deep into the minds of those it may consider worthy of its knowledge. Or perhaps that malevolent place is merely drawing down playthings for its own amusement, and that of its master, for only those gifted with a divine level of fortitude can look upon the unfettered mind of a god and remain sane. But with no mortals yet in the world, the temple’s only visitors are the myriad bestial horrors that grace Wol-Kot’s world-spanning tunnels.


Kaha-Nu-Buhu also acts this turn, further shaping her coastal reef to conform with her soul and death related designs. Wrought forth from the deeps on a rocky peninsula is a vast temple, looking as is if worked by the elements themselves into a flowing, natural shape. In the heart of this shrine lies a great ruby crystal, as if hewn from Vula-Murama itself. As designed, the crystal is capable of returning those recently deceased to life if their soul resides in Tuhinga O Mua and Kaha herself wishes it to be so. The cost, however, is high, for the returned will never again be permitted within the elysian lands of the Guiding Light. Who but Ao can say what other effects this may have as well...



The Void is again party to an immense implosion of divine energy as the god Do-rah, absent for many aeons now, faces a fate similar to stoic Bruk. The god of civilisation and the wilds is made physical and falls to the World-Sphere far more gently than his sibling, landing at the centre of would have been Do-rah’s realm. This new divine artifact is known as the HERDSTONE, and it takes the shape of a large standing stone, the upper hald is shaped as if it were a horned humanoid with its palms crossed across its chest. This statue encourages the life around it, drawing beasts and increasing the spread of plantlife – whilst also imparting great insights and encouraging feats of aspirational greatness in those intelligent enough. But this comes at a cost, for those who are effected by the herdstone’s inspiration will inevitably succumb to a wild madness, reducing them to animalistic behaviour and instincts, preferring the wilderness to any civilisation they may be part of.



Once again, the will of Ao is made known. This age is drawing to a close. The time to shape the world so fundamentally, so geologically, is passing. But one more turn remains before the gods must sleep – when they awaken who can tell how the World-Sphere will have changed, or the nature of their own power. Now is the time to finish plans, or prepare daring new ones.







Credit to Brandon for this. Not 100% up to date, but works for our purposes. Big symbol in the evil sea marks it as evil, according to brandon. He didn’t have time to add a good symbol.



Wol-Kot – 8AP

Lavrat-es – 7AP

Vyrnen – 10AP

Skatal – 7AP

Yngbald – 10AP +2

Ixthalizzum – 7AP

Exitius – 4AP

Kaha-Nu-Buhu – 6AP+2



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The world shuddered at my command, and to the surface I bequeathed thought,

As wide and as deep as my own will, a spark of life to echo the gods themselves!

-The temple walls




As Wol-Kot slumbers, his unconscious ambition leads his focus away from Soth-Kogarth, and his dreams become echoes of the world around him. There are presences out there, presences as old and strong as him. He would find them. Their thoughts would become his. Far above, one in particular calls to him. The dream-world extends outward, surrounding the resting god, bait for the Dreamstalker’s snare. Like a wild beast, the presence seems to latch on instinctively. But at the last moment, it pulls away, having changed its mind amidst its sleep. But again, Wol-Kot feels it shape his dimension and pull away.


With unthinking hunger, the Nightweaver extends his tendrils, engulfing the indecisive god and merging their worlds...and finds that the dreams of another god are nothing like those of animals. His peaceful drift through the cosmos abruptly ends, and in its place is a maddening hellscape. The landscape is never the same, shifting like the ocean surface. The air is choking, and the sleeper’s dull consciousness cannot tell whether it is truly air at all: it burns with an unending inferno, but somehow the fire is mist, clean and bright and dry. No, not mist – sand. It whirls around him, its touch scalding hot. It thickens, then clears inexplicably, and Wol-Kot’s tortured mind struggles to adapt. He pushes himself through the ocean of fire-mist-sand, his ethereal body morphing between forms beyond his control.


It is too much. With a cosmic surge of energy the link is broken, and Wol-Kot at last awakens. A scream of terror and relief shakes the dream-world’s very essence, and across the world all sleeping creatures everywhere are suddenly jolted to alertness. A massive burst of divine energy follows, as the Nightweaver expels the vision of himself in a world without order, which soon takes corporeal form.


On the world’s desert continent, where the sun beats hottest, the energies coalesce, and a new species is born. They take many forms throughout their life, born as they are from the indecision of Ixthalizzum. These first creatures are barely the size of a sand grain, feeding off the warmth of the sun which lingers on the dunes’ surfaces, but they multiply quickly. Soon they molt, and in time become sedentary: a plantlike cocoon which takes hold on solid rock and grows as tall as a tree. It is in this form that they breed the most, releasing thousands of the small larva into the surrounding desert.


But it is the final stage of life which will be remarked on by visitors to the desert. When the sedentary form has lived long enough, it bursts open, and releases into the surrounding desert a large creature, without eyes or legs, but well-suited to movement among the sand. Nomadic, these worms swim through the desert, filtering their microscopic young from the dunes for sustenance. They are born fully sapient, capable of communication with one another through telepathy and with a great affinity for magic. What’s more, this consciousness grows as they do. And how they can grow!


Image result for dune sandworm


Wol-Kot, now fully conscious, looks upon the race he has created with both surprise and satisfaction. They are hardly what he expected, no, they are far more. There would be much to watch on the surface in the future.



[MAJOR ACTIONS] – Creation of the first sapient race, a multi-staged species of sandworms on the desert continent. In their final form, they are fully intelligent, magic-capable, and can grow to be miles long. (19 AP + 1 from Mith)



Edited by Zanderaw

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Gently the dragons crept, careful not to wake their father from his slumber. Curled around his mountain peak, softly, softly the earth shook, as each colossal exhalation rattled loose rocks, earth and dust.


For long, long years, decades, centuries, Exitius slept, but he was not inactive. Occasionally, there would be a snap, a crack, or a pop, as slowly, slowly Exitius put his plan into action.


As time passed, a rare moment where the great dragon shifted occured, resulting in a moment of frozen apprehension for the creatures below, torn between curiosity and fear.


Ba-dump, ba-dump, ba-dump thundered the heart of the God, buried within a chest that was no longer simply shadow. Bones, tendons and ligaments could be seen now, as they began to mesh together, and suddenly the spiritual apparition disappeared to display the barebones flesh and blood of the Lord of Chaos became apparent.


Muscle and flesh began to wind around the bones and organs of what was clearly a vessel of the Father of Dragons.


Finally, a great burst of fire and energy jetted from the dragon's mouth, as part of Exitius’ soul inhabited the body, and a great yellow eye opened….




-Exitius makes an avatar, essentially the form he previously held made flesh and blood. 10 AP


-The avatar is ordered to crush Ixthalizzum's avatar to dust. 4 AP


0 AP remaining.

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Yngbald, lord of magic and progress



AP income:

Rolls: 10ap

Less than 4 ap: 1ap

Stored ap: 2 ap

Total ap: 13ap

AP spendage:

8 ap, Deep under the sea Yngbald creates a testament to his will. The beating heart in the first experiment that will be performed in creation and possibly the greatest ?

Yngbald creates a vast stone temple, with stone corridors, mazes and hidden entrances. Inside of these walls, similair to the great tree is the runic script. With the closer one gets to the centre, the more powerful and complicated the runic language grows. And, maybe for his ego, maybe for the wish to see what happens when sentients are given a possible god to worship Yngbald carves into the walls a more biased story of creation. Or rather focusing more on his own creations. The walls would tell of magic, of the great forest beyond the sea and his tree and of the elements that had been created by Yngbald himself.


However, this temple is not merely a testament to Yngbald’s pride but also a machine for his experiment. Because as Yngbald creates the alignment he creates something that will seperate the alignments for some time. Under his temple he creates a buble of poisonous gas, large and what would seem to be an infite amount. And at the borders of the various alignemnts Yngbald creates a system that will send the poison gas up into the water. This will prevent sea life from crossing this barrier.


Once activated this barrier will last for 200 years, after which it will run out of gas to feed itself. Though the temple of Yngbald itself will be surrounded by the gas for another 300 years.


4ap To finish of the various alignments Yngbald creates a ‘Neutral alignment’ here Yngbald inserts his essense and will of balance into it. Making the creatures there capable of great acts of compassion or terrible acts of cruelty depending on the situation. But more importantly, rather than the teamwork of ‘good’ or savagery of ‘evil’ this alignment will improve cunning and craftiness. Sentient beings here would be more likely to create traps and complex plans to create a greater foe than go slugging in straight up combat.


1ap stored


Green = poison barrier

blue = temple of Yngbald

grey = neutral alignment

((and yes Samo I know I normally can only do the alignment of one tile))




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The Guiding Light

Related image


  Kaha-Nu-Buhu slept for the first time in centuries. Within her abode, the tranquil harmony of souls lulled her into a deep slumber. The years passed by, one by one, until a disturbance in her realm awakened her. A slight prodding, like ripples in a vast lake of ichor, lifted her from her slumber.


At first, it was almost as if nothing had changed of significance had even occurred. However, looking to her hands, she watched as one of her many long fingers snapped from her hand and went darting across Tuhinga-O-Mua. Unfortunate, she thought. This wouldn’t be the first time her incorporeal form had begun to disassemble itself, but it was difficult for her to rest with minor distractions such as this popping up on occasion.


Suddenly, it occurred to the divine goddess that perhaps an event could be made of the occasion. She brought the souls of a monkey, a falcon, a snake, and a lion to her chamber. Placing in each of them a fragment of her consciousness, she had them seek out her finger across the afterlife.


The first to find the finger was the quick falcon. Yet as it swooped down to catch the fleeting crimson shape, the bird was entangled within the thick brambles which grew near the ground.

The second to find the finger was the clever monkey. Yet as he swung from branch to branch in pursuit, the monkey was too absorbed in his hunt to notice the massive ravine in his path and fell.

The snake however, never found the finger for he was too busy whispering misinformation into the ear of the lion. So when the finger finally made it’s way towards the duo, only the lion was quick enough to pluck the shape from the sky with his powerful jaws.


For it’s pride, the falcon was stripped of his consciousness and returned to thoughtlessly striding through the Realm’s skies.

For it’s foolishness, the monkey was encased in stone and put on display at her temple on the World-Sphere.

For it’s deceit, the snake was cursed to endlessly chase after it’s tail throughout the Void.

Yet for ultimately laying claim to her favor, the lion was granted a name and a purpose. His name would become Vu’u and his purpose to guide the creatures of tomorrow towards her grace.


Image result for fantasy blood spirit


[10 AP] – Create Avatar

Kaha-Nu-Buhu spawns Vu’u, an extension of her will to guide, into the world. The Avatar would manifest as the a mass of smoke and red light, taking on a lion-like form as it goes about serving as a host to the Red Woman’s temple on the World-Sphere.

2 AP Remaining

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