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New Forum Rules

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Hello everyone!


Hopefully your week has been going well so far. Of course, happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate it. We’ve made changes to the draft from last month’s community, taking into consideration what various players commented along with suggestions from the Admins. The changes to the current rules were primarily attempting to clear up possible doubts through the wording of rules and the addition of a Q&A to the new rules. 


Thank you to Burnsy, Telanir, and the rest of the Forum Team who’ve helped out with the rules. Burnsy helped out with much of the formatting of our drafts along with compiling ideas that the Forum Moderators had. Telanir helped out with re-formatting the final draft and making sure that everything looked good. Last but not least, the Forum Moderators helped give suggestions as to how the previous rules could’ve been changed and possible additions during our team meetings. 


The rules will be posted in about an hour. I hope you all like these new rules, have a great weekend.


- Rift



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Thank you for the valuable time and effort contributed.


And everyone else—you can find the new rules here!

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