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GM Update Log - November 2018

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GM Update Log - November 2018




Hi everyone, Corpean here one month deep into my GM Director tenure. A lot of changes are coming up in preparation for 7.0, which may be met with glee by some. We’re focusing now on war rules and changes to the current system as well as other areas that will be talked about.


New Changes


War rules have begun the first stages of an overhaul, we’re currently using information gathered from “Your View” posts to create a barebones draft for the new rules with hopes that automation will eventually take over the process. Currently all wars are handled manually and must be verified for legitimacy, and set up by hand by Game Moderators and Administrators. This new draft gathers from a multiple of topics that have been discussed, such as lag. Lag is a problem on the war server due to Minecraft being based on Java, and having 400+ players at times all fighting creates an enormous influx of packets and strains the server. We’re looking into ways to resolve this. CBs are currently being reviewed as well as other new additions. However, since this is a server wide project it needs Administrator approval and we are currently working with the Administration to implement these ideas as soon as possible. The current rewrites and structure in the team, finals and upcoming holiday season has caused great stress on GMs, as such I had requested Telanir to approve the restriction of warclaims to once per weekend which you can read more here.


GMs are currently being trained on how to oversee heists, which will allow for a more dynamic roleplay environment for the players and streamline the current process. You can find all information regarding heists here.

Currently, we are working with the administration to promote more transparency in the way the Game Moderation Team operates. We are reviewing ways (namely where to put) the Game Team Policies on the forum so they can be reviewed by players in compliance with our mission statement.


We’re currently looking at a new policy in the Game Team, that is already implemented an in effect, which is GM Policy section 13 encompass the following.

“/fly for building or recording

        Players are granted /fly for building or recording only under the following conditions.

            They are a region owner (RO) of a nation or are designated as a builder/recorder by an RO working inside the nation’s region(s).

                A maximum of 2 builders may be allocated per nation for /fly purposes, region owners have an uncapped amount.

            They are a member of the staff team working on staff related projects.

        A Game Moderator should be near the players with /fly to prevent any potential abuse.

        It is the RO’s duty to report any players that no longer require fly.”


This policy is currently being reviewed under the advisement of the Administration.


Current Team Roster


Monthly Statistics

The GM team received a total of 3020 modreqs in November.

Congratulations and thank you to: Caranthir_, Xalid, and PunifiedZombie for taking the most tickets in that respective order!


The monthly quota for the GM-Team is 3%, for this month that meant an individual GM had to complete a total of 90 tickets. Below you can view the general statistics for all members of the team. Keep in mind some new GMs were on hiatus, added to the team late in the month, some stepped down, or were removed.




In addition to completed tickets, there were also numerous GM Point Claim forums in regard to:

Warclaims, raids, bans, ban-appeals and extensive modreqs. You can view these statistics below: (Note, submissions are voluntary and only count up to 100 points for moderators so this data is not fully accurate. In the case of this month, there were 27 instances where GMs had filled out this form.





Roster Changes


BronCloch promoted to GM Trainer


Keening promoted to full GM

PunifiedZombie promoted to full GM

Xalid promoted to full GM

Elrith promoted to full GM

Caranthir_ promoted to full GM

LeoRabbit99 promoted to full GM


Burnsy__ accepted as GM Trial

Murlocs accepted as GM Trial

Deer__ accepted as GM Trial

Endershadow292 accepted as GM Trial

ScreamingDingo accepted as GM Trial

Nectorist accepted as GM Trial

Cruzazul8 accepted as GM Trial

3andD accepted as GM Trial

Aythyinae accepted as GM Trial


Youngie5500 stepped down as GM

Karimir stepped down as GM

Yagami stepped down as GM

Wrynn removed from GM Team

Kanadensare removed from GM Team

DiscoLiquid removed from GM Team


Special Thanks


To the community through their continued support

To Fireheart for assistance in duties and administrative support

To Telanir for advisement

To Frott for overseeing warclaims




And a very special thanks to Tarren who went above and beyond her duties as a manager this month to better serve the community and the GM Team. Assisting in warclaims, processing interviews, and training new GMs.


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*cries and waits for the wave of trials to be looked over*

Edited by Brazilianski

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At least you spelt my name right this time

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