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The Sky Ball Masquerade

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The Sky Ball Masquerade
9th of Snow’s Maiden, 1733
[September 27th, Friday; 5PM EST]

[!] The notice would be posted everywhere in the Silver State of Haelun’or, on clean silky white parchment paper.


“Greetings Mali‘thill of the Silver Diarchy,

    The White Stag Tavern and the Visaj Talonni proudly present the Sky Ball Masquerade, which will take place inside of one of the many hubs in the city, the Tavern itself. This ball will be extraordinarily formal unlike most festivals the Silver State offers, and requests specific attire that will be addressed shortly. This ball is not only to celebrate the bonding of the Maheral and Sohaer, but also the vast improvements that has been created within these walls. Although as of late, there have been a couple of mild threats to our citizenry, hopefully this ball will ease their tense nerves. The Sky Ball Masquerade will feature a couple of novelty items that can only be procured when attending, as well as unique performances and fun activities. Festivities will be announced shortly next year, so please stay tuned. We are also hiring performers and instrumentalists if you wish to come perform, please send a letter if you wish to do so. Ahernan, and please take a look at the formal dress code.

Formal Dress Code

    The dress code for this masquerade is as the name implies, cool hues that resemble dusk and perhaps the day time are allowed for this event. However, we ask that you do not wear warmer hues such as red, orange, and/or yellow. Please keep your attire to shades of blue, purple, pink, black, and/or white. The masquerade requires that you wear a sky or bird themed mask, you are free to be as creative as you wish for such mask. Men are asked to wear gloves and formal clothing with sapphire attachments to them, and for women they should wear bronze circlets with sapphire attachments. For more details, men may wear high boots and high collars, whereas women may wear long dresses with high collars. There will be ample time to order and sew your own clothes for the event, but you should do it soon. At the very minimum, the event will provide a basic Sky Ball set for a set amount of [100 minas]. This includes a basic mask with various colors, a circlet for women, and gloves for the men. There will be two mask variants as well, but the colors for the circlet and gloves will remain the same.

    Note; You will not be allowed to enter if you are not following the proper attire. This is a ‘thill only gathering and event, though you may bring along a single foreign friend if they cooperate with our laws and attire. We will also be using a sign in sheet this event to track who has arrived and departed, though this is very much for safety reasons and will not tarnish the fun anonymous event. Golems, magical creatures, and Sillumir are asked to guard the masquerade area as well if they are attempting to attend.

Invitations are subject to change in the following year, as well as festivities and special distributions. We may be more flexible with the representatives and leaders of our kind lliran and allies, but please stay tuned for more information. Ahernan, maehr’sae hiylun’ehya!


Tavern Keeper & Medi’ir, Uppori Visaj.”

[!] The notice would end abruptly, with the stamp of the Visaj family located at the bottom in a sky blue hue.


[OOC: We are giving you 2 weeks to go nuts creative with your outfits! Another notice will be posted soon. If you want to help me out with this event shoot me a pm @UmbreScye or on discord!]

Edited by UmbreScye

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“Suppose i’ll have to get something ready for it.” Muttered Corvac Aldin after finding out.

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Sulraell ”W-what will I w-wear...?” he mumbles to himself ”I g-guess this will w-work...” he said looking at his only set of clothing, the one he is wearing

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