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The King Of The Moon

The Viktorya Canal Edict

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Artistic designs for the Renzfeld portion of the Canal, accredited to one Godfrey de Leumont c.1733

It is with great pride and satisfaction that the Office of the Interior unveils its current public works project, the Viktorya (Johannianised - Victoria) Canal. After tireless efforts from both the Office of the First Sea Lord and the Office of the Interior beneath His Imperial Excellency Peter Faust de Vitus since the reign of his Imperial Majesty Alexander II to present day, and the collaboration of His Imperial Excellency Peter ‘The Poor’, His Excellency Terrence May and His Majesty King Andrik of Haense (as well as various others throughout Renzfeld and Haenseni-Ruska), construction is finally set to begin for the Victoria Canal, set to run by Aqueduct from the newly reconstructed city of Helena to briefly through the County of Renzfeld before primarily cutting through the territory of Haenseni-Ruska and ending at the newly reconstructed city of Reza, in accordance with the The Royal Proclamation of 1733 and the Northern Ferry Agreement of 1732 put forth by the Kingdom of Haenseni-Ruska.

The main length of the Canal between new Helena and the heart of Haenseni-Ruska is set to be completed soon after the completion of Helena’s reconstruction, whilst its final portion (linking it to Lake Milena) will be completed soon after the completion of Reza’s reconstruction some time later, as approved by the Office of the Interior by the grace of GOD and His Imperial Excellency the Lord Protector, Adrian de Sarkozy.

Construction shall be carried out by labourers contracted by the Secretary of the Interior, in accordance with The Council of State Establishment Edict, 1732.

This is estimated to half present travel times between Haense and the Crownlands, and further unite our glorious Empire, all at costs a fraction of (and speeds consistent with) railway alternatives posed in the past.


Issued and Confirmed by
His Imperial Excellency, the Secretary of the Interior, Peter Faust de Vitus,
Admiral of the Fleet and First Sea Lord of the Empire


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Edward Dayne would clap in celebration of the edict

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