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A Letter Home

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To His Excellency, Angelo de Alba, Regent of Curonia and the citizenry of Curonia, 


Word has reached my ears of the events that have fallen within the recent months about the considerable changes that are coming forth within the lands of humanity. While I, for one, was not surprised to find that yet another Empire seems to be on the verge of collapse. I did find it . . . quite baffling to see that the good people of Curonia had decided to declare themselves independent for the sake of self-governing freedom, and all other manners of self-preserving rights that also go along with such a state of government and autonomy. As many of you may know, I had served dutifully, loyally, and with utmost determination to the Kingdom for over seventy or more years until the time of my retirement came about not so long ago. I have seen this nation, the nation I loved and cherished, grow from a County, to a Duchy, and was even there for its transition into a leading powerhouse and dominating Kingdom within the lands of Atlas. 


I fear, however, that the times of Curonia’s widespread influence throughout the realms of mankind has officially come to a close. No longer do the streets of the realm hum with the sounds of life. Barren and cold, they now rest as my dear great-granddaughters tell me from their trips to the city capital. No longer does the military seem active in any way as the barracks, I’m told, are said to be riddled with the befouling sight of cobwebs. I know that it is not easy to lead a military as Curonia has never had the mighty standing army it once had under the command of its greatest leader, Lord Commander Edward Devereux. To think that it has fallen to such a deplorable state is just an insult to not only the memory of the nations founders, but also to the countless men and women who have given their lives in service of the Green Tide decades before.


With either a small or non-existent military, I have to question the stability and ultimate decision of independence. Angelo, I have known you for almost a century, if not more at this point and I count you as one of my oldest and last living friends I have left in this world. For nearly 70 years or more, you and I have helped tend to the garden that is this Kingdom we both had pledged our undying services too back when we were so much younger. Surely you must see the hurdles that lay ahead of you. The nation is dying if not on its last breath. There is no need to beat around the bushes for you, I, and anyone else can and have been able to tell such for many years now. Are you so sure declaring independence was the wisest decision when the only other Imperial vassal to do such was Suffonia to my recollection? What of Haense? You leave our allies without aid in their time of need. That is not the Curonian way I know and personally follow. 

Yes, I know the relations between Haense and Curon have never been great and it was really only under King Pierce that they were forged anew and strengthened, but still is there no standing principle in protecting those who are allied to you? Also, why do you trust that the leadership of Morsgrad will follow through with any sort of pact you make with them? How long ago was it we treated them as threats to our nation due to the hostile actions they took not only to our citizenry but to our nation as a whole? Why do you make pacts with the men and women who threatened our sovereignty not so long ago? Who is to say you are nothing more than just a little puppet in their plot to bring down an empire that, like all previous incarnations of the Norlandic people and nation, strive for nothing more than Imperial division and destruction. I warn you, the relationship between a puppet and its master is a very one-sided relationship Angelo. The strings that hold it in place are so thin the slightest change in wind can snap them in two and then what is a puppet without strings to move it? Worthless and disposable. 


On a similar note, for how long has the legacy of Curonia been tainted with the brands of treachery and backstabbing? Do you not just prove to all those who already think of it as a place of weak-minded scum who turn on allies at the tip of a hat that they are proven right in their thinking? I fear for you and the nation should you lose your gambit and the tides of this war turn in favor of Oren and its forces. The damage you and your administration have done by this move could very well spell out the direct end of Curonia and its people. How many times can a nation be trusted when at every other opportunity they seem to betray their oaths and swing in favor of the side who promises them shrouded glimpses of prosperity and honey words of a far-off paradise? 


For his whole reign His Majesty, King Pierce spent his time skillfully and tactfully improving the image of Curonia. He did such, not for personal gain but for the betterment of Curonia and its people. He did such to wash away the dark stain that befouled our nation’s image and reputation amongst the other nations of humanity. Yet in a single day, with a single act, you have managed to wash away all of his hard work and efforts. If the King, God bless and watch over him and his family, could still move and speak I assure you he would be less than pleased. I know I would should my whole legacy go up in flames by another who took no care in thinking of those who came before him and the impact of his actions.


I will freely admit that I do not know the factors that drove you and your council to make this decision since I am now several years retired from my role as a leader of our beloved nation. Yet, my time as a councilor was long and I know that the Imperial government is one of the most corrupt systems there is in humanity. There is always the fear that the Empire will turn its back on its vassals, which many have proven to do so in the past, and or cause nothing but strife for one of its vassals until it complies with its demands. However, I am not sure abandoning an Empire for the sake of joining a barbaric group who will surely cause the formation of another Empire in due time is the wisest maneuver. Is it truly better to be free when you, I, and so many others all know the time will soon come when Curonia is placed yet again under the heels of another Imperial administration? Or even worse, perhaps the next Empire will not include a Curonia for those who lead will not wish for it to exist. Perhaps I am wrong and the men and women of Morsgrad will not cause irreparable harm to our beloved nation but their actions of the past and of the present seem to speak a much louder and clearer opposite note. Whatever the outcome of this war is to be, I pray for the survival of Curonia and citizens and I pray you will not lead this nation down a path of further death and destruction. 


Lastly, as I stand here, on the beaches of the southern portion of Arcas, ready to board a ship that will take me away from the comings and goings of these lands I wish to think I shall return when my time has come to draw my last breath, surrounded by friends and family before I ascend to the blessed skies above and see that Curon is still standing and all that I now worry about has come to pass. It perhaps is selfish, but I wish to be buried within the lands I call my home, laid to rest in the tombs of my fellow Curonian brothers and sisters and buried under the halls of those who I wish nothing more than prosperity, peace, happiness, and love. I believe this to be one of the greatest accomplishments at the end of one’s life. To not only be buried with those you love and care for, in life and in death but to also be laid to rest where it matters most; at home. Do not squander this opportunity for future generations Angelo. The men and women of our nation need not only a homeland to live but one in which they can be buried in when their time upon these lands comes to close. No Curonian should ever be without a place to call home and no Curonian should ever be buried in a place that is not that of their ancestors, a place that is not home.


-Klaudia Grimoire



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