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The Flying Orrir

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The Flying Orrir


[[This is a transformative work of “Enchanter” from “Dragon Age: Inquisition”]]


As Siol sits in his room, the elf takes up his handcrafted lute. His eyes close and a soft melody starts playing. The soft melody progresses during the next hours as the bard comes up with the instrumentals for his new song. Picking up a scrape paper, Siol makes to write on it, putting down the words of his next ballad. As his mind is converted into words, the elf makes to get up once more, leaning on his cane as he remains still unrecovered from his injuries during his last adventure... which he narrates into his new song. Moving the lyrics into a proper book, the elf writes: “The tale you are about to read or perform speaks of the adventures of the Order of the Orrir’Ullral, beast slayers. This particular adventure takes place up in the sky, on what appeared to be a floating island, resting atop air as if it was ground. Siol ‘the Orrir’, Vyasaldris ‘the Lioness’, Uhtred ‘the Bear’, Zodd Callibal, Otto Wittenbach, and Zozanulia are the key figures to be mentioned, all monster slayers of different ranks. However, there were indeed more units of the Order to have taken part in this expedition, adventure and contract... who are most likely to remember of their first time flying into an sky island to balloons, discovering ancient ruins and defeating two beasts... and Hyfowl and a Shredwing”


The Orignal Song:


Male Cover (This one doesn’t go perfectly with the lyrics):





((Simply start the video and follow with these lyrics))


[Verse 1]

Orrir now,

It is nigh time to go to hunt,

In the floating island up where we shall land, 

As we all fly.




(The balloons carrying the guildsmen of the Order into the sky to reach the floating Island)


[Verse 2]

Orrir now prepare,

That weapons you keep clenched.

Like Otto cut the ropes flying up with him into the sky.

The balloon goes up, departing him away,

While the rope will not retreat as it clings ‘round, his stucken legs.


[Verse 3]

Orrir now -

Nigh time, has come to go up high,

Form formations come and stand beside

The lines of your Shield Wall.





(Ducem Vyasaldris ‘the Lioness’ looking into the ruins. Just having gained her posture after the hard landing, whilst the other guildsmen prepare to catch Otto, who was taken up by the balloon as depicted into the ballad)





Orrir you come to me!

Orrir you come to me!

Orrir you come to see!

Can you, see what, we shall end



[Verse 4]

As it stands up high, 

In the sky now we can see..

In the floating land,

Retrieve what is unseen to rest of thee





(View from inside one of the balloons, a guildsman of the Order with his helmet on, with his back turned to the gloating island)




Orrir you come to me!

Orrir you come to me!

Orrir you come to see!

Can you, see what, we shall end


[Verse 5]

As the chick before, 

In the light it stands below.

In the crooked mouth of ruins, 

It chips the old rocks commonly


[Verse 6]

Orrir now beware,

The hen is uncommon!

For it opens beaks and force follow it on...

Like it’s magic!




(The Order of the Orrir’Ullral facing the ruins atop the floating island)



[Verse 7]

Orrir now

it pu-ushes, and throws you aground

The Hyfowl crooked howl

Shall be stopped, not be summoned forth


[Verse 8]

What a screech,

It screams, when Zodd thrashes with force

Pinning down the foul beast

Fore’ it comes forth, chipping Siol’s neck.


[Verse 9]

Zozanulia forth,

Approaches and her sword.

She thrusts down the body of the chick,

‘Fore t’screams and throws us off!




(Zozanulia after having slayed the Hyfowl)



Orrir you, come to me!

Orrir you, come to me!

Orrir now, can you see!

Uhtred... saving... Vya now!


[Verse 10]

As the Shredwing bat,

Forth approaches with quick haste,

Towards Ducem Vya, she’s covered

By Uhtred, Armored Bear!




(The inside of the ruins on the floating island)



Shredwing comes to me!

Shredwing comes to me!

Shredwing comes to me!”

Uhtred... sees it... luckily!


[Verse 11]

Bat with razor wings,

In the dark where she can’t see!

On the Bear, Vya relies

And he protects her bravely!




(Guildsmen from the Order preparing to depart back down from the island as the contract was fulfilled)


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