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4 “See, and there is a bridge of many colors, and marching forth from the Skies are the virtuous dead, and the wicked have been cast down from high places.”


Ausp. 3:4



Lo, there are things that can only be done by the divine powers; acts outside of the established order of events and daily life. A miracle and wonder only known to be from the power of God, and that God alone works these wonders. To witness a miracle that can only be caused by God, not nature nor man, is the greatest boon that can be bestowed upon a man who can grasp the essence of God.


In many claimed miracles done by divine power a thing is done that can easily be explained away by the turning of tides or a ***** shaping of clouds; what is not in the potentiality of that which is done by nature is the raising of the dead. On a small child praying for divine intercession for the city of Haense during the times of ecclesiastical tumult, this wonder did occur not hours later.


Hence, it is said of many witnesses that just such occurred! A benign spectacle of an armored figure riding a dustéd steed would do little to wonder many but a child, but on recognition of this wandering soul to be the long-deceased Tylos of Kalden did the steed take flight; in witness of a priest and of laity alike did the steed stride the skies, unbound by both path nor rigging to guide it. The apparition did pause, making a brief greeting from the air toward the crowd before returning once more to the heavens that did send it. All that remained was the apparition’s steed, on inspection a wild mare without fetters nor the resplendent tack that its cloud-bound rider did sport.


By what source of nature or science could this be explained? This spectre, apparition of man is not some artifice of natural-philosophy. No, this is a work of God!






“Oh, it was a quiet night! The streets were silenced, only broken by the mutters of the commonfolk. Yet there was a stir, a holy stir! The spirit of Godan was surely upon us that night. I saw a group of God fearing Barclays approach. But then I saw the sky! The starry sky! A white stallion, mounted by none other than Tylos of Kalden. I closed my eyes and took a breath, and as I opened them again, he and his beautiful horse flew off to the heavens! The masses were overwhelmed with joy as was I, my eyes clouded with tears. Praise be!”

- Acolyte Kofi of Hippo


“I was settling my business before a knightly meeting I was to attend, at night in the square of New Reza. The night was only filled with whispers and speech of the locals, nothing out of the ordinary. I saw some strangers about. Then, hoofbeats started to echo loudly from behind, while I was taking a drink of water from a local fountain. I had not seen anything, when I looked behind me, but people were in awe and shock, calling forth the name of Tylos, and praising Godan. While I was looking behind, I did not realise that the sound’s source came from above, and I could not catch the mysterious rider for myself. Yet, given everyone’s reaction within the square, and a sort of holy aura after the event, I felt something abnormal and perhaps even supernatural had occurred.”

- Margrave Fiske Vanir


“After a long day in the Duma, I had gone out to chat to my cousin, Brandt and his son. While we were small talking in the square, stars started to show. Night was coming. The streets were rather quiet, except the chatters from the tavern. I heard hoofbeats thud from behind me, a strange occurrence, since there was no horseman to be seen. Then, I looked up. And it was a holy sight, of a blue clad blond man, riding a stallion of white. We all gasped, and called forth Godan's name, while the horseman, who I recognised from our portrait in Reinmar as Tylos, rode on the stars, and disappeared.”

- Deputy Palatine, Sir Osvald Barclay


"It was a dark night, the city square lit up by lanterns, however an odd brightness encompassed the city. I could not believe my eyes as the holy light surrounding an armored man riding a majestic white stallion embraced the Haense night sky soaring through the air. What came next is unknown to me, but from witness reports it seems I had been dazed, walking in circles muttering to myself as the holy sight of the man I learned to be Tylos from portraits shattered my predisposition for mere moments."

 - Sergeant Ozark Mondblume


“I was visiting the tavern that day, enjoying my Carrion Black in front of the fireplace. As I was about to take my last sip, I heard screaming coming from the square. The name ‘Tylos’ kept coming back in the shouts. I put down my bottle and walked out of the tavern to investigate: and there he was, a broad shouldered blond man covered in plate armour sitting atop a white steed. He wasn’t galloping in the square, he was flying above it! The horseman radiated a warm feeling, travelling across the afternoon sky like a small, Holy sun. The townsfolk followed him up to the steps of the palace, where he and his steed just vanished into thin air. Confused about what happened, I asked the townsfolk who this man was: ‘It was the image of Tylos!’ they told me. They told me stories about how he turned pebbles into city walls, and how he was sent down to earth by God. I’ve seen many magics and creatures in my life, I even fought alongside dragonfolk. But this image moved me in such an incomprehensive way. It feels like GOD filled a void inside of my heart after I saw Tylos. I’ve picked up a copy of the Scrolls and scheduled my baptism because of this, truly a Holy Sight.”

- Fahad


“T'was midst of night - the sky was ever dark, people were quietly chatting in the midst of the Haeseni square. Suddenly. An ear-piercing gallop of a horses hoof could be heard, echoing throughout the calmness of the square. Promptly, my gaze drew towards the rythmic sound... before I saw him. Ever graceful, a man hidden by the shadow of the night - all that could be seen was the mighty stallion it rode. Unbeknownst to me of whom this figure is, I soon heard the rather pleased cheers of 'folk, cheers towards the figure of which they addressed as 'Tylos'. The stallion of which the Tylos rode soared through the sky akin to a majestic stork. Moments later, he vanished -- people were left in shock.”

- Radovid Af Markev


“We were at Reza's square... it was quiet, if not dark if I remember correctly. Quite some people were around, and whoever was there probably saw it. It was like nothing I had ever seen before; a great, white horse, and atop it, and even brighter and greater man it. It flew above New Reza, heading towards the royal palace. It moved gracefully and beautifully, clearly it was something coming straight from Godan. I could even feel peace as I looked at him. I had no doubts, it was clearly Tylos, such a sacred figure. Then, it disappeared as it appeared, rapidly, with no visible trace, just the happiness and purity left on everyone's hearts, souls and minds.”

- Brandt Barclay


“We were walking around the square with my father, the night was dark and the square was quiet. As we went, I could hear hoofbeats closing in. First I saw a shadowy figure in the sky riding towards us, then I saw a glowing, white steed in holy aura. After the figure became more clear, I saw the face of Tylos, signing the Lorraine on his chest. He was riding across the stars with his horse.”

- Cedric Barclay


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Brandt Barclay crosses the lorraine as he praises Saint Tylos.

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