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The Sutican Culture, on paper




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                I tried to find the illustrator but was unable to find them.


The sutican culture has always been obscure and relatively quiet compared to other cultures around the realm, while not documented previously it is now possible to write down all key features and values of an average sutican. However, this culture is not limited to Sutica and its citizens but rather widespread throughout the realm, usually found within the people of the scattered smaller settlements or perhaps even a minority in a larger nation.








Suticans in general are free in mind, body and spirit. Most of the time most of the people entering an area where the sutican culture is dominant do not know what to do with such and is only limited by the set laws of the local ruler. it is often found that a sutican ruler seeks to have their citizens given as much freedom as possible to follow their passion and ambitions, it is oftentimes needed to clarify the freedom they hold to their citizens as many do not know what to do with such, be it religious or otherwise with the only caveat being that they follow the laws and generally act in a peaceful manner.




A true sutican who has stuck around in such a culture for an extended period of time will oftentimes either find themselves bored or excited by the possibilities offered, making them able to pose their ideas without issue or even make them happen immediately if it does not break a law or changes the governmental structure. such can be done by any citizen or even someone from the outside.




It is no surprise suticans love to go further in depth with magic theories or even showing off a little bit of their prowess with minor tricks as it comes hand in hand with the creativity and freedom that is suggested in this culture. While the voidal arts are a dominant one in Sutica, it is not uncommon to see a monk or paladin wander about living their daily lives or coming for a visit.




Merchants are the lifeblood of many nations, but unlike most other nations it is encouraged to become a merchant over taking a government job as a merchant would be able to provide jobs of their own, grow the sutican economy and fill up their own pockets with plenty of opportunity for expansion. might they need a relatively cheap stall or a change to their surroundings for improved conditions and performance of their company then the nearest sutican official is found easily to make it happen.




One of the most important pillars of the sutican culture is to maintain neutrality at all costs, finding the option of war rather expensive with the increased military spending, detrimental to the merchants, trade routes and citizens who wish to stay peaceful. In the rare case where a sutican settlement does go to war, it is never unprovoked, always has high stakes for them as a settlement and is declared imminent by its leader. A sutican leader might however decide to house mercenaries within its realm who will feel no repercussion for their actions outside of the realm nor are they themselves fully protected by it.


Open minded, 


Due to the high amount of diversity within the sutican culture and never being bound to one religion or race, it is found that most suticans are more open to new ideas even if seen as questionable or taboo to other cultures, though in turn are also more accepting towards other cultures and races sticking around if it is found they wish to do no harm. This phenomenon occurs quite often and is only limited by the sutican laws posed by the local sutican leader.




A fairly common trait among suticans compared to most other cultures is that most suticans are found to be quite humble and level headed individuals in general within their own area or settlement. Most suticans are found to give little care for politics and formalities as they would rather have an honest conversation without any curveballs along the way.








While it is certainly not your average type of architecture, suticans have developed their own style of architecture over the years, involving plenty of color, quartz and whatever else they were able to find nearby, found to be a display of their own wealth or possibly even defense. such as the sutican walls have found a series or reworks over the ages, coming from palisades along the water to terracotta towering walls to more stone like walls to assist them maintain themselves in more hostile environments.




It is certainly not uncommon that a sutican has possession over some art, often personally made for them or commissioned by them with a preference for portraits of themselves, loved ones, their families or significant events in their lives. Plenty of artists reside within the sutican Culture due to the freedom given throughout and encouraged mercantile prowess of their own craft.




Suticans love to have a good drink and what do you do when you find yourself unable to find your preferred drink? you decide to make your own and make an extra buck from it while doing so. This phenomenon results in the sutican tavern often being ready to supply a wide variety of drinks even if alcoholic or not with the incredible amount of hobby brewers found around sutica to sell bottles of it on the street or at their own stalls.




Possibly one of the most underdeveloped parts of the sutican culture is the music it practices, rarely generating any new pieces of music on its own and taking inspiration from pieces of other cultures. The most common instrument played among suticans has been found to be the Piano, a prominent young sutican might find themselves drawn to it and willing to take lessons to bring life to the tavern where a piano can always be found.




While not too prominent in the sutican culture, it is easily found as a hobby among them, usually providing something to do on the side of their lives as well as cutting costs on their equipment or perhaps even bringing some of their own tools and equipment on the local markets for relatively cheap prices.






Scholarly documents, 


The bulk of sutican authors have been on a deep dive on scholarly subjects such as magic, biology, general research and creation methods which have been documented throughout a prolonged period of time, oftentimes describing a perfected method of creating, searching, altering or perhaps even destruction of the multitude of subjects. Might these subjects be medical, herbal, arcane, holy, alchemic or anything else, a sutican might have written a book on it.




While there are not many dedicated poets within the sutican culture, it is not uncommon to see a piece of poetry show up in a library or held in personal bookcases considering most poetry is in honor of a person, family or perhaps even a spouse.




These sagas are quite rare among the sutican culture, but nonetheless not forgotten as most of these sagas are collected are stored within libraries as a renowned piece of literature and always a good read. Often involving fiction with aspects of daily life these books never grow old as new copies are being made at a steady pace.




In a culture where personal freedom and discovering yourself stands central, at some point in their lives, a sutican might start to write a book or document more about themselves to preserve their thoughts and very being, exposing their nature, habits and actions to relatives through this method or perhaps even sell the book to the public. These pieces of literature are kept around for sometimes centuries after the person had already passed away, preserving their very thought and being throughout the ages.






Freedom of religion, 


A culture where freedom is central, it is to be expected that religion is a free choice to these people. while you generally won’t find massive cathedrals or temples within sutica, it is encouraged to set up shrines within the homes of suticans and perhaps if the populus of a sutican settlement reaches a certain threshold of people, they are able to request a more dedicated location for their religion and if the local leader agrees upon such then it is to happen and perhaps even set up a localized clergy within such location which is completely separate from the settlement itself unless stated otherwise.




Due to the various religions and races within the sutican culture, it creates a more accepting atmosphere for discussion and debate. Often a sutican is found to follow a more pagan form of cult or religion due to this more acceptent nature towards religion and are often quite stubborn with what religion they follow as it is their choice to make.


aengul/daemon/deity/spirit worship,


Where people are more open to other religions, it is expected that some suticans do not stick to all the major religions and look more towards the very being of what they want to do, might it be purging undead from the realm, finding peace with the world or even try to have a bit more spice in their life.


voidal/nature worship


The scholarly nature of a majority of suticans have pushed them to find new ways to improve their knowledge about the world, often involving the use of voidal magics and often shunned to not pursuit this way of gaining knowledge by those who already have access to voidal magic. The worship of nature or perhaps even Druidism is a fair amount more rare than any of the other religions, often finding it hard to mix with a culture where turning a profit might exceed the need of protecting nature in some cases.






Lubba acknowledgement, 


The creature named the Lubba stands central within sutican culture, the first couple sutican monarchs were able to control these beasts and defend themselves to maintain neutrality at all costs. A blessing from the seas for the usually coastal city of Sutica, Protectors of Sutica and remembered till this day as the iconic creature of Sutica, depicted on multiple sutican artworks, crests and works.


tax slabs over slips at the start of each world, 


While minor in its own regard, it holds some history to it where a multitude of continents Sutica had decided to use tax slabs instead of tax slips to avoid as much material cost as possible and often making these slabs out of wood or stone waste to ensure longevity over their paper variant which usually gets put to use later down the time spent inside the new world each time.


The celebration of trade, 


It is found that sutican settlements sporadically host trade festivals throughout the years, this is mostly due to the mercantile nature of most sutican settlements, wishing to bring out rarer or more specialized goods to the market for these special occasions or raise their profit in a short amount of time by inviting as many people as possible to come sell their goods with free government provided stalls for the duration of that festival.






Sutican officials, 


Sutican officials are often found to be occupying jobs within the higher up parts of the government, including ministers, the trade monarch, directors or the members of the lower government such as advisors and greater stewards, these individuals have either proven themselves to be extremely proficient at their job for such a promotion or have a great sense of loyalty and trustworthiness towards them towards a sutican settlement. The occupants of these jobs are declared nobility on a personal level.


Appointed vassals, 


While it is not uncommon for a sutican settlement to have a vassal, it has only been recently that vassals have been made more official within the sutican culture, offering opportunity to those with people and an ambition to make a successful settlement. Vassal leaders are granted nobility upon discretion of the leader of the sutican settlement they fall under, once granted their position as vassal is as secure as it can be.


Noble families, 


It is to be expected that your nobility brushes off to your household, though here in the sutican culture it is often found to be a bit different as noble families within sutica are completely limited to the direct family such as children, parents, spouse and brothers and sisters instead of the entire family to avoid the entire populus from becoming a noble. In the case where a vassal leader has a massive household they wish to grant nobility, they are allowed to have them all become nobles within their own domain but might not be recognized as sutican nobility.




Though rare, it is sometimes found that a more iconic sutican has found its way to the public and spreading the sutican ideals by merely existing, found to be the embodiment of sutican culture and values these people have to personally be granted nobility by the local sutican leader and will not seep through to their families.


temporary nobility,


while it is clear what the stance of the sutican culture towards nobility is, it is incorporated within the culture that as soon the one granted the nobility has either died, been fired from their position or left their position willingly then they find nobility is to be taken away from their relatives up until a new person from that household takes up the job. Ensuring a limited nobility even when time passes significantly.





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15 minutes ago, monkeypoacher said:

"based. lit" says an orenian performer, in imitation of the sutican parlance of the day



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Very nice post Mika! +1

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Theris Elibar'cal pukes into a bucket, throwing it over the side of the silver city. It promptly hit a stalking impure on the head; killing the fiend on the other side of the grandiose city walls. "Sutican culture? SDA. Impurity."

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