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Core Race Lore - Humans: Adunians


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LotC Core Race Lore - Humans




Core Race Lore - Humans: Adunians


The Adunians are a racial group who take place amongst Humans who call them brethren. Though distantly related to Elves through the Mali’dun, Adunians are much closer to the human-side of their ancestry. With a highly militaristic history, Adunians often found themselves upon the frontlines of the wars of Oren, striving for preservation and defense of their dwindling kind and culture. Ever since the time of Anthos, Adunians have been spread and further dwindling- a rare sight to see within the modern realms. Due to such, often Adunians are often seen as alien or foreign to their once-close cousins of Horen. Though surviving and making well enough independently, slowly do Adunians find themselves bred out of existence. 


Skin Coloration

Skin color amongst the Adunians vary. They tend to stay quite similar to their Heartlander cousins, with peachy and more-often-than-not pale tones- a darker skinned Adunian being unheard of.


Hair Coloration
Hair coloration in Adunians is the most rigid of all of Horen’s children. Strictly being within black or brown, mixbreeding would be the yield of any other colour. Their hair, similar to Humans, will gray with time- however some Adunians experience the greying of hair just before reaching maturity at 18.

Eye Coloration

Eye color also is rather rigid within pure Adunians. While most commonly a mix of browns, grays, and greens. Though green and grays are being the most common (Grey being of Mali’dun ancestry), rare Adunians will bear eyes of brown from Harrenite ancestry.



The usual Adunian height range is 5'4"- 6'2" ft. Most Adunians would be within this range, but can go above or below to the general human limit in individual cases due to mixed ancestry.



An Adunian, unlike all humans, live a maximum of 200 years. However, there is a common range of the Adunian lifespan. As in, an Adunian will generally live between 150-180 years before growing old and dying. This can often be attributed to lifestyle, though primarily is due to Mali’dun ancestry mixbred with Harrenite blood - producing a slight increase in lifespan, though their aging and maturity remains the same as any human race.



Adunians, being distantly related to Elves, do fall to some of the same detriments as their related ancestors. Though falling under the curse of Horen and his children, stricken with shortened lifespan, Adunians- though dilute - do take upon some of Malin’s curse. Not nearly as fertile as other humans, Adunians would struggle to produce offspring as much as their related kin. Though not afflicted to the extent of Malin with years between births and sterility a guarantee, Adunians still suffer from partial infertility as males and females. Though they are mixblood, new Adunians would not be created by breeding of elves and humans, given the Adunians have been existent nearly as long as the other descendant races and subraces. Any human-elven offspring, no matter how long the length of family tree, would be free of Malin and Horen’s full curse.


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