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Napier Men's Attire - Clothes for the Discerning Gentlesir [CLOSED]

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- IC -

Name: Dilvyn D. Deveral

Place of Residence: Karosgrad

Describe Your Order: Male scholar's attire, suitable for both field work and for the ballroom.


- OOC -

IGN: Greygree

Base Skin: PM

Reference pics: PM

Payment Method [minas, USD, art/skin trade]: Urara I will give you so many minas

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Zodd would receive a package in the mail. When he opens it, he finds a red silk haori in exactly the hue he described. 




Along with the garment, he would find a note in Sarah's handwriting.


Dear Zodd -


Long time, no see. How've you been? I talked with Chirr the other day and she said you two got married. I hope you bought her a matching kimono so you two can vacation in Yong Ping together. Um, I'm not really familiar with Oyashiman style clothes, but I did my best. It's a bit strange I've been asked twice to make kimonos. Don't they have tailors in Yong Ping?


Not that I mind. Business is business. Feel free to keep coming to me for all your kimono needs!





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Hawthorn Goodbarrel would meet a courier outside Bramblebury, who delivers unto him a package! It contains the clothing he ordered from Miss Napier's shoppe.




Dear Mr. Goodbarrel -


This presented me with a little bit of a challenge, since I didn't have any halfling-sized clothing models. I did my utmost, however, and I hope it suits you. If there's anything amiss, let me know and I'll see what I can do to fix it right away. Please enjoy the clothes! 


I never knew halflings were this... uh... risque? 




Sarah Styrne-Napier

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A reply arrives quickly, written in the same paper, but also with a parcel; a book, wrapped in brown paper and tied in twine.


The reply reads:

"Ms Napier, this is wonderfull! I'd have thought you were a halfling myself if I didn't know better; the fit is beautiful! I'm a bit short of items to trade with more practical value at the minute, so I've enclosed a copy of my most recently published novels. As you mentioned earlier it may be a bit risqué, so I hope I doesn't seem crude to you. I hope you enjoyed the challenge, and I shall be showing off my new apparel about the village right away! Best wishes, H. Goodbarrel."

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 IC -

Name: Geoff Turgon

Place of Residence: Ministry of Justice Building

Describe Your Order: A set of semi-formal everyday wear for a lawyer!


- OOC -

IGN: DelaneyG


Base Skin: Geoff.png.7ad595d9cbebfc19b1ece0798cf8e64f.png (for head and hair)


Reference pics:


Payment Method [minas, USD, art/skin trade]: Minas!

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Dilvyn would receive a splendid coat in a dusky purple color, brightened by gold accents around the cuffs and the collar. Included is a ruffled off-white tie, a brown vest, and dark slacks.




This letter is included with the outfit:


Dear Mr. Deveral,


I hope this letter finds you well! Please enjoy your new suit and let me know if it fits your tastes. The color palette is a little bit more daring than I usually do. Who knew that olive-tinted gold would pair so well with purple? It looks pretty regal if you ask me. Anyway, send payment along and keep in touch if you need any alterations.




Sarah Styrne-Napier

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The package would arrive at Geoff Turgon's house in terrible shape. Bizarrely, the brown paper is soaked with what smells like blood. It's torn in a few places. The garment inside appears to be unharmed.




There's a letter inside, signed by Sarah, but it's been rendered illegible by bloodstains.


What happened to Sarah Napier? It's impossible to say, but... at least she got her orders in the mail.

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