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  1. Discord : DelaneyG#2180 MC Name : DelaneyG RP Name : Peter Rothesay RP Race : Human. Timezone : EST
  2. Legal Name of Applicant: Geoff Turgon Demonstration of Service (5 Years): Supreme Court Justice, 13 years. Solicitor for Ministry of Justice, 6 years. Location of Establishment: https://imgur.com/a/cXJHG9h Building Portfolio: [!] Attached to Mr. Turgon's application are sketches of designs for his land, should it be accepted. A small tie-off for horse: https://imgur.com/a/dwa6cEe A middle sized windmill design: https://imgur.com/a/qO9xFZ5 General farm design: https://imgur.com/a/eq5rjyO Personal Appeal (Optional): "To the Review Board: I must be honest, you can see from my sketches that I do not have that same eye for architecture that others have. I do have an eye for nature, though. I grew up on a farm just like this, and ever since I've left home I've wanted a place like this to call home again. It would be a humble place of living, with emphasis and focused placed on that which grows, that which can be tilled and manipulated to create greens and grains to feed our empire. Thank you for taking the time to review this application. -G.T"
  3. hi can u tell me your favourite color thx also stop farming so much rep gahdamn
  4. idk about geoff but i know @CharmingCavalieris a #truegoth
  5. When Geoff Turgon read this letter, his entire spirit falters. This man that he worked alongside, befriended, rose through the ranks with. This man that he fought and squabbled with. This man that he loves like a brother. Anton was in such pain, and there was nothing he could do to stop it. Geoff wished that it ended better the last time they spoke. Quietly, Geoff started preparing notes should he need them - praying that the powers-at-be do the right thing. "Anton, I hope to see you soon." He folded up the letter and tucked it away in his desk.
  6. After everything, Geoff made his way home. Idly he worked within the house, attempting to process the events. All he knew was that his heart ached. In recent months the two had been at odds. The old friends had become rivals. One thought replayed over and over in his head. "Left, not right." "Left, not right." "Left, not right." Had he gone left instead of right, everything could have ended differently. If only he saw. If only he understood. Geoff would never forgive himself for that.
  7. Discord: delaneyg#2180 Skin: Lord in Black and Green , Evenin' Governor Bid: 100 , 110
  8. lame argument! I want musket elves in the trees!
  9. god i just want to be in the woods getting dogged on by a bear, and have some elven scoia'tael type figure shoot it from a tree and save my ass. is that too much to ask
  10. Geoff read's the statement, not familiar with the case, but is glad that justice may have been done!
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