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[!] The High Elf Would hand deliver the open letter to the office of the Holy Father in Providence


"Holy Father,

  Can you hear us? The plea's of the faithful, have been calling unto you - without answer. The Holy Empire has been attacked, and we need our Shepherd. Your silence right now is deafening - as we wait with bated breath as to when you will lead your flock and encourage the faithful in this time of need where our faith has been threatened by another nation. Do you have something to say? Anything of this affair? Our Soldiers - your faithful - are fighting, and dying, with the last words of mother Church on their lips. This is not a manner meant for our local clergy, who appear to be squabbling between each other over secular debates without the rightful hand, your hand, to guide them - the Church is in a matter of extremus.

The Canonist faith needs your words, now more than ever, to unite the faith. The Emperor has raised his shield in defense of the Church, but he also needs his voice - which comes from you. While you are writing about affairs of church administration, necessary in times of peace, you have perhaps not noticed from your stained glass windows the formation of an Army that brings the Red Faith and that is being welcomed into Holy Oren by another canonist nation? 

You were silent when, the King of Haense negotiated on your behalf during the Spineless Convention that would allow the wolf to burn the barn, and kill the sheep, so long as the Shepherd was spared. That so long as Nordland only kills the guard at the gate of the temple, smashes the glass of the Cathedral, but spares the preacher - the faith has been defended. Do you allow the King of Haense to speak for the faith, now? Slowly, but surely, we will invite schism the more we let our brothers & sisters believe that Oren and Mother Church are not of the same vine.


Holy Father, The Nordlanders are fond of using fire to describe their faith. Have you ever known fire to be discriminate in where it burns? They are same nation that invaded the Kingdom of Haense in the Ninth Nordling war - and now we see apathy for the Red Faith has spread like fire in Haense.

Has the Holy See abdicated speaking for the faith to Haense? I pray not. The Emperor of Oren is forever Augustine and Holy, there is no government more devoted to the defense of its institutions and the promotion of the word of GOD. 


I do not wish to insult you Holy Father, I am but a sheep, who is calling to his shepherd. 

What guidance do you have for your flock in these times of trouble, what words do you have for the Soldier defending the faith from the invader?"

Minuvas Melphestaus


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“I knew he was a learned scholar and skilled administrator, but now I find he is a man of true devotion too... Mr. Melphestaus continues to impress,” Josephine Augusta remarks to an aide.

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Upon that sullen eve, an Elfess would come to regard the missive in curious manner, her gaze lilting as she scanned the beseechment of that 'aheral. Her lips curled into a wry smile, carefully filing such away for a later date. 


"A man of great intellect and piety... A rare friend to have, in recent years."

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A smile is brought on Valent's face as his eyes were quick to go through the missive. "Minuvas - the Bright!"

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"At least someone intends to ask questions first and then act," Rha'kir noted before going back cooking some hot chocolate in the tavern of his village

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On 5/7/2021 at 11:46 PM, Minuvas said:

They are same nation that invaded the Kingdom of Haense in the Ninth Nordling war


"That was the seventh Nordling war actually." Vykk says slightly confused at the odd war naming convention "The sutican war was the eighth nordling war, which of course brings us now to the tenth nordling war, y'know, how all normal people count." Vykk says counting aloud "Seven, Eight, Ten"

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