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Amyy's Commissions [Open]


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Amyy's Commissions 


Welcome to my commissions page!

All information regarding what artwork I can provide and pricing can be found below.

If you have any further queries about anything, feel free to contact me via discord!



Discord: Amyy#3796


7hfzXYP.png QQ3eepc.jpgPF6liVM.jpgltUZNKZ.jpg




All pricing is in GBP (Great British Pounds).

All pieces are full colour and detail as in the examples shown.


Bust (Head-shoulders) | £50.00

Head-Hips | £70.00

Multiple characters or animals will have an

additional charge, to be negotiated.


All customers will receive 10% discount on any future commissions.



How To Submit Your Commission

When submitting your commission, please contact me via discord (as above).

I will get back to you ASAP regarding availability

as I will only be taking so many commissions at a particular time

due to university commitments.

We will discuss the commission piece itself, the pricing and I will ask for any reference art you may have.


- NOTE -

I will not start your commission until it has been paid for. In order to pay,

I will send you an invoice via CashApp or PayPal once I have accepted your request.

Commissions take anywhere between 1 week to 1 month

depending on complexity.

A commission can be fully refunded until the sketch is complete, after such

no refunds will be made.



What is the process of an ongoing commission?

While I am creating your piece, I will consistently communicate and send updates

to ensure that the art you receive is 100% to your liking (unless you indicate you wish to be surprised.

Initially, I will send you a draft sketch where we will discuss any alterations

you wish to be made. Once we've agreed on this base, I'll begin colouring and post

regular updates, from which you can make any changes.


What payments do I accept?

I accept payments via CashApp or PayPal (in this order of preference). I receive

the money in GBP (Great British Pounds). I will only start a commission once a

payment has been received. This is to avoid anyone who might not pay after

receiving their artwork.

If there are any concerns about payments, please discuss this with me.


What type of commissions do I accept?

I currently only do the commissions listed above. This is unless a custom

commission is negotiated, though there may be an additional charge if this is the case.

I currently do not accept requests of more complex races such as Orcs.

Though I will potentially include them in the future.


What if you change your mind?

You will immediately receive a full refund. Simply notify me via discord and

then I will be able to send the money of the purchase back to you. Once the commission has

been started, beyond the sketch, no refunds will be issued if your mind is changed.

However, if I decide I can no longer complete your commission I will issue a full refund.



By ordering, you agree to these terms.

- I do not accept mina as payment.

- Payment is upfront.

- I have the right to refuse a commission.

- I do not accept NSFW, fetish or gore requests.

- Any artwork is for personal use, not commercial.

- Do not claim my artwork as your own.

- No refunds will be given once a piece has been started beyond

the sketch, unless it is my decision to cancel the commission.








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Me when these commissions opened.

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