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Simple 3d Models - Mina Only


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Recently I picked 3d modeling back up, but this time using Blockbench. Thus I've been working on creating simple yet nice looking models for items, armor, & misc. models for Minecraft. These can be used to display a custom ST item, weapons/items your character uses, or even simply just for use in a resource pack.


If you're looking for art for an item but nothing suits your fancy or they're all too expensive for your small budget, fear not, for this commission page will operate purely with the cost of some measly mina. Models will have a base cost of 100 mina, and further cost will be negotiated over discord dms.


Example items (Will expand upon this as I create more)


Prismarine Dagger:







A Miner's Relic:














When requesting a commission, one may provide either text description of the item in question, or picture references on how it is wanted to look. Note that this uses a program that is meant for building models for Minecraft, meaning the models will appear blocky in shape. I will deliver the model in the form of a resource pack on default, I can assist with putting the model into a resource pack on request, and am willing to format the model in whatever way is requested within reason.


Commission Form:


Minecraft Username:

Discord Username/Identifier:

Item Name: 

Description of Item (Pictures/Text Description):

Extra Notes (Optional):

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These are actually really cool. Perhaps I'll commission some time later in the future. 

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I'm liking this style...

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On 12/7/2021 at 7:56 PM, googoogawwa said:

Minecraft Username: axeman51

Discord Username/Identifier: axeman51#1234

Item Name: Dominance

Description of Item (Pictures/Text Description): https://gyazo.com/55f0f0fa71cffff258b460a03130de5d


Contacted on Discord about the model in its current state.



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