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The Goat Twins

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To the people of Sedan,


It is with the greatest of pleasure for the current Sovereign Prince, Frederick de Joannes I and his wife, Princess-Consort Amicia de Joannes to announce the birth of the couple's first children. They have been truly blessed with two healthy young twins.


The first child is a girl and was named Henrietta Nikola de Joannes. She was named after the late Princess-Grandmother of Sedan, Henrietta, a brave woman who was very strong willed and loyal to the Principality and her family until the very end. Due to the child being born as the current Sovereigns eldest daughter, she shall be granted the title, Baroness of Henriu. Thus henceforth, her official style shall be: Her Highness, Princess Henrietta Nikola de Joannes of Sedan, Baroness of Henriu.


The second child born is a boy and was named Joseph Alexander de Joannes. He was named after Joseph Marna I, Holy Orenian Emperor, a notable ancestor of House de Joannes. Due to the child being born as the current Sovereign's eldest son, he shall be granted the titles of Crown Prince of Sedan and Baron of Ponce. Thus henceforth, his official style shall be: His Highness, Crown Prince Joseph Alexander de Joannes of Sedan, Baron of Ponce.


May God watch over my family and guide our path forward.




HIS SERENE HIGHNESS, Frederick I of House de Joannes, By the Grace of God, Sovereign Prince of Sedan, Count of Louisville, Haverlock and Döbern, Viscount of Fauconberg, Baron of Ponce, Avoria and Pyrmont, Protector and Lord of the Valley of Goats, the Haikaprier, Head-Librarian and Founder of the Frederick Library, Liberator of Libraries 




HER SERENE HIGHNESS, Amicia of House de Joannes, Princess-Consort of Sedan, Countess-Consort of Louisville, Haverlock and Döbern, Viscountess-Consort of Fauconberg, Baroness-Consort of Ponce, Avoria and Pyrmont


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Adelaide von Audrick is a GRANDMA.

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Caius Tiberius de Ravensburg would smile at the Prince "Long Live The Crown Prince, Long Live Sedan" he'd exclaim patting the young father on the back @HogoBojo

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Amicia de Joannes holds her two kids tightly, kissing both of their heads as she promises to protect and love them with all her heart. 

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Young Joseph cries loudly from his crib and awaits his next meal!

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Carolina milena smiled lightly at the birth of her nephew and neice.



Young Henrietta peered between her loving parents and then rolled over along her crib, smacking the baby Josef flat in the nose. Both children left to cry out! With the concerning glares from those around.

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Ludwig von Audrick dances a good ol' Sedanian dance



stickman, danse, dance


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