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The Opening of Sedan Academie


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The Opening of Sedan Academie



Mister Makoto Iekami and Miss Ipera Antoinette Varoche are pleased to announce the opening of the Sedan Academie. Sedan Academie hopes to fulfill the educational needs of the principality and bring about the brilliant minds and potential of the next generation. In order to do such, a variety of classes will be hosted for children of all ages to attend. Such classes include:

  • Literature

  • History

  • Mathematics 

  • Writing

  • Etiquette

  • Public Speaking

Activities will be planned to encourage their creativity and physical activity as well, for the time being current lessons and activities to fulfill those needs are:

  • Piano Lessons

  • Violin Lessons

  • Art activities

  • Nature walks 

  • Equestrian Classes

  • Basic Swordsmanship

A definitive class schedule will be posted before classes begin, until then registration is open for parents to sign their children up for lessons.



Olessya Irene Amador

Ipera Antoinette Varoche

Viktoriya Barclay

Makoto Iekami

Masashi Iekami

Ottilie Franziska Jazloviecki 

Amicia de Joannes

(Sign up information below)


To add your persona's child to the roster please add the following: 

Discord Tag:

Time zone (optional, this is just to help with class scheduling): 
RP Name (Parent/Guardian): 

RP Name (Student): 



Her Serene Highness, Princess Augustina Theorosia de Joannes, Princess-Consort of Sedan, Princess of Balian, Baroness-Consort of Ponce

Her Highness, Amicia de Joannes, Princess-Dowager of Sedan

The Most Honourable, Lady Ottilie Jazloviecki, Margavine-Consort of Grodno, Baroness of Castille, Member of the Princess Council

Olessya Irene Amador, Matriarch of House Amador, Member of the Princess Council

Viktoriya Barclay, Governess of Sedan, Member of the Princess Council

Mister Makoto Iekami, Governor of Grodno

Ipera Antionette Varoche, Court Tutor

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After signing her name, Viktoriya beamed at the missive and road off to inform her nephew of the new academie.



IGN; rosey_posey_532
Discord; Rosey#8101

Timezone; MST 

RP Name (Parent/Guardian); Viktoriya Barclay

RP Name (Student); Christoph von Audrick

Age; 7


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Upon hearing the news of the Sedan Academie finally opening from Makoto himself, Ottilie rushed down the Jazloviecki residence's stairs. "CHILDREN!" She yelled, pamphlet at hand, "IT IS ABOUT TIME YOU GET SOME GOOD EDUCATION!" @Siranja @Tourning @scarahpot @Pork

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Quintus Varoche reads the flyer, nodding in approval, as his younger brother could certainly use something like this.

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Sigismond Varoche took the flyer from his brother's hands, reading it over before nodding, "Yes this would do Paulie much good."

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Maciej Jazloviecki nodded firmly at the flyer, glancing at his wife "Truly a great thing to see, giving the kids a chance to study properly." He smiled before putting it back on the desk

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IGN: ChirpySquire

Discord Tag: ChirpySquire#9937

Time zone (optional, this is just to help with class scheduling): N/A
RP Name (Parent/Guardian): Ser Aurion Aretheon

RP Name (Student): Rhaegar Aretheon
Age: 9

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IGN: FenHarel__


Discord Tag: Vic#9617


Time zone (optional, this is just to help with class scheduling): PDT/PST

RP Name (Parent/Guardian): Juliya Barclay


RP Name (Student): Viktor Erwin Barclay

Age: 12

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