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[Completed] [LAIR] The Grand Gambler


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Lair PRO MC Name: ImpinAintEZ


Lair Name: The Grand Gambler


Lair Members: McSarcy, Romedome11


Proposed Lair Locations (Highlight/draw at least three on the map):

Eastern Hub


Southern Hub


Near Spawn



Lair Lore (supply link to an existing creature or other lore if being used as basis for this lair) (1000 words minimum):


Three rogue knights devised a daring plan in the realm of Almaris, where noble houses held immense power and the common people- oppressed with it. They had already made a name for themselves as rebels against the corrupt nobility of the realm. But they knew they needed to do more to truly bring about change.


Sir Rorik was the first of the rogue knights, hailing from the Kingdom of Norland. Sir Rorik had always been a fierce warrior and a skilled tactician. Still, he had grown disillusioned with his king's actions during the Tenth Nordling War. He saw firsthand the atrocities committed by his own side and could no longer stand by and watch as innocent people suffered.


The second of the rogue knights was Sir Aiden, hailing from the Silver State of Haelun'or. Sir Aiden was a master swordsman, but he had grown tired of the endless politics and scheming of the noble courts. He saw how the common people were oppressed and exploited by those in power and knew that something needed to be done.


The third and final rogue knight was Sir Lucien, hailing from the Kingdom of Haense. Sir Lucien was a charismatic and inspiring leader. Still, he had grown disgusted with the corruption and greed of the ruling class. He believed that the people deserved a voice in their own governance and was willing to fight to make that a reality.


It was on a moonless night, deep in the woods of Almaris, that the three knights met. They had each heard of the other's exploits and respected their skills and dedication to rejecting their corrupt lords. As they sat around a small campfire, drinking wine and telling tales of their adventures, Sir Lucien had an idea.


"Why fight the nobility head-on when we can hit them where it hurts?" he asked. "Their pockets. The common people are the ones who suffer the most under their rule, and they're the ones who would flock to a business that gave them a chance to gain some coin."


Sir Aiden nodded. "But what sort of business could we possibly create to draw in the crowds and make us a profit?"


Sir Rorik spoke up. "I've frequented casinos in other parts of the world years back. They host all sorts of games of chance and skill, from dice to card games to gladiator matches. We could create something like that, but with our own twist."


The three knights, all seasoned warriors and skilled tacticians, saw an opportunity to gain popularity with the common people and create some sort of power for themselves. They would establish a casino where people could come to watch gladiator matches and horse racing. The Grand Gambler would be a compound of a large casino wagon with games, a fighting arena, a horse track lapping outside the compound, a small campsite of 3 or 4 tents, and a market area. The idea was bold and daring, but the three knights knew they had the skills and the determination to make it a reality.


They set to work immediately, gathering materials and resources for their ambitious venture. They enlisted the help of craftsmen and builders from all over the land, promising them a share of the profits if they could create something truly grand. The result was a marvel of engineering and craftsmanship, a mobile casino that would rival any in the land.


The casino wagon itself was a wonder to behold, a massive structure made of dark wood and adorned with intricate carvings and decorations. Inside, it was filled with every game imaginable, from the most common dice games to the most complex card games. 


But it was not just the games that drew the people to The Grand Gambler. The gladiator matches and horse racing were also held in the fighting arena and on the track lapping around the compound. The gladiators were fierce and skilled warriors handpicked by the rogue knights themselves. They fought with swords, axes, and even spears, and the crowds cheered them on with every blow.


The horse racing, too, was a sight to behold. The track wound its way around the outside of the compound, and the horses thundered past the cheering crowds. It was a place where fortunes could be won or lost instantly, and even the most humble could rise to glory and fame.


The three knights put their skills to use as well. Sir Rorik acted as the pit master, organizing the gladiator matches and ensuring they ran smoothly. Sir Aiden oversaw the card games, using his keen eye and quick reflexes to keep an eye out for cheaters. And Sir Lucien was the face of the business, using his charm and charisma to draw in customers and smooth over any disputes that arose.


As word traveled from town to town, The Grand Gambler quickly became the talk of the land. People flocked to the compound to watch gladiator matches, place their bets on horses, and try their luck at games of chance. 


But The Grand Gambler was much more than just a gambling wagon. It symbolized hope and rejection of the corrupt, a place where people could forget their troubles and dream of a better future. The three knights saw their creation's potential and knew they could use it to further their cause.


They began to hold secret meetings with other rebels and dissenters, using The Grand Gambler as a meeting place and a way to recruit new members. They spread their message of rejecting corrupt nobility and promised to fight for the common people until justice and equality were achieved.


And so, The Grand Gambler flourished under the watchful eyes of the three rogue knights, bringing prosperity to the common people of Almaris and striking fear into the hearts of the corrupt nobility. But as with any rise to power, some coveted their success and sought to bring them down. Rumors began to spread of the Grand Gambler's involvement in illegal activities, and whispers of betrayal could be heard in the shadows. The three knights knew they had made powerful enemies, and they braced themselves for the inevitable reckoning. For in the land of Almaris, where the noble rule and the common serve, the game of power is never truly over.


Lair Build and Infrastructure (photos required, give dimensions):

Full build(75x75): https://youtu.be/npFq38EMQ7g 




Main (but 2x bigger)



Medium wagon for market and restaurant (but bigger)



Medium wagon for food and material storage



Market stalls (3-4)



Tent (1 larger and 3-4 small):



Why can this group not fulfill their roleplay niche in an existing settlement or nation? (Give a detailed answer and examples of how this has not worked in the past.):


Our group may not be able to create this specific type of roleplay niche in an existing settlement or nation for a few reasons. Firstly, as we are rogue knights with a rebellious natures we may clash with the established laws and customs of a settlement or nation. We could be seen as a threat to the stability and authority of existing rulers, or may be looked down upon by those who value order and tradition.


Additionally, our business model may not fit within the established economy of a nation. The Grand Gambler relies heavily on gambling and gladiatorial combat for profit, which may not be legal or socially acceptable in certain settlements. It may also conflict with the values or beliefs of certain factions, such as religious groups.


Existing settlements and nations may not be able to satiate every type of roleplay niche or group, particularly those that challenge established order or operate illegally or immorally. The Grand Gambler would provide this type of roleplaying experience aimed towards the more nefarious characters or those looking for a bit of entertainment. 


How does this lair add to the greater world around it? How will its existence benefit its roleplay group and the server at-large?:

As an establishment that offers entertainment and a chance to win fortunes, The Grand Gambler adds a new dimension to the world of Almaris. It provides a unique opportunity for players to immerse themselves in a world of gladiators, horse racing, and games of chance. The casino wagon and its associated events provide a hub for roleplay, drawing in characters from all walks of life and creating opportunities for unique interactions and storylines.


The existence of The Grand Gambler benefits the roleplay group and the server by creating an environment that encourages creative storytelling aimed towards competition and diverse roleplaying opportunities. It adds a layer of complexity to the world, allowing for the exploration of themes such as corruption, rebellion, and the struggle for power. As players flock to the compound to participate in its many games, they will encounter new characters, sparking new adventures and driving the overall narrative of the server forward. Who knows, it could end up being the hub for a revolution…

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Application completed.



Given recent projects and eventlines, the team doesn't feel as though it would be a wise choice to admit any new lair; especially when there are only up to three members that will make use of the said. 

We advise that you attempt to establish this sort of roleplay through existing nations and/or settlements, as most won't particularly care about your affairs as a vassalized state. My discord is Vi#3544 for any concern that you may have.

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Application completed. You will be contacted by Staff on the application's status and next steps.

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