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Malaurir Arasdir Miravaris

5th day of The Deep Cold, the Year 146 of the Second Age


KV7POgKT1BTDubSmNm67jzUT2siwrDIZkLm2aMmpbuUXVXBDN1stBy3NHI2GPxR3JXh55Zy6IDmMYYv7siN2RpYNiZFkCtfVNWMsRM-1FPLXoA_QnhJmdTK9lkm-5ydGgcu4N1WCuELwGM6qzWk6C9Ymongst those born of silver, the shadow of a rumor looms. Held in high reverence is the conjuration whereby blood already hallowed turns in hue, and vain ambitions steers the credulous onto path not charted by Larihei. The wisdom borne of the Golden Pools stands forsaken.


It is by deed hewn in silver that a pure legacy be born, and not by the brewing of concoctions.


Hence I bid to the Motherland her whose devices issue bold challenge to the perfection of mali’thill. Dyonne Alusa, denizen of the Woodland Realm of Nevaehlen, whose way diverged from Elcihi’thilln during the waning of Kalenz, is to heed the summons of her Maheral and debate with the Blessed Citizenry regarding the essence of her contrivances.


anniler’oem onn elsiimah, neehya elilum tuva narn’vallei  





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