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A Resignation of Law

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[8th of Malin's Welcome, 147 S.A.]

[September 21st, 2023]


Many years ago I was but a pilgrim to the great hold of Khron'Hundmar. A mere beardling at the time. But from that hold, I was forged as Vuur'dor from Yemekar's hammer. I imbued within myself Vuur'dor as Yemekar once did. The hold fell with time, but its lessons were instilled within me. Until, that is, I had spent due time upon the King's council. It is clear now to me that I have been mistaken in supporting the actions of the Grand King of Urguan. I told myself that by standing by him and his actions I did my duty on my position. None know the law of this land as I do, and all find themselves critics of that which they do not understand. Garedyn Mossborn has besmirched the reputation of Urguan and the dwedmar eternal by his insistence on rights for epiphytes. His sidelining of the umgorumm, his promotion of war to serve those who froth at the mouths for blood. His insistence on a new system that would destroy the true law and order of Dungrimm in the Grand Kingdom has become the final straw. I cannot stand by and support such desecration of the values of the dwedmar any longer.


I hereby publicly proclaim my resignation as Lord Justiciar of Urguan. I pray that the Grand King can one day find reason in time. And if not, I pray for a new King in our time in hopes that the Grand Kingdom can live up to the word Grand once more.





Clan Father of the Khorul'mar



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"With the wisdom of Jorvin, we will be better off." The Grand King braided his beard in the mirror, a servant brought the letter over to him. "And 'ere oi thought the corrupt bastard wouldn't beh too upset." He laughed to himself.  "He realleh beh throwin' all the complaints in there. Thought he supported the conflict, n his clanmate supported that soul protection act." He tossed the paper into the fire. "Toime will tell if meh decision was a good one. Oi have faith in Jorvins abiliteh."


(Ooc: on the shitter on my phone, can't even do spoilers or colours 💀, sorry for bad formatting)

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Ulfric would nod as he received news of the resignation. 


"It's abou' toime yeh thought for yehself and did what yeh think is roight, Thromdrick. o'I'm proud ov yeh, lad. If o'I had known how yeh woul' do when yeh were firs' brought on, o'I would've hired yeh way sooner. Alas, o'I'm happier now teh know yeh are nae longer part ov t'at place. Enjoy yeh 'retoirement' lad."


He would then neatly fold the parchment, slotting it into his desk, before moving off to spend time with his family.



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Sigrun 'Dragonslayer' Ireheart let out a rumbling laugh.

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"Im certain the lad will find something else to do with his time. He is an emissary of Yemekar's will within the cosmic flow. He'll find something to bide him...though, what's wrong with supporting epythites? Theyre just the same as I am...sort of." The mechanical lord shrugged then, before returning to his work.

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