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A Lone Drake's Weeping


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Ambiance - [X]
I see with
eyes, already fixated. I move with bones blackened with char.
I speak with a
mouth full of words, devoid of all meaning.
I touch with
flesh, already transformed to stone.
I slice with blunted steel.
Within unwavering eternity, there is still yet ashes which shift.

Vertical1.png I
weep for my beloved, which I never had. I hear her words, which flutter as molten wings. A tug, a pull, a yearning for what will never be.Vertical2.png

 Memories that cannot be silenced. It is a voice, which remains silent aside from whispering taunts.

A rage takes the place of confusion. A conflagration that has no direction, only the promise of destruction.


A self-immolation, left only to sorrow.


Burnt, are those pale hands. Burnt, are those brown eyes that beheld me. She is naught, but ashes. Yet the flames still rise. . . .


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Kaji to Kenka wa Sakuragakure no Hana


"Sayonara, my friend." A scorched samurai rests in the clinic after being collected by his companions from the duel. After so long, he remembered how to fight without malice in his heart. At last though it was replaced with the feeling of meloncholy.


"Nothing like a fight under the Cherry Blossoms..."

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