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  1. Wtf this canot be true ? I cannot believ this Im actualy am shaking in my boots what the fri**ck????????? Ban imediatly! 😠
  2. Well, what’s your name? Antonius Cinhil, sir. Aye. And from whence do you hail? Helena, sir. Alright, alright, that’s a fine place this time of season. How many years have you lived? Seventeen in total, soon to be eighteen. Got it. Your ethnicity, good man? I can’t make it out. Heartlander, sir. Mmm. I never would have expected it. Are you literate? Of course, self taught. Good, that won’t hurt you. Do you have a wife at home, or children? Not at all, sir. They call Sixtus the Third ‘the Lewd’ for having two bastards. Don’t be like him. Have you got anything against taking oaths? I’ve no issue against oaths, as long as they are just. You’re all set. I’ll have this filed away to the Prelate at once. He’s all the way off in Pembroke, at least a day’s trip. Give him a while.
  3. New member, zero rep, no pfp.. 10/10 ily
  4. Banditry should be allowed, as long as it provides meaningful rp between both parties involved, and not just kill someone and take everything on them. When that occurs, it’s simply not fun for the party that gets killed. I’ve had experience with good banditry and bad banditry, and when the rp is good with bandits, I don’t mind handing over some loot, or even getting injured. But when it’s just kill and take loot, and little to no rp is involved, that is when it becomes boring, and borderline frustrating.
  5. Dimitri_P

    Conflict & War FAQ

    Could you please clarify whether or not a nation can simply deny all wars or raids, as I think it’s implied both nations have to be willing from now on? Unless I misread that, but could you clarify please, just so we know for sure.
  6. Dimitri_P

    Conflict & War FAQ

    That’s true, I didn’t think of that. It sounds a lot better in concept, but in practice it would probably be extremely messy. I wish everyone could play fairly, but I’m not sure that could happen, people will always try to make themselves win, even if it doesn’t make sense.
  7. Dimitri_P

    Conflict & War FAQ

    I like that idea a lot, it would be much more fun if raids were like that.
  8. Dimitri_P

    Conflict & War FAQ

    The main concern I have with this is from what I gather a nation can simply deny all wars or raids OOC, which doesn’t make sense if the nation truly has done things that would warrant a war, unless I’m reading this wrong. Is this the case, and if so, are you sticking to that as the final decision?
  9. Not sure what happened with the whole war thing, as I’m fairly new, but I’m glad to see it addressed in a professional manner!
  10. **MC Names of all involved** MC Name: Dmitri_Peskratov **Description** I joined the server for the first time yesterday, and got a message saying I could vote for the server for rewards and milestone progress, etc. I went to vote on all the websites given after typing /vote, made sure to spell my Minecraft username right, and I did not get anything. **Date of occurance** Yesterday, June 16th, 2019 at around 6 or 7 PM, I cannot recall the exact time. **In game specifications** I was on my only current persona, Albion. **Steps to Reproduce** <!--- Provide all the steps necessary to reproduce the problem --> 1. Step 1- I did /vote 2. Step 2- Clicked the links given for each website to vote 3. Step 3- Vote on each website, and typed in my username 4. Step 4- Go back in game to see if I received anything, and I did not. **Expected Behavior** I’m not sure what exactly is supposed to happen, I think you get bread or milestone progress, but I’m sure it didn’t work as I received multiple more notifications throughout my playtime later telling me I hadn’t voted, although I had. **Actual Behavior** I did not receive anything, and messages kept coming up telling me to vote, saying I hadn’t. **Additional Information** Maybe it’s because I’m new, I’m really not sure. All the websites said I had successfully voted, however. **Error Message** N/A
  11. Full Name: Albion Bluskin Age: 27 Past/Present Affiliations (Military Organizations, Nations, etc.): N/A Residence: Sutica ((OOC)) MCName: Dmitri_Peskratov Discord: Not A Cop#6969 Timezone: GMT-5
  12. Dimitri_P


    Born in 1693, in Atlas, in Presa de Madera to be more exact, he was an only child. Raised by his father, who was a lumberjack, he learned to use an axe, and his mother taught him basic education. When he was about 16, his father contracted Grish, and passed after a few weeks. His mother, not being able to bear the death of her husband, hung herself. After his mother and father’s death, he left his home to venture out into the world in search of more answers, a meaning to his life, leaving everything behind except a satchel made by his mother, filled with food, and his father’s axe. Now he roams cities, often drinking and getting into fights with people bigger than him, which he almost always loses. He can’t help it though, he likes to think he inherited his short-tempered attitude from his father. He continues this, wandering, looking for something more to his life.
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