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  1. To anyone who knew Nenica Barclay- personally- they’d know she tended to bake abundantly during times of stress, or even sadness. It had even been gone as far to be even given a name: stress baking. Now was not an exception to that in Nenica’s personality. After Vespira had shared the news of Jane’s disappearance with her, the woman’s old room in the Dubois manor had quickly become filled counter to counter with any baked goods she could manage out of what little ingredients she had left behind upon her move to Reinmar. Amongst the fray of breads and cookies, sat said ginger haired woman on the floor- head buried tiredly in her tear and flour stained dressings. The dressings she wore now were still from the recent passing of Mariana Dubois- though it looked as though they weren’t coming off any time soon.
  2. Silence overtook the room as her hand lowered from her ginger locks- her reflection in the mirror before her peering in turn, meeting Nenica’s olive eyes as she looked up. Her usual rich-colored attire had been swiftly replaced with a ebony-black gown, having taken up such dressings shortly after being relayed the news of Vaeri’s passing. Yes, she’d come to hate Vaeri over the years, their fervent bickering only furthering such- but in the moment she’d come to long for the embrace of her “auntie”, her mother: Mariana Dubois. She’d recall all the times she’d hide behind the woman’s skirt from Lavinia’s tease, the times she’d sit in wonder at the dinner-table or parties at the sight of her wine-ridden auntie, or perhaps even the fuzzy memory of her being plucked from the orphanage by Mariana. She’d think of her disownment, her mother-less wedding, and now her children’s lives, who were no longer able to recognize this deceased woman as ‘grand-mama’. Her reflection would sadden at the recollection of these old events and realizations, maybe even some tears upon her cheek that she would never admit to. And thus she’d adorn skirts of ink, her ashen facade covered by a simple raven-hued lace- not for the passing of Vaeri, but for the final passing of her mother: Mariana Dubois.
  3. Nenica Barclay brings a hand to her lips as she stared at the invitation with wide eyes. “Oh my-” she’d start with a saddened, yet joyous smile at the idea of their marriage. “My brother and Vespira..Why, I remember the day I gave him my blessing to marry her when we were young” She’d dab at her eyes with a handkerchief as tears of joy threatened to spill!
  4. "Ah! Finally my dearest Ivy will join me in the married life!" Nenica Barclay quips joyously from in her room the Du Bois manor, stashing the invite -per usual- to reminisce over at later dates. "Quite the couple they are, really-"
  5. Nenica Barclay glances over the invitation, having to do a double take at such a notice to throughly read through. "Finally! The long awaited wedding of Jane and Borgy!" she'd hum to herself with a beaming smile, tucking away the invitation to keep for many years to come!
  6. Nenica Dubois squints, getting the sudden feeling she had forgotten something important. She’d let out a small gasp, feeling perhaps a bit of embarrassment- “oh my!” she’d mumble, quickly writing an invite for the O’Rourkes family and sending it their way by bird!
  7. · • ❝〔The Union of Dubois and Barclay〕❞ • ︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵ [Owyn’s Light, 1779] […] [!] A praline, white dove delivers ornate letters, that have been neatly pressed and written with a prudent hand, to the peers and subjects of the esteemed Orenian Empire · · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · · Owyn’s Light, 1779- Chaplain Alfred Barclay, and Nenica Dubois will join in holy matrimony in the Basilica of the Fifty Virgins. All citizens under the Empire are wholeheartedly welcomed, and encouraged to attend the ceremony of the two. Howbeit, the following will be receiving private invitations in hopes of their undoubted attendance: ↳ The immediate family of the bride and groom George Dubois HG Duke of Reinmar, Erwin Barclay And the Honorable members of House Barclay and Dubois ↳ House of Helane HIM Emperor of Oren, Peter III And the Honorable members of House Helane ↳ House Barbanov HM The King of Hanseti-Ruska, Josef Barbanov And the Honorable members of House Barbanov ↳ House of Wick HE Lord Regent of Hanseti-Ruska, Konstantin Wick And the Honorable members of House Wick ↳ House of Novellen HIH The Duke of Helena, Joseph Novellen HIH Princess Imperial, Anne Novellen And the Honorable members of House Novellen ↳ House of Helvets HG The Duke of Cathalon, Robert Helvets And the Honorable members of House Helvets ↳ House of Baruch HG Duke of Valwyck, Petyr Baruch And the Honorable members of House Baruch ↳ House of Kortevich HL Margrave of Korstadt, Viktor Kortevich And the Honorable members of House Kortevich ↳ House Vanir HL Margrave of Vasilank, Fiske III Kortevich And the Honorable members of House Vanir ↳ House of Ruthern HL Count of Metterden, Aleksandr Ruthern And the Honorable members of House Ruthern ↳ House of Ludovar HL Count of Otistadt, Fredrick Ludovar And the Honorable members of House Ludovar ↳ House of Carrington HL Baroness of Carrington, Mary Lucille d’Arkent And the Honorable members of House Carrington ↳ House of Amador HL Baron of Monstadt, Ruslan Amador And the Honorable members of House Amador ↳ House of Halcourt HL Baron of Artois, Winifred Halcourt And the Honorable members of House Halcourt ↳ House of Mackensen Ionian Mackensen And the Honorable members of House Mackensen ↳ House of Erhdhart Ser Marcus Erhdhart And the Honorable members of House Erhdhart ↳ Others: Vaeri Ivelle Grey Any and all members of the Haense Royal Army · · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · · After the ceremony, a small celebration is to take place at the humble abode of Reinmar. May you join us during these few hours of simple festivity- as we will be indulging in Hanseti celebrations, games, and drinks. Again, all those under our esteemed Orenian Empire are more than welcomed to join us to revel in this memory of matrimony.
  8. Viktor Sigismund squints at his formal invite upon hearing his sister's instruction to attend and support the wedding. "Ew... marriage-- kissing!!" The young boy would gag at the idea of watching the couple give a small peck during such a ceremony, but would marvel over the idea of the cannonist meaning behind such a ceremony. Adonis Halcourt de Silversteed sighs upon hearing such news of a marriage from Edith, rocking slowly in his wooden rocker- a lit cigar in hand. "My dearest cousin is to marry..About time!" He'd chuckle quietly at his own joke before taking a drag of his cigar.
  9. Adonis Halcourt de Silversteed glances up from the book he had been previously reading- taking a long drag of his cigar and releasing the smoke in a small chuckle. "Been awhile since ai have danced, cherie. Non promises ai won't be rusty,," He'd grin to his niece, taking a mental note to find ruby themed outfits for himself and his sons.
  10. Nenica Dubois beams at the new publishing of the paper- specifically the world section, though she wouldn't admit it~ "Turned out as good as the last" she'd quip to no one in particular, moving back to her papers for the next copy.
  11. Odette Silversteed squints at her copy and the label of 'Halcourt Publishing Co'. She'd sip her morning tea, before asking aloud to no one but herself: "huh..Halcourt Publishing Company? Funny how he had never brought this up.." she scoffs, tossing the paper lazily unto her table.
  12. Leon would return to his small abode after hearing the news of his father's death, his face flushed from the run here. He would heave a few heavy breaths, trying to maintain a composed composure even in the privacy of his own room. He would recall the letter, apoun which he had been thankfully allowed to read before it was passed to the next member of his family- all to share the devastating news. Tears would prick the boy's eyes as he recalled the scrawled words, quickly brushing them away on the sleeve of his jacket. Out of the corner of his eye he would spot some parchment and his usual quill, biting his lip in thought. A letter shouldn't be left unresponsive. And so the man would sit at his desk- beginning to scribble out ink onto the praline white page, filling it with neat and practiced handwriting. A glance at his clock, it would read 12:00. He had been writing for about an hour, he wanted every word to perfect. He would give a satisfactory sigh, his face puffy from tears he would never admit to shedding. His drink, a small glass of Hightower wine which had been his father's assuming favorite, sat on the desk. Leon would reach out, picking up the cup in a gentle grasp- holding it up. "A toast! To my father's legacy and his ever lasting impact on our small world" and to that, he would drink.
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