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  1. A SALE OF COMELY COSTUMES A Live Auction of Attire A painting detailing a Sedanian Woman in a Boisterous Ballgown … INTRODUCTION: Fresh from Haeseni culture, House Amador has had to adjust to the new cultural differences. A given difference of any culture is the clothes they wear– a significator of what culture the wearer belongs to. We wish to give to the crown and celebrate their blossoming culture by sponsoring an auction of attire centered only on Sedan’s culture. Additionally, all the wealth made from this auction will be given to the Princesses' Court– where they will be able to use this mina to spurr events and maintain a bustling nation-state. In collaboration with Lady Henrietta II Nikola Morovar, the auction will be held in Sedan’s tavern, The Drunken Goat. Attendees are encouraged to buy drinks and food from the tavern, intending to further the enjoyment of this event. All are welcome and encouraged to attend. THE ATTIRE: All outfits will start at a minimum bid of 150 minae. Bidding will continue to infinitum to allow better competition among the bidders. Winners are allowed to do whatever they please with their new attire– give it to a loved one, put it in for safekeeping, et cetera. If fitting is needed, House Amador will gladly provide their tailors to assist. LADY'S LORD'S SIGNED, Olessya Irene Amador, Matriarch of House Amador. Henrietta II Nikola Morovar, Baroness of Henriu, Princess of Sedan, and Heir-consort of Ghastenwald.
  2. BIRTH OF A SEDANIAN SUCCESSOR A Celebratory Sedan Festival ╰────────────────────────────────────────────╯ ˗ A Portrait of the Sedan Princess and her Children ˗ Issued by Sedan’s PRINCESS’ COURT c. 1889 INTRODUCTION The current heir of Sedan, Prince Joseph de Joannes, and his wife, Princess Augustina de Joannes, has recently announced the birth of another successor– Prince Robert II Therosius de Joannes. Sedan will host a festival in his name to celebrate this joyous announcement. All citizens within the principality are invited to celebrate with the crown and family– as well as allies and friends alike. Special invitations, however, are notably sent out to the following people: THE SPECIAL INVITATIONS The King of Haense and his royal pedigree. @GMRO The King of Balian and his royal pedigree. @Imperium The Countess of Otistadt and her noble pedigree. @CopOwl The Count of Tesmech and his noble pedigree. @bickando The Count of Minitz and his noble pedigree. @GoodGuyMatt The Prince of Alstion and his royal pedigree. @seannie The Virair of Paradine and his noble pedigree. @FredrickTeufel TIMETABLE - The Goat Brawl– a tournament of arms! participants will battle brother against brother to see who comes out on top First Place winner of the Brawl will earn a 1,000 Minae Prize - Big Beer Belly– a drinking contest for any to participate! Drinks for this event will be sponsored by the Sedan Tavern First Place winner will earn a free outfit of their choosing - Gathering – the rest of the night will be entertained in the palace throne room, where attendees may help themselves to their own drinks and gift presents and blessings to the new heir. SIGNED, Her Imperial Highness, Augustina Theorosia de Joannes, Princess of Balian and Sedan, Baroness of Ponce Olessya Irene Amador, Matriarch of House Amador.
  3. Character Name: Olessya Amador Desired Property (Dowry I / Lorraine I): Lorraine I Bid (Minimum of 25 increments): 200 Discord: milk#5567 IGN: __milkk
  4. IDEUS AS TO WHERE THE PALACE WENT AND A CALL TO ACTION [!] a portrait done by Airomar Amador of the Koeng having to sleep in alleyways due to his missing house! THEERIE ONE: invizibeelty The castle is gone, it is not able to be seen– just like something invizible! So what if the castle got splashed with a big big invizible potion? THEERIE TOE: Et ran awae Ever hear of the expression “it grew legs and wulked away?” That could be true in this sceenario! What if an evil witch with a vandeeta against our lovely Koeng cursed the palace? It es Karl’s Moving Castle! THEERIE THREE: The Koeng went on vacatuun and took it with him With all this war stuff, the Koeng needs some stress releef, so he probably went on a vacation! But because he is the Koeng and his house is so grand, he probably took it with him to a place where no one could get him and his family! We hope that he brings it back, and that if this theerie is right, his vacation was a nice one! THEERIE FOOR: The Koeng forget where he put et Sumtimes old adultz forget whear they put things. Papej looses his keys all the tyme… Mamej allwaez says tu look where he saw et last! But the castle isn’t where it usually is, so Koeng Karl should look where he put it last THEERIE FIVE: a dragon ate it Dragons are REEL! Maeby one took the palace! They cud play dollies with it! While playing dollies is fun.. Please bring the castle back mister Dragon. THEERIE SEEVEN: The Orcs blew it up! A talking duck told us that the Orcs blew it up! We are at war with the orcs, so this is very possible. He even retold the story to us– telling us of peepole dying and the city being raveaged. He also told us that the Koeng and Koenas were killed and toorturred! But we do niet believe that.. THEERIE ATE: The duckies took et! We tink the Duck cud hav also been lying to us to covear up his oen tracks! He took the castle to impress his duck-frends at the pond! He even told us about how important he was to the Koeng and how they cuddled at night, so the duck might have eloped with the Koeng! A drawing of the duck [!] attached is a map of Haense, pre-castle’s disappearance Reward fur 5 hole meena if vy can find the castle!!! Please bring it home for the Koeng and Haense!! Signed and concerned,
  5. Freya Baruch hugs her invitation into her bosom, letting out a joyous giggle at the news. "Finally!" she'd shake her twin's arm, "ye are finally gettin' married to Borgita! We have to find ye tha' most bonnie dress-- and, ah will make tha' both of ye a pot o' Kombucha fer a weddin' gift."
  6. In the Seven Skies, a certain Barclay would hum fondly at the memory of being young and getting into trouble with her close friends: Mary Jane and Mary Vespira d'Arkent.
  7. Fenian Yinrel would set jars of water in his window to gather moonlight and Lunaire's blessings. "Lunaire guide us through these tense times" he'd mumble, going off to meditate and lessen his anxieties.
  8. Fenian Yinrel stares down at the missive, a smile growing on his face at the premise of its contents. He would spring from his office chair and resume to ready Aveyron for the ball at a hastier pace.
  9. Fenian Yinrel would pause in his evening meditations at the distant sound of echoing drums. He'd stoop swiftly to his feet, "what in Ciel's name?" he'd peek his head outside his door, gazing about the square of Averyon. His eyes would land on the wall out front: "maybe I should fortify things some more..."
  10. Freya Baruch pounded a harsh fist against her desk, whereupon she had just finished the next chapter of her friend's book. "Damn ye 'Ris fer yer cliff'aner endin'!"
  11. Her Highness Margarita de Joannes huffed a large plume of smoke as she read over the public letter. The princess would rub her face tiredly with the back of her palm, spilling ashes upon the floor of her bedroom as she did so. "I'm just getting tired of losing good people to the excommunicants." She'd sighed then, signing the Lorraine about herself-- cigar still in hand, "God rest papej, but his idiocy for going to that sinful kingdom-- could've saved us all the favor of mourning by giving us a boot to the ass"
  12. ┊ ┊ “ Passerine Birds Take Flight ” ┊ ┊ . . ╰──╮Sedani Royal Debutante of 1848╭──╯ . . .・゜゜・  ・゜゜・. ╰┈➤ The de Joannes Triplets, age 15, amidst Sedan’s land In the household of Joannes, the year of 1848 has been looked forward to with great anticipation. For this year, the eldest daughters of house de Joannes turn of age. This Saint’s year, the birth of Their Highnesses, Olivia, Cesarina, and Margarita de Joannes will elapse for the sixteenth Saint’s Year. A murder of Crows leaves the keep carrying large stacks of paper. Within each stack lay a parchment bedecked with the wax seal of the House Joannes, inviting each reader to join Sedan in celebration of the young Joannes’ coming of age. .・゜゜・  ・゜゜・. Penned by the hand of their Highnesses Olivia, Cesarina, and Margarita de Joannes ˗ˏˋ 1847 ´ˎ˗ To the subjects, allies, and friends of the Principality of Sedan, ༊⋆·˚ Quickly have the years passed, and it is time once again for a Royal Debutante. The Royal triplets: Olivia de Joannes, Cesarina de Joannes, and Margarita de Joannes have reached their sixteenth birthday, thus a celebration of their coming of age will commence. The Debutante Ball will start within Sedan, in Urguan- a schedule of the events can be found below. The trio look forward to finally being able to celebrate their coming-of-age. .・゜゜・  ・゜゜・. TIMELINE: Brawl of the Goats pvp : Anyone who wishes, may commence in a friendly brawl amongst brothers and sisters. This will be held in Sedan’s fight pit. Winner of the tournament will earn the title of “Mightiest Goat of Sedan'', as well as Winner’s Wreath and Her Highness Olivia’s hand in dance marriage to further signify their winnings. The Ball: All will gather within the confines of the Prince’s Castle for a period of dance and celebration. During this time, people may offer to dance with one of the sisters, or dance among their other peers. Additionally, Drinks will be offered to guests during this period of time. Lantern Release: After the closing song is played, all will be asked to join the Joannes family outside of the castle gates. There, each of the debuted princesses will cast off a lantern, signifying their journey into the world of young adulthood. Following the releasing of the princesses' lanterns, all are welcome to join in and set one off of their own. .・゜゜・  ・゜゜・. SIGNED, Her Highness, Olivia Isabel de Joannes Her Highness, Margarita Orion de Joannes Her Highness, Cesarina Franziska de Joannes OOC INFO: December 4th, 7pm EST Cords to Sedan: 1185 / 77 / 428
  13. Margarita de Joannes would sit within her room practicing her baah's whilst laying on her bed. She'd turn her attention to her sister at her questioning, propping her cheek upon her elbow. "Ja! We can ask her at dinner!" The young de Joannes would beam, "We can collect tons of pretty flowers! And Olivia can help too- if we find her.."
  14. Nenica Barclay offers her husband a curt smile, enveloping him into a short embrace. "Welcome home my dear," She'd hum, her emerald eyes meeting his facade once more with a proud smile.
  15. Sister Eloise signs the Lorraine cross upon her chest as she recalls the short time she had spent with Sister Ella within the Abbey. Her head would then bow in a mournful prayer-- and her hands clasped before her bosom. "May she find happiness with GOD in the Seven Skies" The nun would then murmur to herself as she rose her head, looking up to the ceiling of the Abbey.
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