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  1. As a young Brendell Colborn reads up on his cousin's coming of age trial, he feels a nervous twinge in his gut. He himself has just turned fourteen, and would be speaking with the Patriarch and the Grand Elder soon. "Eam sure et will be... fine. But vat if et ist nejt?"
  2. Ser Brendell of Hoonse, who does not believe in the story of the Ragman, takes to crafting slingshots with his fellow Knights. It's something to do while he's on partial bedrest, and he hopes it will make the other kids at the sleepover feel a little safer.
  3. Bren pins up a copy of the missive to Hoonse's pin-board. "Right after mik own, huh."
  5. A certain dark elf wanderer spots this missive posted on a board and shows it to his sister.
  6. The new Treasurer and Meyster Knight of Hoonseti-Rooska reads the missive, feeling quite neutral about the whole thing until his eye catches onto the endorsement of Fort Fort. He smiles.
  7. Bren spends the next hour or so after reading this missive drawing up a Fort Fort game plan to produce at this girl's meeting.
  8. Isrith Ba'ikana-Ilicaeryn glances over the paper through a puff of thick cigar smoke. "I do not think I could handle more kids. Good on them for offering, I suppose." he'd mutter slowly. "I know what you're thinking, and no." @Lmcfc
  9. Isrith shrugs lightly in response. "If you want to go to support your sister, I suppose I can attend as well. Whatever you want." @Lmcfc
  10. Upon reading the newest summons, a Colborn child pauses in the middle of the street. "Already?" he'd exclaim, "Ea thought ve reports vould take at least zwei months." The child looks around the street quietly, watching for onlookers, before scurrying up to the secret Fort Fort to put a copy of the summons up on the board.
  11. Bren nods along, noting the flier was the same as the one before. "Ea saw vat earlier, Kitty! Ve should bring it up in ve next meeting, ja?"
  12. Bren reads through the missive several times, having to go back and re-read some words. He'd go off in search of August Vilac to show him the demands. "Look vat vey did after vey ran off from ve sleepover!"
  13. Brendell Colborn wishes he were older and so able to act upon the arrest on sight order. Alas, the young cadet sighs to himself and goes back to playing swords with Saoirse de Vend.
  14. Brendell runs to show the flier to Sierra @Dinochad excitedly. "Look! Vat do eym think?"
  15. Isrith Ilicaeryn is glad to see the familiar Kor'garr's publication is going well, and he pins up a copy onto the Nor'asath news board!
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