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  1. Stefan Onfroi would pick up the missive, a smirk crossing his face. The name Evindal would be well known to him through his bad history with Ruswick bandits. His 'shark like' grin would radiate blood lust, as if he intended to kill. He crumples up the note, giving his wife a kiss on her forehead as he throws it into the fire. "Honey, we are attending a grand opening at the new establishment of Millstone in a few days." (( @SophiaTsu )) He'd say, taking his bronze longsword from the wall and equipping himself for his daily patrol.
  2. [!] The execution takes place as the Haensers do not pay his ransom and the man is too poor to afford his own bail. This is a disgrace to their nation, Ave Lorraine.
  3. A missive is sent to all Imperial factions and the cloud temple noticeboards. It would read the following: “We’ve captured a noble whose a citizen of Haense. His name is Johannes Barclay, of house Barclay. He is a prisoner of war. His ransom is 3.000 minas. Pay his ransom and he will be released. If his ransom isn’t paid in one saint’s hour he will be beheaded by the Marshal of Lorraine.” The letters were signed by Ser Stefan Onfroi, Marshal of Lorraine, General of the AIS and scoutmaster of Rubern Morana Vilchyc, Arch Chancellor of Lorraine
  4. [!] *An execution missive would be posted across Arcas. Henry of Oren was strolling down the road to Helena for his daily shopping and trade. Before he could react, Ser Stefan Onfroi of Lorraine jumped in front of him, his sword drawn, blocking his progress into Helena. He was told to go to Rubern with Stefan, having not been armed he agreed to do this as he had more chance of surviving if he went into custody. Following this, they trekked to Rubern, entering the courtyard. Two trap doors could have been spotted by the gallows as Henry was forcing towards them. He was at first resistant to the shoving asking, “Why bring me all this way just to kill me?” Stefan replied with a shake of his head, remaining silent as he forced Henry into the underground cell complex. Stefan then locked the trap doors, ushering Henry into a nearby cell to question him. He asked the Orenian, “Where are you from, what is your name and what is your allegiance?” and as you would expect, he replied with, “Henry of Oren,” and went on to describe that he did trade with Oren. Both of these statements confirmed the man as a supplier to the Imperial State Army. Garrick of Rubern then came down into the cell complex, using the guard’s entrance, he discussed with Stefan over what they were going to do with the man in the cell. After a short period of time, they came back to talk to Henry, dragging him out of the cell and forcing ropes around his hands and feet. He was then fireman lifted out of the cell complex and to the bank of Rubern where he paid Stefan 575 minas, which to all who knows about ransoms, is not enough. He was taken to the gallows, having no one who wished to pay the ransom and hung. Henry had no final words to say, as his neck was snapped and his body was disposed of into the catacombs, never to be seen again. Ave Lorraine! Long live the Highland Realm. ((2x proof of pk permission: thank you to _Im_Matthew_ for the cooperation and awesome rp!)) Signed, Ser Stefan Onfroi of Lorraine, General of the AIS and scoutmaster of Rubern Signed, Garrick of the Huszar Company
  5. Stefan Onfroi would chuckle, plastering the missive across Arcas.
  6. Signed, Ser Stefan Onfroi, General of AIS, Marshal of Lorraine Stefan Onfroi was present at the beginning of the meeting where he had to vacate half way through. He feels like this agreement is good for both nations and will bring more life to the AIS headquarters. He nods in approval to this trade deal.
  7. Ser Stefan Onfroi of Lorraine would pull the missive from his front door, pondering on what it could entail. He would read attentively, nodding slightly as he did so. Walking back into his house, Stefan would inform his family of the event and send servants of Lorraine to fetch his finest outfit for the ball, "We shall be attending, Alli, Avian and Willow shall be given outfits each for this joyous occasion. Go to Lorraine and fetch my finest attire, would you?" He would say before crushing the missive and burning it by candlelight. The candle was then blown out as his family slept peacefully in the beautiful City of Rubern.
  8. #BringBack1.8 #FreeGGT #EndThe100YearWar
  9. Ser Stefan would crack his knuckles, grinning wildly. “Time to crack some skulls." He would blankly say, as he threw the missive into the dirt. ((IGN)): Swifty_Sam Name: Ser Stefan the Shark Onfroi Age: 28 Affiliated Nation: Lorraine
  10. The Marshal of Lorraine would chuckle to himself at the notes plastered around Oren, as he was on his daily hunt for Orenians to kill he decided to stop for a few minutes to read. He would be approving of this message and happy that the men and women of Oren realise what he had many years ago. Ser Stefan Onfroi of Lorraine offers his boarders to any rebellion group or deserters of Oren and will train any man or woman in the art of combat to make Oren a place of prosperity and justice, not a place of war and poverty. "Ave Lorraine, praise be to the Highland realm of Morsgrad." He would comment, dropping the note into the mud as he went back to hunting Haensers who supported their dirty cause.
  11. Stefan Onfroi would chuckle to himself. “I cannot wait to burn this man alive if his ransom isn’t paid!” As he interrogates the prisoner.
  12. As Stefan Onfroi packs his bags, he reminds himself of the dangers of war. He packs his bronze longsword, his armour and his food as he prepares for his move to Rubern. He kisses his wife goodbye and rallies his troops in the courtyard of Lorraine. He would scream out, “Lothrigen’s, today we march to Rubern to start a new era, to end the reign of Oren and to establish Morsgrad as the most powerful single human nation in Arcas!” As this was said, Lorraine Knights could be seen jumping onto horseback, screaming out yips and yells in preparation for war.
  13. Stefan Onfroi would take the note from the notice board in Lorraine, scanning across it briefly. He would smirk, going up to his Office to write in his journal the date of the meeting. He pledges to make it to Rubern to assist his allies in the discussions. “Ave Lorraine, long live the Alliance.” He’d mutter before throwing the note into his roaring fire and continuing with his day.
  14. A Captured Soldier The depiction of the Haeseni soldier within his cage. Upon the movement of Elathion amongst the Orenian roads, he had come across an Haeseni soldier, who styles himself as Bjornholf - who also claims to be a key role in the King’s court! He was quickly subdued and taken back to Rubern for the necessary processing. There is a simple decision to be made here, come and negotiate a ransom for this Imperial Noble, or he will be slaughtered. You have a few saints hours.
  15. The situation that I uncovered that was similar was one where the girl oocly wanted to get the rp over with. I still provided some crp but made it as quick as possible for her so she could go back to building. This was mutually agreed upon and the logs show this. You can't prosecute me for another event when that event has been taken out of context by one of YOUR mods. Check the logs I sent your admin and you can see I did what the victim wanted.
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